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Let Go of The Past, Your Future Starts Today

As we age we all have a tendency to look back on our lives and think not only of the good times and experiences we had but also some of the lessons hopefully we learned  the hard way that may have helped shaped us in who we are today.

We also including myself, think back on situations where if we had made better choices whether it was on a career choice or a romance that lead to a not so good marriage etc....we may be in a different situation today.

I find myself many times thinking about choices I made at an early age such as learning to ride motorcycles as a teenager and ultimately almost losing my right leg in and auto accident. The injuries I suffered kept me from entering into the military.

Was it not for that accident, I planned on going into the armed services and hopefully making a career out of it by continuing my education and serving my country, that did not happen.

I personally could write a whole book on regrets and stupid choices I made but that is now in the rear view mirror , we cant relive those experiences or change the outcomes so it is better that we let them go and look forward from this day on to help improve our lives mentally and emotionally.

The bottom line is we cannot change the outcomes of previous errors made but we can learn from them and instill the lessons learned into our lives. Its important that you do not beat yourself up mentally about previous choices either as that does nothing but lead to frustration and depression by lowering your self esteem and just your overall outlook on life.

Its time to forget the past and look forward to a new day and period in our lives. The self development author and speaker Brian Tracy promotes what he calls zero based thinking. Zero based thinking basically is a decision making process where you imagine yourself at the point before you made some of those " bad choices" and how would you respond today if the same decision or decision's had to be made with the knowledge you have now?

Sure hindsight is 20/20 right?

Of course some of circumstances that we were confronted with early in life may not return as we aged, but in a sense some semblance of them may return and now you are smarter and wiser to the world to make the proper choice at this time.

We all have that ability now and as an age defiant warrior, you now have the ability to use that knowledge and life experience to make the proper decisions this time. Warriors' do not keep making the same mistakes time after time.

As we have gotten older, the time to make up for any short falls is not on our side like they were at 21 years of age. It was easier to recover from poor choices as time was on our side.

Now is the time to look and live for today and the future from this day forward leaving the past behind. Living in the past only keeps you from realizing your true potential.

Depression is a problem with seniors and many of us bring this on by living in the past, Anxiety is brought on by worrying about the future and most of the problem's we worry about never come to pass anyway.

Now this is a very basic explanation on these two topics but you get the idea.

You are the author of your life and the quality of your life is determined by you, you have the choice to make your life what you want it to be and look like no matter what your age.

Age defiant warriors think progress and growth in their lives not, regression and stagnation.

Age defiance is having the courage to close the earlier chapters in life for good and move forward from the past into the future.

Life is short and replaying old worn out internal movies of the past, this is not the way to live, live your life now by taking control of your mind and looking forward to a new day, a new week , and a new year.

Alyson Noel sums it up quite nicely when he said " The only thing a person can really do is keep moving. Take that big leap forward without hesitation without looking back. Simply forget the past and forge toward the future"

Richard Haynes
Bradenton, Florida.

This post first appeared on The Age Defiant Warrior, please read the originial post: here

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Let Go of The Past, Your Future Starts Today


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