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Overcome The Victim Mentality To Be Age-Defiant

The Victim Mentality consumes the personal make-up of quite a few people these days, after all, it seems to be honored in many parts of American Society. When you have a problem, for instance, it's much easier to blame someone or something else for your misfortune.

When you shift the blame from whatever your problem is to someone or something else being the cause, you forfeit your personal power to something else. And quite frankly, that someone or something else does not care what your situation is because in most cases they are more concerned about their well-being or as long as it does not affect them its considered " your problem"

Living your life with a victims mentality leaves you powerless in your mind and in your actions. Feeling sorry for your lot in life does not improve one thing, self-pity does not help you in any way. People that tend to work from this state of mind continue to do so because they are getting something from it. In other words, they are being rewarded for it in some way.

If you have the desire to turn your life around it starts by taking tiny steps and one of the first steps you can take to help get back your self-esteem and start building on some confidence is taking personal responsibility for your life at this moment and, whatever happens to you from here on out.

Becoming age-defiant is about many things regarding your physical, mental and, emotional performance in life. You have start somewhere to turn things around and shedding the victim mentality will begin to catapult you to a life of positive and constructive change that you deserve rather than one you are working from.

If you do not learn to take personal responsibility for your life and begin to take action to clean things up rather than be acted on, you will get your rear end kicked in this world.

You always have a choice in life where you stand at this very moment, instead of blaming your job, spouse, or government, you can take control of the situation and turn the momentum around in your favor one day at a time, one simple task at a time.

It will not come easy either, it will take work and a commitment to look at that image in the mirror every day which is you and, decide that enough is enough and today at this moment you are in charge rather than these pre-conceived circumstances you have let run wild in your mind.

It's not a matter of what happens to you in life it's how you perceive it and act on it

No one will be coming to the rescue by the way. Take charge of the blame game and look deep within yourself and find a way to shift your focus off of you onto something else to help you get creative and find an answer to what it is that is robbing you of your self-confidence and take charge of your life mentality.

You only will find these answers by spending quiet time with yourself as the answer to our problems in life live within each of us if we will take the time to get quiet and think for a while.

No one has the answers but you. Do not be afraid of practicing some quiet solitude time now and then.

Stop the negative self-talk right now which is always of course self-defeating. Stop putting yourself down and begin to build yourself up slowly with positive and take charge affirmations that will help you bust out of the powerless situation you or I can fall into with a victims mentality.

Becoming age-defiant is all about turning your life from following societal norms and blaming others to taking personal responsibility for where you are in life at this very moment and then taking action to break out of this plateau to a new way of living with dignity!

Richard Haynes
Bradenton, Florida.

This post first appeared on The Age Defiant Warrior, please read the originial post: here

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Overcome The Victim Mentality To Be Age-Defiant


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