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Now a day getting fit and muscular becoming popular. Gyms are getting more crowds day by day. It’s a great way to start your journey to health and fit life. Do workout and healthy for a good health and physics too. You are building good arms, chest, back but still shoulders are weaker than other upper body muscles. When training the shoulders, it is important to target all three heads of your shoulder; the anterior deltoid, the lateral deltoid and the posterior deltoid. Within the following shoulder workout for mass, these best shoulder exercises targets all your shoulder muscles.

Here is best solution for you. Here is best shoulder workout for mass to build your huge and broad shoulders. We added our 6 ‘best shoulder exercises in this shoulder workout program. Each shoulder exercise is very important and effective. After following this shoulder workout for mass, you will never need another method for your balanced physics.


Here is our tested and most effective 6 best shoulder exercises. Follow this shoulder workout program step by step and force your shoulder muscles to grow bigger.


best shoulder exercises for mass

Military press is first and one the best shoulder exercises for mass. This shoulder exercise targets your fast twitch muscle fibres. These shoulder muscles have most growth potential. You can replace this shoulder exercise with shoulder dumbbell press, if you have any problems in your shoulder’s joints.

HOW TO :- Go to racked barbell and load some weight in the bar. Stand facing bar with your feet shoulder width apart. Grab the barbell with shoulder width grip. Now un-rack the bar and lift just above your collarbone.

Slowly raise the bar up while keeping your lower back straight and upper back upright. Hold for a sec.

Now inhale and slowly lower the bar down to just above your collarbone. Repeat for required reps.


Arnold Press is one the best shoulder exercises because it is one of the best exercise techniques of arnold. This shoulder exercise helps to build all main three shoulder muscles. This exercise is variation of shoulder press.

HOW TO :- Stand or sit on a low back bench. I recommend you to do seated press, this way your lower back can get support. Now grab a set of dumbbells and bring them to your shoulder height while palms facing your body and arms are bent.

Press the dumbbells overhead, stretching arms completely. Hold for a second.

Slowly lower the weight down to the starting position and repeat.


front raise for best shoulder exercises

Dumbbell front raise targets anterior deltoids. This exercise is one of the best shoulder exercises for your anterior shoulder muscles. Dumbbell front raise is isolation exercise to isolate deltoid flexion.

HOW TO :- Stand straight and grab a set of dumbbells. Hold them in front of your thighs and your palm facing towards your body.

Keep your back straight. Exhale and lift the dumbbells (you can do alternate dumbbell front raise, lift dumbbells one by one) forward without swinging. Now your palms must facing towards the ground. Your elbows can be slightly bend. Hold for a second.

Now inhale and lower the dumbbells down slowly to the starting position. Repeat the recommended reps.


lateral raise shoulder exercise

The side lateral raise is one of the best shoulder exercises for those who are willing to build shoulder like boulders. This shoulder exercise seems to be easy but not that simple. If you do this exercise in a proper way, you can build stronger and bigger shoulders. Learn here how to do lateral raise in a proper way.

HOW TO :- Stand or sit on a bench. Grab a set of dumbbells in your hands, palms facing pocket side of your thighs.

While keeping your back straight, exhale and lift the dumbbells out to the side until your arms are parallel to the ground. Your elbows can be slightly bend.

Lower the weight down slowly to the starting position. The more you go slow, the more you feel hard.


barbell shrugs for best shoulder workout for mass

Barbell shrug is heavy weight training shoulder exercise. This is one of the best shoulder exercise to build upper traps. This exercise can lead you to back and/or shoulder injuries if do this in wrong way. Before you hit your shoulder workout, read this method once.

HOW TO :- Rack the barbell to the lower position and load with some weight plates. Now stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Bend if required and hold the bar with slightly more than shoulder width grip and palms facing towards your body.

Un-rack the bar and stand straight. Keep your back straight and pull the barbell up by raising your shoulders. Keep your elbows straight. Hold for a sec.

Inhale and slowly let the weight down to the starting position.


rear delt fly best shoulder exercises for mass

Last exercise of our ‘best shoulder workout for mass‘ is rear dumbbell raise/rear delt fly. As it’s name shows, rear delt fly helps you to build your rear or posterior deltoid. This exercise also work the muscles of upper and middle back.

HOW TO :- Stand or sit on a bench. Hold a light weighted dumbbell on each hand and your palms facing each other. Bend your lower back forward (slightly bend your legs if you are in standing position).

Exhale and raise your arms out until they are parallel to the ground as you did before in side lateral raise. Your palms must facing the ground. Squeeze your shoulder blades and hold for a sec.

Inhale and lower the weight down slowly and in a controlled manner. Repeat the recommended reps.


These are the 6 “best shoulder exercises” for bigger and wider deltoids. Here is recommended reps and sets according your level.

  • BEGINNER :- 3 sets of 6-8 reps for each exercise
  • INTERMEDIATE :- 3-4 sets of 8-10 reps for each exercise
  • ADVANCED :- 4 sets of 12-15 reps of each exercise

Take 30-45 seconds rest between sets and 90-120 seconds rest between exercises.

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