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Power Sets: Using Values As A Superpower

It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are. – Roy Disney

Values: principles or standards of behaviour

Your values influence your level of success more than you know. Yet, it’s one of those areas in life that we are mostly unaware of. Few people when asked can list the top 5 values of importance to them, or their top 5 strengths and weaknesses.

Over the progression of your life certain values become embedded in your way of thinking and doing. This is great but can be dangerous as well…

For example, most people would agree that entrepreneurship requires some level of calculated risk. But what if a core value of yours is safety? How will this impact your likelihood of entrepreneurial success?

How about the guy who values balance in his life to the extent that he never accomplishes much in any one direction? But rather achieve mediocrity in a multitude of areas?

What’s clear is this:

  • Values become embedded in our lives due to past experiences and our upbringing.
  • Certain values will serve you well whilst others may hamper your progress.
  • Values, just like assumptions, need to be challenged from time to time.
  • Values evolve.

I believe that the intentional use of values can make you more determined, confident, and successful. That mindful application of the Power Sets that I am about to describe can truly help you get out of your own way and become unstoppable.

What is a Power Set?

A Power Set is a combination of 2 values that you hold front and center before and during a specific interaction. These are values that will facilitate a certain state of mind and also inform your decision-making.

It’s important to stick to 2 values only. This will allow you to focus on the values without becoming overly invested in remembering them. The last thing you want when walking into a big, important meeting is to try and remember your values.

Why are Power Sets needed?

As I mentioned, values become embedded in our every day living. It means that they are functioning in the background without us ever knowing they are there. But certain situations might require you to call on values that although embedded in your life, are weak and loosely held.

A Power Set also helps you to frame any interaction. By pre-empting the Power Set needed you can frame a situation in a way that will provide the best outcome for you.

These Power Sets are built upon your existing base of core values meaning that you are layering values for maximum impact. The best thing about a Power Set is that it helps you to override weak values with strong ones. Do this enough and it becomes your new normal.

Compiling Power Sets

Below I have laid out three different Power Sets and how they would apply to certain situations. But the ideal is for you to form your own Power Sets. Here is how you do it:

1. Identify the situation to which you want to apply the Power Set.
2. Browse a list of values and pinpoint the 2 values that you would really like to take into the situation with you.
3. Kick ass.

Power Sets will give you super powers. Trust me.

The Power Sets

High Stakes

  • Power/Confidence
  • Patience

Application: When entering a high-stakes negotiation/meeting you need to remain calm and in control. Therefore it is important to be confident in your abilities, skills and knowledge. I added patience as a value because it’s crucial not to make any decisions in haste but rather spend time after the meeting and make a more rational decision.

Hard Times

  • Resilience
  • Consistency

Application: Resiliency is a value that reminds me that “this too shall pass”. That my mind is strong enough to deal with whatever comes my way and that I will find a way out. Consistency brings clarity and success. “When you are going through hell, keep going.” – Churchill


  • Composure
  • Perseverance

Application: Rejection is a part of life. It will happen over and over and does not define you. During rejection you need to have composure. To remain unflinching and not show weakness. Rejection is also not final therefore you need to keep pushing forward. Facing rejection after rejection until finally…you win.

Your Power Sets

As I mentioned earlier, ideally you want to create your own Power Sets. Different Power Sets for different situations. You can then either grab a Power Set off the shelf from ones you compiled before, or create a new one for each encounter.

Think of a Power Set that you can use today and then post it in the comments section in the same format I did:

  • Situation
  • The 2 values (here is a values list for reference)
  • Application

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Power Sets: Using Values As A Superpower


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