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Chennai's oldest food blog is a wellness doctor's take on eating out, cooking, travel and fun. The Doc is out to tell the world that good food and good health are not mutually exclusive.
Curate With Chef Adhira At Crowne Plaza
2021-09-16 15:51
While it is probably Chennai's finest European Steakhouse, On The Rocks, at Crowne Plaza Chennai Adyar Park, occasionally ups the game with guest chefs who dole out some brilliant meals. The… Read More
Top 10 Dishes Of 2020
2020-12-30 11:02
Yes, this wasn't a great year for eating out, but we all did manage to get some great dishes, didn't we? Travel was the biggest loss for me this year, but to make up for that, I did get some… Read More
White Pulao In A Biriyani Collection
2020-12-15 20:51
Have you heard of an onion biriyani? No? I didn't think so. Or a tomato biriyani? You may have heard of (or done it yourself) a biriyani insulted as tomato rice, but tomato biriyani? Nope. W… Read More
2020-08-02 11:44
Privacy Policy for GrubWaz At GrubWaz, accessible from, one of our main priorities is the privacy of our visitors. This Privacy Policy document contains types of information… Read More
2019-12-10 18:39
Back in its hay day, Courtyard Marriott on Anna Salai was a happening place. Headed by Chef Girish Kumar, a Marriott superstar, Marriott popularised the concept of the brunch in Chennai. Wit… Read More
New Menu At Focaccia, Hyatt Regency
2019-09-02 12:03
It's time, Mauro says. The loveable Mauro Ferrari, the Italian chef at Focaccia, the man who sings and dances, and speaks a little French, has come back from his Italian vacation and the ene… Read More
Artopolis, Greek In The Heart Of Chicago
2019-09-02 11:34
This place has great cakes, he said. So after a quick lunch, we decided to get some cake. But as soon as we walked in, we realised that this wasn't just a cake place. Mouthwatering kebabs we… Read More
Is The World's Best Food Court In Chicago?
2019-09-02 10:56
I am not a big fan of food courts. To me they come across as passable versions of food in return for the illusion of choice. So when a recommendation for this place came across from my… Read More
Rice For Change, 601, The Park, Chennai
2019-08-17 15:23
I could say it over and over again, The Park is one of the few (in fact three) hotels that host fabulous food festivals and rarely do I see a run-of-the-mill kind here. After a fantastic Kas… Read More
Two Awesome Dishes At Guadalajara, Houston
2019-08-17 14:06
Two dishes is all it took for me to attain satiety! OK, so the Mexican and Tex-Mex line is not going away anytime soon. Guadalajara calls itself the best Mexican restaurant in Houston… Read More
Desi D Chennai Makes A Comeback!
2019-07-21 08:54
One of Chennai's most exciting restaurant Desi D, which was stuck far away from the city (and I have no idea why they opened it there in the first place), has made a comeback after a year. T… Read More
Elephant Has Found Its Pair At Park Hyatt
2019-07-13 08:32
Is it a food festival? Is it not? No idea. Much like the Flying Elephant itself, with its 5 layered restaurant with a multitude of kitchens, this menu is experimental. A pairing menu. 14 new… Read More
Affordable Live Lobsters At Sea Salt
2019-07-07 08:41
I have keep lamenting about this. For a coastal city, especially one that is home to the second longest beach in the world, Chennai is woefully short of fantastic seafood restaurants. Yes, y… Read More
Jang Won, A Friendly New Korean BBQ In Town
2019-07-06 07:01
With Hyundai and Nissan factories employing thousands of expats, especially from Korea and Japan, restaurants catering to them are all over Chennai. While it is not that common in the Japane… Read More
Golden Dragon's Revamped New Menu
2019-06-23 12:00
Golden Dragon or GD as it is fondly called by its ever loyal fan following has taken a nuanced approach to the menu change. Why? There is history! A decade or so ago, its chef decided to upd… Read More
New Restaurant: Al Souk
2019-06-15 15:24
The Mid-Eastern wave had come and gone in Chennai, or so I thought. While a few years ago, almost every restaurant started installing shawarma machines with varying degrees of success, the i… Read More
What Can You Do With A Pizza Dough?
2019-02-08 11:03
Throwing up the pizza dough and making it swirl isn't new. Not just pizza dough, but our parota masters have been doing this forever. So Barbasso, a dough twirling chef arriving all the way… Read More
The Peking Duck At Quanjude, Beijing
2019-01-23 15:54
Yes, I was here just for the Peking Duck and while this 7 storey mammoth of a restaurant serves a large menu, the duck is their star attraction. Apparently owned by the administration, locat… Read More
Best Peking Duck? Da Dong It Is!
2019-01-05 09:04
In today's connected world, you can pretty much get any dish from anywhere in the world. Recipes are available, chefs are well traveled and replicating cooking methods, while they take effor… Read More
The Politics Of Biriyani
2019-01-03 08:09
The first time I heard Hotel California, it was a version with a beautiful guitar intro from the “Hell Freezes Over” live album. I listened to it over and over again and fell in… Read More
Best Of 2018, The Food Memories
2018-12-27 12:45
As we come to the end of another year, I look back at the wonderful food memories that the year brought and sifting through them to pick out the top 15 dishes has been tough. Of course, the… Read More
O Pedro; A Piece Of Goa In Mumbai
2018-12-19 10:29
Two restaurants in India's Top 50? Whoa, that is quite something, isn't it. I didn't know Bombay Canteen and O Pedro had the same owners, till my host asked for a contact number before seati… Read More
Pizza Dely V 2.0
2018-12-13 12:22
No, V 2.0 is not part of the name, but the restaurant that probably started the first 45 minutes or free concept in Chennai, has gotten a makeover.  Unapologetically Indianised pizzas… Read More
Bingeful Brunch At Hilton Chennai
2018-12-04 11:13
Sunday Brunches are meant to be bingeful, so a brunch titled bingeful I thought was over stressing it. Nope, the sheer size of the brunch at Hilton is worthy of the title. Vasco's, the all d… Read More
Bhuuva For Lunch
2018-11-07 08:57
What's for Lunch? For those of us who aren't packing a dabba from home, this is an everyday problem. Over the years, I've gotten used to making lunch an healthy affair, both in terms of… Read More
Whisky Samba; A New Menu With Vikramjit
2018-10-24 09:17
Meeting Chef Vikram is always a culinary overdose for both the palate and the brain, and meeting him for the first time since he moved back to Delhi with a new restaurant, I was excited to s… Read More
Yi Jing, ITC Kohenur
2018-10-17 12:27
ITC launching a new F&B brand is always exciting. Considering Avartana and Royal Vega, the last two brands that were launched and their success, I was looking forward to this one. Yi Jin… Read More
Shh....Silence, By Big Bandha
2018-10-02 13:01
**********************SPOILER ALERT**********************When you decide to try something new to eat out, you'd probably think about what cuisine you feel like eating. Maybe you'd go to a nu… Read More
Desi Twist To The New Menu At 601, The Park
2018-10-01 08:54
New menu is here. 601, at The Park, a restaurant that consistently roles out great food festivals has taken a huge plunge in its new menu with desi inspired dishes that, by first impression… Read More
Vana Bhojanam
2018-09-19 12:05
In the city of the Nizams, where every tourist is looking for the biriyani in its various avatars, a rather older cuisine tends to unnoticed. For me, the rice with ghee and gun powder (a ser… Read More
Kandyan King's Repast At ITC Grand Chola
2018-09-12 18:45
Few places get a Sri Lankan food festival right. A tiny country with a myriad versions of food that are so similar yet distinct, especially for the South Indian palate has been an enigma, fo… Read More
On The Plate At On The Rocks
2018-09-05 10:25
Yes, I was confused too. On the Rocks? On the plate? What? Why? The menu for this also pretty simple. 3 meats or 5 meats. Served with soup or salad and dessert. For 3 meats, you get duck, ch… Read More
Wharf 2.0.
2018-08-29 10:29
When Wharf set up shop, more than a decade ago, it had a menu that was near perfect. A perfect beach side restaurant which wasn't ahead of its time or futuristic, but quite down to the sea… Read More
2018-08-21 09:35
With a crowded Pan Asian space in Chennai, is there space for another? "It is not Pan Asian," screams, Sandesh Reddy, the serial restauranteur who has worked his backside off to get Yummcha… Read More
Shiraz Cafe Has A New Home!
2018-08-14 09:03
Shiraz had a cult following among some foodies in Chennai. At its peak, the Sunday brunch at Shiraz always had a festive feel to it. After changing places a couple of times and a little hiat… Read More
Sri Lankan Food Festival @ HIlton Chennai
2018-07-18 18:39
Hilton Residences in Colombo has one of the best breakfast spreads in the city. As a regular for my business visits, I've loved the spread and the ability to taste most of Sri Lanka's specia… Read More
China XO's Sunday Brunch. Lazy!
2018-07-12 13:14
As I plan to uncover the best brunches of Chennai over the next few months, it seemed appropriate to start with one of the very best. Truly reflecting the lazy Sunday brunch feel, you pretty… Read More
El Goucho, A Piece Of Argentina In Bangkok
2018-07-09 10:44
What's popular in Argentina? OK, football, but besides that? Nope, I don't know either. So when we spotted El Goucho while walking along Sukumvit, we decided to find out! But, and this is a… Read More
Summer House Eatery; Pretty Face
2018-07-04 12:26
Another new eatery in town, but one that takes a bit of work to get to. Deep within the by lanes of Alwarpet on a dead end, Summer House Eatery is as fresh as it can get with it's eclectic a… Read More
Trattoria Mario; Worth Every Hype
2018-06-23 14:38
A trattoria that doesn't take any reservations. You come, you wait, you eat, you leave. And its open only for lunch as the owner wants to balance work and family life. Its been around for ag… Read More
Farsi, Dubai; Delectable Persian Kebabs
2018-06-23 13:47
Having a meeting at the Executive Towers, Dubai quickly became an exercise in Persian Dining. My host took me down to Farsi Restaruant (not to be confused with the Farzi Cafe), and the first… Read More
Mr. Mamagoto; Fresh New Menu!
2018-06-22 12:17
New menus can be a recycle of the old. Or they can bring a lot of freshness to a restaurant. Mamagoto has chosen the second path, with a placard dedicated to the new menu. And the new ones a… Read More
Flying Elephant's 25 New Dishes
2018-06-20 11:54
Is it a new menu? Hmm....let's just say that the old menu has expanded! With 25 new dishes. Add the mango promotions going on and we have some lovely dishes to look forward to. Park Hyatt in… Read More
Dhaba Est 1986, Old Hits, New Misses
2018-06-06 11:42
With the explosion of cafes and middle eastern cuisine restaurants in Chennai, North Indian ones stopped mushrooming up. When it wasn't the fashion anymore, Dhaba, erstwhile Dhaba by Claridg… Read More
A2, Aqua, The Park; The Perfect Sports Bar?
2018-06-02 09:54
The one thing that defines a sports bar is missing at A2 - a TV. No, the hotel is not positioning it as one, just that I thought it fits the bill perfectly. A perfectly selected menu - world… Read More
Insta Foody
2018-05-28 15:07
The new summer menu at A2, Aqua @theparkchennai . A sports bar ambiance with world cuisine tapas. And a few mains too..... #eat #eating #chennaifoodie #chennaifoody #food #foodphoto #foodpho… Read More
The Beijing Hot Dry Noodles At A Hutong Eatery. Contrary To The Name, There Is Some Smooth Gravy At The Base Along With Sesame Paste And Coats The Hand Pulled Noodles Beautifully. Oh, Spicy As Well. #eat #eating #chennaifoodie #chennaifoody #food #foodphoto #foodphotography #foodporn #foodpost #foodwriter #foodie #foodstagram #foodgasm #foodblog #foodblogger #travel #travelfood #travelinspiration #travelfoodie #travelblogger #travels #asia #china #chinesefood #chinese #beijing
2018-05-20 10:07
The Beijing Hot Dry Noodles at a Hutong Eatery. Contrary to the name, there is some smooth gravy at the base along with sesame paste and coats the hand pulled noodles beautifully. Oh, spicy… Read More
The Meat Platter. Lamb, Beef And Chicken All Cooked To Succulent Perfection. #eat #eating #chennaifoodie #chennaifoody #food #foodphoto #foodphotography #foodporn #foodpost #foodwriter #foodie #foodstagram #foodgasm #foodblog #foodblogger #travel #travelfood #travelinspiration #travelfoodie #travelblogger #travels #dubai #meat #lamb #asia #beef #chicken
2018-05-19 07:07
The meat platter. Lamb, beef and chicken all cooked to succulent perfection. #eat #eating #chennaifoodie #chennaifoody #food #foodphoto #foodphotography #foodporn #foodpost #foodwriter #food… Read More
601, The Park; Tamizhaga Ula
2018-05-08 13:36
The 601 at The Park, is slowly turning out to be the place that hosts awesome food festivals. Seeing beyond Italian and Mexican and the likes, they've hosted quirky and really interesting on… Read More
While Called The Baked Scallion Pancakes, This Chinese Version Of The Naan, Is Actually Fried. Yummy Street Snack. #eat #eating #chennaifoodie #chennaifoody #food #foodphoto #foodphotography #foodporn #foodpost #foodwriter #foodie #foodstagram #foodgasm #foodblog #foodblogger #travel #travelfood #travelinspiration #travelfoodie #travelblogger #travels #chinesefood #china #shanghai #streetfood #bread #pancakes #scallionpancake
2018-05-08 07:07
While called the baked scallion pancakes, this Chinese version of the naan, is actually fried. Yummy street snack. #eat #eating #chennaifoodie #chennaifoody #food #foodphoto #foodphotography… Read More
The Smoke Co., A Meat Lover's Paradise
2018-05-02 13:59
There are meat lover paradises. And then there is The Smoke Co. When a vegetarian friend suggested this with the disclaimer to make sure there are no vegetarians in our group, I guess we wer… Read More
Nuts Over Salads
2018-04-20 06:41
Yes, that's the name of the restaurant. When a restaurant named like that opens in my branch office's premises in Bangalore, my reaction will be, 'great, a new place, but now I can get quick… Read More
Focaccia: New Menu Arrives
2018-04-20 06:10
If there is one Italian restaurant in Chennai that I keep going back to, it is Focaccia. I love the place, I love that chef and I love watching them make the near perfect Risotto through the… Read More
Soy Soi; Yay Yay
2018-04-11 15:26
Lunch Meetings are nice. At least for me. And not so nice for the other person, if I am going on clicking photos. The working hours after such a meeting? Not so nice. Sleepy is the first wor… Read More
Kaema Sutra; Appams And More Appams
2018-04-03 13:51
There are chefs. And then there are chefs with two restaurants in the Asia Top 50. The third one, which is not there (yet), is not far away. In partnership with actress Jaqueline Fernandes… Read More
Hokkaido; Chennai's Best Kept Secret?
2018-03-22 09:57
Taking a U turn from under the Cenetoph road bridge, takes you to a plethora of restaurants, but soon after the dessert shop, right next door is an unassuming door with HOKKAIDO written on t… Read More
Al Safadi; Shawarma With A Bang
2018-03-08 19:48
Three trips to Dubai only ended in shawarma disappointment. All three times, I've had shawarma, but ended up feeling like I could have gotten better in India. I know, but that's how it felt… Read More
Bistrot De Venice; Tiramisu With A Song
2018-03-03 16:02
No travel in Italy is complete without Tiramisu, but for a dish that is available in abundance, can one stand out? Originating from the Veneto region in North East Italy, Tiramisu is synonym… Read More
Bar Hop Venice - Local Vibes
2018-02-22 10:04
If you're wondering whether you're going to get ripped off trying to eat in Venice, then yes, you might. If you've read about how someone got billed 550 EUR for a pasta in San Marco, yes, it… Read More
Hazelnut Pizza At Bonci Pizzarium
2018-02-21 06:39
When in the land of pizzas, standing out requires a tremendous effort. To be called as the Michelangelo of Pizzas by The Vogue, takes more than a tremendous effort. Starting off with using t… Read More
Peking Duck Flies From China
2018-02-20 13:51
Few places can pull off a Peking Duck well in India, but as part of a buffet? Not so sure. The Chinese New Year festival at Residency, Crowne Plaza has pulled it off. Executive chef Deva Kum… Read More

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