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50 Easy Nail Paint Designs and Ideas to Prettify your Nails

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Nail paint design is something that every woman and teenage girl swears by. From college goers to school girls, professional women and homemakers, there are oodles of designs that will accentuate the style and look of their nails. Nail art is a creative way to colour, decorate, and enhance your nails. You can add pizzazz to your fingernails not to forget toenails, after a manicure or pedicure session.
Gone are the days when women used to prettify themselves from head to toe for their men. Now, they jazz up their appearance even if colouring the fingernails or toenails for themselves, for their own sake. And you know what, nail polish design, when done by itself, is a stress buster? Yes, you heard it right. Forget the days when you visited a beauty salon to get a nail art done, it’s time for some DIY (Do It Yourself) activities ladies!
Keep reading to know 50 easy nail paint designs that you can show off in any season! You can try this nail art at home and thank us later for the grooming. WINK, WINK!!!

1- Give a Clue of “Love is in the Air” with Love Message Nail Designs

Love Message Nail Designs

With so many art and designs available for your fingernails and toenails, it’s easy to pick the one and enhance your look. While some of them tend to be used for a particular reason, some of them can be chosen frequently to colour your nails in day-to-day life. How about casing a love spell not only on your nails, but on your crush, heartthrob or lover? Yes, besides Valentine’s Day, you can try out this nail paint design whenever you want! But, before we get started, keep some nail care products or nail art kit handy so as to simplify the task.

  • Paint your nails in the colour red, except the ring finger, paint it with a white or nude shade.
  • Now write your message with a thin nail art brush with colour white on the red painted nails and red on the nude/white coloured nail.
  • Finish off with a top coat!

Not only messages, but you can go a bit more creative by making cute hearts, lips on your nails. Short messages like hugs, kisses, love will also add to the idea.

2- Twist the Idea of French Manicure Fabulously with Dotted French Nail Art

Dotted French Nail Art

This is one of the easiest French nails designs that you can master with the blink of an eye.

  • Colour your nails with a shade that you like. (A nude shade would be good though)
  • Let it set for a few minutes.
  • Get a dotting tool, like bobby pins.

Now, make dots on the edges of the nail. Based on your preferences you can go loud with the colour or keep it subtle.

3- Add some Sparkly Affair with Glitter Nail Art

Sparkly Affair with Glitter Nail Art

  • Apply any shade on your nails. Choose 2 in 1 enamel nail colour essence as coating will be needed further.
  • Take enamel polish brush and dip it the glitter.
  • Apply it by starting from the center of your nails to the tip.
  • Let it dry. Finish off your glitter nail art with an enamel coat.

4- Create Contrast with Pink and White

Pink and White nail art design

Pink is popular as the feminine colour as liked by maximum women.

  • Create a pink base on your nails.
  • Take a white shade and make some pattern on the pink base.
  • Let it dry under a Mini Portable Finger Nail Fast Polish Blower Dryer.
  • You’re ready to flaunt your girly colour with this pink nail art.

5- Classic but Chic and Highly Stylish Monochrome

Chic and Highly Stylish Monochrome nail design

No matter what, the charm of black and white never goes out of style be it clothing or nail paint design. Create a monochrome nail art using these tips.

  • Colour your nails with a white nail polish.
  • Create a curved line for the black area.
  • Fill this area with black nail paint.
  • Now finish off with a top coat.

6- Diagonal Shape Nail Design

Diagonal Shape Nail Design

  • Take a tape and stick it diagonally on your nails.
  • Paint the uncovered part with a polish of your choice.
  • Take out the tape and let it dry.
  • Give it a finishing touch with a coat.
  • You can also colour the other part the same way.

7- Give your Nails Dramatic Treatment with Chrome Tips

Chrome Tips nail art

Add a bit of elegance in your manicure with this minimalistic nail design. Before getting yourself this design, prepare your nails. Either you can go to a salon or get a manicure kit to pamper your hands at home.

  • Apply any of your favourite shade on the nails.
  • Let it dry and set.
  • Now take a golden shade and apply it on the edges making chrome tips.

8- Create some Zigzag with Chevron Designs

Chevron Designs nail art design

Chevron nail paint is the buzz word in today’s nail art design. Follow this easy breezy tutorial to create this design.

  • Paint your nails with any shade.
  • Take a sleek brush and dip it in any contrasting colour, white would be preferable.
  • Now make zigzag lines.
  • You can also use the scotch tape to do so.

9- Accentuate your Darker Shade with a Thick Stripe of White

Darker Shade with a Thick Stripe nail art design

If you are a way too lazy to put on any other nail paint design that takes a few minutes, don’t worry. With this minimalist nail art, you’re really gonna accentuate the beauty of your fingernails and toes.

  • First of all, paint your nails in any darker shade.
  • Let it dry.
  • Now, take the white shade and create a thick strip starting from the middle of the edges.
  • Let it set for a few minutes and after that finish it off with a transparent coat.

10- Prettify your Nails with Cute Triangle Art

Cute Triangle Art and nail design

You have hardly seen triangle nails, right? It is one of the latest nail art designs. Fairly simple, easy and breezy to flaunt, here are the instructions to get it.

  • Prep your nails with a base coat.
  • Paint your nail with a shade of your choice
  • .
    Let it dry. Then take two pieces of scotch tape.
  • Arrange them in a triangle shape.
  • Fill the triangle with another colour, you may choose glitters as well.
  • Peel off the tape, WHOA, you’re done with this nail paint design!

11- Map your Nails for Some Quirky Designs

Loofah Lattice Fishnet Style nail design

Whether or not you’re a wanderlust soul, this cool, trendy yet hottest nail art will surely get you immense appreciation.

  • Paint your nails with two coats of white shade and dry off.
  • Cut a map into small pieces.
  • Put rubbing alcohol on the cutout pieces of map and rub it on your nails.
  • Now pull it off gently.
  • Finish it off by applying a transparent coat.

12- Go Quirky with Pastel Pinstripe Style

Pastel Pinstripe Style nail design

  • Apply base colour.
  • let it dry completely.
  • Take a thin brush and dip it into the other shade.
  • Now start making thin stripes on your nails.
  • Dry off and give a finishing touch with a clear coat.

13- Emphasize your Nails with Loofah Lattice Fishnet-Style

Loofah Lattice Fishnet Style nail design

  • Paint your nails in one shade and let it dry.
  • Put a piece of loofah over your nails and hold it.
  • Paint it over with another shade.
  • Take it out carefully and let your paint dry.

14- Add 3D Effects to your Fingernails

3D Effects nail arts design

Prep your fingernails and toenails after a mani and pedi session. If you want to escape long parlor line, buy a manicure pedicure kit online to do mani and pedi session at home. Follow these tips to get this nail art design.

  • Apply base coat and let it dry completely.
  • Apply a second coat and while it’s wet, put rhinestones or other decorative pieces carefully.
  • Place every rhinestone the same way and finish it a top coat.
  • Not only rhinestones, but you can use dry flowers and other decorative items in the same way.

15- Give your Nails some Fruity Effects with Watermelon Art

Fruity Effects with Watermelon Art

How about giving your fingernails a fruity effect? While it’s something out-of-the-box, your friends will definitely run behind you to learn this nail pain design. Let’s see how to do this nail polish design.

  • Apply a white base.
  • Now, create a red triangle and line it with a green shade.
  • Now, use a toothpick or dotting nail art tool to create seeds with black shade.
  • Do it either on all finger or just one nail to stand out.

16- Halloween or Spooky Nail Pain Design with Spiderwebs

Nail Pain Design with Spiderwebs

Do you like spookiness? This would surely be something as per se your spooky taste.

  • Start with a base coat in a darker shade (preferably black)
  • Let it dry.
  • Start making thin spiderwebs with the help of a striper brush. Choose the colour white.
  • Draw clean spiderwebs all over your nails, or in one corner. It’s easy to draw spiderwebs.
  • Now apply a transparent top coat to finish it off.

17- Go Floral with Floral Nail Design

Floral Nail Desig nail arts

If you’re putting on a floral dress and want your nail design to match the same, go for a floral design. But first choose a combo of nail paint polish for colorful flowers. Use a toothpick or dotting tool to create tiny flowers of different shades. Ensure applying a base coat in white or any other shade beforehand.

18- Gold and Maroon Nail Art Designs for an Edgy Look

Gold and Maroon Nail Art Designs

Combine gold and maroon nail paints to create an art of your choice. Either go with a polka dot design or choose to colour your nail in shaded work. Whichever pattern you’ll pick, it’s sure you’ll get an edgy look.

19- When Solid Met Shiny

Solid Met Shiny nail paint design

This is a very simple nail art design to try on. Colour the part of your nail with a solid shade and the rest of the part with a shiny shade of the same colour. Keep the design a bit asymmetrical so as to add dramatic effects.

20- Daisy or Sunflower Themed Design

Daisy or Sunflower Themed Design nail design

Apply a base coat and let it dry. Now create five dots to create a daisy or sunflower shape. Top it off with white or yellow colour to make the rest of the flower. Now, you’re done with your daisy or sunflower theme nail art.

21- Start with the First or Last Letter of your Name

name design arts

If nothing seems fine or you’re a bit confused, give your nail art a simple touch by painting it with the letter of your first or last name. While it’s creative, it’s a quirky way to add a bit dramatic look in your nail design.

22- Modern Abstract Nail Paint Design

Modern Abstract Nail Paint Design

Whether you’re attending an art exhibition or going to join a party, modern abstract nail designs always stand out.

23- Polka Dot Nail Art for a Minimalistic Flair

Polka Dot Nail Art for a Minimalistic Flair

Okay you’re cuddled in a polka dotted outfit and want to match your nail art too. Don’t worry. Polish your nails with a base coat and create polka dots using a nail art tool. Let it dry and finish it off with a clear coat!

24- Pretty Pastel Nails that Redefine Beauty

Pretty Pastel Nails that Redefine Beauty nail pain design

You know what, you can make any pattern using pastel colours and add beauty to your nails! Create flowers, dots, strips, whatever you like. Choose, style and design! If you want to add a bit of shine, use glitter, gemstone, stud and pearl.

25- Creative Matte Nail Designs

Creative Matte Nail Designs nail art design

If you don’t like to go flashy with your nail designs, matte nails are here to rescue you. With matte nail art you can conquer all techniques to stand out in crowd.

26- Try Ombre Nail Art at Home

Ombre Nail Art at Home

  • Get a combo of nail paint and get ready got the clash of colours!
  • Clean your nails, now take a cotton ball a bit soaked in a nail polish remover. Once your nails are clean, apply the base colour.
  • Now add two colours using a toothpick. Take a piece of sponge and dap it over the polish.
  • Now dab the sponge on your fingernails and move it away slightly.
  • Let it dry and finish it off with a clear coat.

27- Go Breathtaking and Beautiful with Butterfly Nail Paint Art

Butterfly Nail Paint Art design

It’s one of the cutest nail design that you’d love to flaunt wherever you go! Things you’ll require for this nail art-

  • Clear coat
  • A base coat
  • Nail polish shades for the design (choose three or more depending on your needs. You can also choose glitter nail art pens and polish for this design)
  • Magnet
  • Dotting tool or toothpick
  • Magnetic polish
  • Art brush or nail polish brush

Apply a base coat. Let it dry. Now start making the shape of a butterfly as you like and fill it with colours. Keep it for a few minutes to dry off. Seal the design with a clear coat.

28- Beige Nail Paint with Glittery Effect

Beige Nail Paint with Glittery Effect

This simple and easy nail design will surely give your fingernails a dramatic appearance. Combine this shade with gold and silver polish to create a minimal and clear nail art.

29- Mosaic Nail Art Brimming with Colours

Mosaic Nail Art

With different nail paints colouring your nails in different patterns, the beauty of your fingernails goes up instantly. To create perfect mosaic nails you need a bit of patience. Go with any random shape, zigzag shape, etc. If you want something quirky, go for water nail art that combines various shades as well.

30- Rainbow Nails with So many Shades

Rainbow Nails piants arts

Who doesn’t love rainbow? Almost everyone loves to see the beautiful rainbow in the sky and scream like “WOW”. What if your fingernails are coloured in the same way? Take a nail polish set in various shades and start with your imagination!

31- Baby Pink and Black Beautiful Nails

Black Beautiful Nails

When a soft colour meets a darker shade then it creates a truly dramatic pattern. Give your nails something unusual to boast of by mixing pink and black in your nail art.

32- Blue Glitter Fingernail Designs

Blue Glitter Fingernail Designs

This design looks like a galaxy glittering with shiny stars. You can create it on the go

33- Simple Matte White Nails

Simple Matte White Nails arts

If you’re someone who loves nothing but simplicity, this the design to opt for.

34- Aztec Nails Oozing with Imagination

Aztec Nails Oozing with Imagination

Intricate, but easy to make if you have a creative side.

35- Super Easy 3 Nail Paint Design

Super Easy 3 Nail Paint Design

Get any of three shades that you like and get started by creating quirky shapes and designs.

36- Leopard Nail Paint Design

Leopard Nail Paint Design

Wanna match your animal print outfit with your nail shade, go for this nail art.

37- Gold and Silver Glitter Art for Fingernails

Gold and Silver Glitter Art for Fingernails

Add silvery and shimmering effect with gold and silver nail art.

38- Brown Nail Art with Simple Flair

Brown Nail Art with Simple Flair

Simple, Easy and breezy to create this design on your finger nails.

39- Plaid Nail Design with Beautiful Colour Combination

 Plaid Nail Design with Beautiful Colour

Buy a pedicure kit to go through the pedi session at home and then try this nail paint design. This design looks awesome with stunning combination of shades and lines!

40- Neon Nail Designs with a Pop of Colours

Neon Nail Designs

With neon nails, you can never go wrong! Mix it up with some quirky designs and stand out!

41- Red, Black and White Designs for Nails

Red, Black and White Designs for Nails

Give your nails a classic look with the combination of red, black and white paints.

42- Give your Nails a Cat-look with Cat Design

Cat-look with Cat Design

Make your nails purrfect with this kitty aka cat nail art.

43- Emoticon Fingernail Designs

Emoticon Fingernail Designss

How about bringing emoticons from your mobile to your nails? It’s easy to create and give your fingernails a truly quirky look! But before that make sure your nails are prepared using a pedicure machine.

44- Black Nail Design

Black Nail Design

If you don’t want a pop of colours on your nails or have no nail art kit, go for this simple and easy nail art in darker shade like black.

45- Dark Nail Shades with Silver

Dark Nail Shades with Silver

Add fun with silver glitter while polishing your nails in darker shades.

46- Cherry Blossom Nail Designs

Cherry Blossom Nail Designs

These designs are one of the most popular nail art designs around that will make your nails look cute!

47- Peacock Nail Paint Designs

Peacock Nail Paint Designs

It’s one of the most beautiful designs for fingernails.

48- Tribal Designs for your Nails

Tribal Designs for your Nails

Tribal manis are the perfect ones that many women swear by.

49- Olive Green Army Nail Design

Olive Green Army Nail Design

Camouflaged your nails in this great looking design.

50- Lace Nail Designs

Lace Nail Designs

Make your nails appear differently by adding a lace pattern to it.
So, ladies and girls, try any of the aforesaid nail paint designs and flaunt your nails like a diva!

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50 Easy Nail Paint Designs and Ideas to Prettify your Nails


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