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How to Lose Weight Fast- 15 Tips to Shed Extra Kilos Quickly- Game of Lose and Win!!

Is your pair of denims too tight for you to fit in? You bought a beautiful dress for your D-Day, but want to hide your wobbly belly first? No worries, here are fast weight loss tips for people like you who don’t want to break a sweat while losing weight.

There are many men and women like you who want to get in shape safely without starving or hitting the gym harder. But Weight Loss is that kind of goal in which slow and steady wins the race. But worry not, we have fast yet easy ways to lose weight that will speed up your metabolism.

Increased metabolism simply means that your Body will start burning calories fast, hence helping you shed extra fat quickly!

Before starting how to Lose Weight Fast, let’s understand how our body starts gaining fat.

The main reason for weight gain in the body is an increased level of insulin that is triggered by food high on sugars and starches. You’ll be shocked that around 39% of adults, age group 18 and over are overweight. This is about one-third of world’s whole population. Let’s talk about our own country India which is world’s third most obese nation behind the US (first) and China (second).

Worried of your own weight? Don’t be, here are our 15 natural ways to lose weight fast! Here we go……

1-Cut down your salt intake (A hidden enemy)

Cut down your salt intake

Yes, you read it right. Sodium is responsible for water retention that leads to a bloated body. If you consume too much salt above 2,400 milligrams, you’re simply inviting adding up to your body mass. Cut down your dependency on canned foods, chips, drinks and prepackaged food having an increased level of sodium content than the regular food items.

Follow this tip and you’ll reduce weight by a few pounds within a week!

2-Go green, take a cuppa of Green Tea (Metabolism booster)

take a cuppa of Green Tea

It has been scientifically proven that green tea- a rich source of antioxidants and nutrients is the healthiest drink on the earth. Green tea is said to have polyphenols, also known as catechins- one of the active ingredients responsible for weight loss.

They boost up metabolism process hence allow the body to burn more calories.

Regular intake of green tea leads to a significant reduction in body fat percentage including abdominal area, waistline, and weight. Several studies have proved that green tea is effective to cut down abdominal fat.

Meanwhile, there are a few herbal products available online which you may include in your diet for a speedy reduction of flabs.

Herbal Hills Garcinia Powder: Having an active compound called Hydroxy Citric Acid (HCA) the garcinia powder interrupts the conversion of starch and sugar into fat. It activates serotonin that nullifies hunger pangs. This powder is helpful for a healthy weight management goal.

Garcinia Herbal Coffee: As mentioned earlier green tea is an ultimate weapon to chop off those extra kilos, Garcinia herbal coffee works the same way. Containing Triphala- a natural digestive cleaner, Chicory (Kasni)- a digestive tonic with diuretic features is what boosts metabolism and helps you Lose Weight fast.

Garcinia Cambogia Capsules: Containing the potent weight loss supplement Garcinia cambogia- a tropical fruit, this supplement interrupts fat making by suppressing the appetite.

3-Avoid Juicing Food, instead count on Solid Calories (Liquid Calories Fire up Hunger)

Juicing Food

If you think liquid calories are the best diets that work, then ponder on it twice. There is a huge difference, and you know what your body doesn’t take liquid calories the same way as solid calories. A glass of juice full of calories will not satisfy your hunger the way a bowl of solid calories will do. Hence, keep an eye on your liquid calorie intake through wine, soda, juice, caffeine and other sources. Stop taking alcohol as it interrupts the metabolic process, hence blocking the burning of calories needed for weight reduction.

4-Lower Sugar and Starch Intake (Responsible for up or down of insulin level)

Lower Sugar and Starch

As mentioned earlier the main reason your body starts storing fat is the increased insulin level. Foods high in starch (carbs or carbohydrates) or sugar excite insulin secretion in the body. This is the main hormone that is responsible for fat storage in the body.

An increased level means piling up of extra flabs in areas like waistline, thighs, hands. However, a reduction in insulin level means fat is kicked out of the fat stores and starts burning. Not only this, but having a lower level of insulin also means the reduction of excess sodium and water means no bloating anymore!

If you lower your sugar and starch intake, it means you can reduce up to 10 pounds or even more in just a few days!

Here is the secret mantra- fat loss in the body goes on ‘autopilot’ mode with decreased insulin level.

So, why to wait? Start munching on low-carb food as much as possible to shed those extra kilos!

Don’t know which are low carb and low starch foods? Take a clue from below list-

  • All protein foods
  • Melon
  • Grapes
  • Dried fruits
  • Bacon
  • Broccoli
  • Cucumber
  • Cauliflower
  • Cabbage
  • Celery
  • Lettuce
  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Swiss Chard
  • Brussels Sprouts and more

5- Don’t starve, Don’t diet, but eat your meals (Your body needs food)

fastest way to lose weight

Pay your ears- skipping meals or starving yourself isn’t the fastest way to lose weight. In reality, it’s dangerous for your wellbeing. When you skip your meals, the body starts conserving energy by slowing down the metabolic process.

Over the period what it happens, even you eat your meals, the body slows down the fat burning process, resulting accumulation of unwanted flabs. Do not go hungry no matter what. Keep some fruits handy to gorge on. An energy bar in those hungry hours won’t be bad as well, but make sure not overeating energy bars.

6- Slow down while eating (Chew your food to feel fuller)

Slow down while eating

Well, it can be said as tricking the mind, but it’s helpful and healthy both. You need to tell your mind that okay you have had enough food and you need not gulp down more food. The best way to do is chewing the food properly and slowly.

This is the natural way of suppressing hunger pangs as it makes you feel fuller and decreases food intake.

According to a study people who eat fast are prone to weight gain while those who eat slowly can keep a check on their calorie intake.

So, folks this gonna be like slower and steadier shed the weight!

7-Be a pro in weight loss with Protein (Get lean and thin with protein)

weight loss with Protein

Do you know which is called the best diet for weight loss? The diet which is rich in protein. Yes, protein is a powerful appetite suppresser that prevents hunger pangs, give you a fuller feeling and reduces calorie consumption.

The hunger hormone Ghrelin is affected by protein along with GLP-1 (Glucagon-like peptide-1) that leads to fullness. It means you won’t feel hungry every then and now, hence a major reduction in hunger pangs!

According to a study people who increased their protein intake cut back 441 calories per day and reduced weight by 11 pounds in a few weeks! Eat protein-rich breakfast in the morning.

If you’re wondering which food items are rich in protein, then here is the list to help you out-

  • Eggs
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Almonds
  • Quinoa
  • Lentils
  • Fish
  • Chicken breast
  • Green Peas
  • Tofu
  • Pumpkin Seeds and more

8-Spice, spice your food baby (Add spice, worth the price- weight loss)

weight loss diet program

Even science has proven that spices are great in reducing extra flabs. Spices such as turmeric have curcumin active ingredient that heats up the body triggering metabolism. Hence burning more calories to lose weight. What’s more? Adding cinnamon to your weight loss diet program can suppress your carvings, black pepper with copious fat-burning properties prevents fat cell formation.

Cardamom, capsaicin, ginger, and cumin seeds are also fat-burning spices that you can include in your diet to shoo off those wobbly parts from your body.

9- Fill up your fridge with fiber-rich foods (Secret to feel fuller)

fiber-rich foods

Until and unless you feel satiated you keep eating, right? How about eating once and feeling fuller till a long time? Include fiber-rich food items in your diet. Here is a list of top high-fiber items-

  • Avocado
  • Kidney beans
  • Black beans
  • Corn
  • Brown rice
  • Pear
  • Lentils
  • Artichoke
  • Oatmeal
  • Raspberries
  • Apples
  • Barley and more

10- Drink plenty of water (Speed up metabolism)

Drink plenty of water

Whatever tips you follow to lose weight fast, one tip will always be there- drink a lot of water! Why so? Because it is one of the effective and easiest ways to stimulate weight loss.

In order to burn the stored fat, your body needs enough water. When your body feels shortage of supplies it interrupts the metabolism process. But having at least eight glasses of water in a day is what you need to let your system function well.

11- Shed stress, sleep well (ZZZ’s for fast metabolism and a relaxed mind)

Shed stress sleep well

You won’t believe, but stress and sleep deprivation are two slow-poisons that affect your body hugely. These two factors also lead to weight gain. In fact, studies have proven that. If you’re sleeping less than 4 hours, it means you are lowering your metabolic activities.

Sleep well, destress to lose weight fast. If you’re following every weight loss tips genuinely and aren’t taking good sleep, it’s vain, totally vain.

12- Pay mind to mindless eating (bye-bye TV, Computer, Video-game eating)

Pay mind to mindless eating

How many times have you noticed you ate more than what you actually should while watching TV? How many times you had food items high in calories while video gaming? Have you paid your mind to such things? Never! That would be the predictable answer.

Anyways, if you want to stay focused towards your weight loss goal, just say bye-bye to distractive eating habits. Pay attention to the meals you take while tapping on your smartphone or watching TV. This will help you slash a significant calorie intake ultimately leading to reduce weight in a healthy way!

13- Move around, activate your metabolism (Fat burning autopilot needs movement after all)

slimming hot shaper belt

At the end of the day nobody wants to move around but to become a couch potato, isn’t it? But you know what, at the end of the day our fat burning mechanism slows down. But, you can get it going by moving around.

After dinner, take a stroll around your home or room. This will reward you by lessening the chances of calories to sit around your waistline.In case you don’t want dietary supplements to lose weight, count on slimming hot shaper belt. Pull it off around your midriff area for effective results. The smart fabrics of this belt raise core temperature that stimulates the body to sweat more. You can wear it all through the day and walk around doing all your activities.

14- Do not lose hope, stay focused (Positivity is an ultimate weapon)

Positivity is an ultimate weapon

Remember, weight loss isn’t an overnight thing. Nobody has a magic wand to wave around and say “AbrakaDabra” and bestow you with a slender body. If somebody claims so, be alert, there is definitely a catch. Don’t be desperate, stick to your weight loss schedule and reduce pounds in a healthy way.

Stay positive, stay focused, get slimmer- this is the key to success!

15- Contemplate, do some basic yoga (Breathe at least)

yoga for lose weight

Did you know yoga is a proven methodology to stay healthy? And, when it comes to weight loss, it’s a proven technique. Yes, it’s true.

So, relax and do some basic breathing yoga to shed those extra pounds. You just need to relax and deep breath. This fills your lungs with oxygen that leads to oxidation process triggering fat burning in the body. As you already know, burning of fat means reduction in weight!

WHOA! A long list of tips to lose weight but natural and truly safe that too without exercising and starving!Last but not least, there are no short cuts or miraculous ways if you’re considering how to lose weight fast. A few simple changes in your lifestyle can help you lose weight without putting in much effort!

Do not opt for all the tips at once, instead, experiment with one, if you succeed go for another one. Remember, health and fitness is what matters most.

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How to Lose Weight Fast- 15 Tips to Shed Extra Kilos Quickly- Game of Lose and Win!!


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