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Cologne vs. Perfume: how to choose your scent

The main difference between Colognes and a perfume comes from the concentration of `the essential perfume oils and their intensities.

Perfumes have a high concentration of essential oils compared to colognes with the former having approximately 15% while the latter has 5%. This is usually evident in their fragrances as perfumes have a more pronounced scent while colognes are generally mild in nature. In the perfume world, the fragrance is known as the base and is what attracts people to a specific brand.

The base perfume on its own is too concentrated and does not have a pleasant smell, hence the reason it is toned down using water or alcohol. The base is made up of a combination of ingredients which include; essential oils (cedarwood, lime, sandalwood, etc.), absolutes (jasmine, rose, neroli), animal extracts (musk, ambergris) and synthetic fragrance.


The fragrances are then made from the ingredients as mentioned above and given different names.
Since perfume is stronger, it also means that it is less diluted and so the amount of alcohol or water is not that high.

On the other hand, colognes have a milder scent, which means they are more diluted and the amount of water or alcohol is greater.


Because they are less diluted and have a stronger scent, perfumes cost more than colognes. They also tend to have more perfume oils, and the original perfume extract will be around 15-40%, which makes perfumes have a thicker and oilier texture.

Most perfumes are sold in bottles fitted with a stopper so that the contents of the bottle come out in small amounts. Perfumes are very strong scent wise, as well as too pricey to be in a spray bottle.

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When it comes to quality of fragrances, the stronger scented ones do not necessarily mean higher quality, and each of the ingredients on their own is not pleasant to smell. The combination of the perfume oils is what makes perfumes have that delightful scent that appeals to the wearer.


The Best Colognes for every occasion

The first cologne ever made came from the city in Germany that has a similar name; The city of Cologne and that first cologne is still produced to date which makes it the oldest fragrance that is still available today.
Colognes are made from specific blends of perfume oils and fragrances in this category tend to be milder, less oily and lighter. This is because colognes are more diluted and tend to have higher concentrations of alcohol or water. Their scents tend to take up the fresh and fruity side and mostly consist of the essential oils lemon, bergamot, orange and also the pure neroli. They can also have lavender and rosemary.

Eau de cologne and colognes are used these days to identify the more diluted ofthe two with ranges of between 2-5%. Colognes are not as pricey as their perfume counterparts, and users can afford to splash them. The younger people are mostly the ones who prefer colognes.


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Cologne vs. Perfume: how to choose your scent


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