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Believers Portal · 12:06 18 Nov 2018
The waters heard Jesus, death heard Jesus, fish heard Jesus, the storm heard Jesus, the tree heard Jesus, even bread heard Jesus, etc. Every believer has the ability in him to hear and to re… Read More
Contentment Acres · 05:00 18 Nov 2018
“It is my opinion that tens of thousands of people, if not millions, have been brought into some kind of religious experience by “accepting” Christ, and they have not been… Read More
Kirk Miller Blog – T… · 21:50 17 Nov 2018
As I did for Jubilee, I wanted to write a brief explanation of the meaning of Evangeline’s name. As with Jubilee, her name comes from the Bible (although — not intentional &mdash… Read More
Christian Blogs - Pr… · 21:31 17 Nov 2018
Thank you for signing up for PraiseBlogs’ “Live the Best Life” Newsletter! The post Thank you! appeared first on Praise Blogs - Christian Blogs Read More
Autumn Cookies
Live With Flair · 20:41 17 Nov 2018
During our snow day, my oldest daughter and I attempt Autumn Cookies. She loves botany, so after she instructed me on proper leaf venation patterns, we set out on our artistic endeavor. We b… Read More
Reasoned Cases For C… · 14:17 17 Nov 2018
There is a school of thought or thinking within our society that as humans, we should never be ashamed, that we should always think positively about ourselves, that we should stand up for ou… Read More
Somente O Mar Sabe
Coisas Judaicas · 12:14 17 Nov 2018
Somente o Mar Sabe | Drama baseado em fatos reais com Rachel Weisz e Colin Firth ganha trailer oficial.Foi divulgado nesta semana, pela Screen Media Filmes, o trailer oficial de So… Read More
Desfrute Da Salvação
Pr C. J. Jacinto · 11:11 17 Nov 2018
A alma que recebe a regeneração por meio da obra consumada e perfeita de Cristo, descansa nas promessas do evangelho e pode desfrutar dia após dia, da misericórdi… Read More
Lover Come Back To Me
Amulet, Charm, Magic… · 01:44 17 Nov 2018
A buyer fall in love with her colleague of 2 years. Theywere super compatible in every way, and they were never apart and both of them were crazy in love with each other. They were in a supe… Read More
Those Who Weep · 22:00 16 Nov 2018
    We’re preparing the family Thanksgiving dinner, four of us ranging in age from about thirty to sixty in the warm kitchen as the others mill around the house, when my… Read More
Stand Therefore · 16:44 16 Nov 2018
Is heaven your passion? Really your passion? In Philippian letter, Paul had just described how he pressed toward that heavenly prize, pressing, ever pressing to attain unto the resurrection… Read More
Seek Truth
The Crazy Catholic · 09:54 16 Nov 2018
How do you go about seeking the truth? What is the truth? Both of these are important questions to tackle as we figure out our lives, what we believe and what we need to attest to. When you… Read More
The Path You Choose
Shirat Devorah · 20:19 15 Nov 2018
Photo: Source unknown Every action we do creates an angel. A good action creates a defending angel, a bad one creates a prosecuting angel. One lie will lead to many more lies, cre… Read More
View From The Ambo · 10:00 15 Nov 2018
Some time ago, I read a story about a doctor’s conversation with a patient with terminal cancer. The patient was expressing fear of dying, mainly because of the fear of the unknown. At… Read More
418Global · 16:22 14 Nov 2018
Most Christians would agree that God does not lie (Heb 6:17-18). When we approach God in any way except as He declares us to be, we are approaching Him in a “false identity”, a l… Read More
Benjamin H. Liles · 00:17 14 Nov 2018
By Benjamin H. Liles           I've been doing my best to figure out how to make this site more appealing so as to attract and to keep my current readership. I beli… Read More
Added Upon · 22:34 13 Nov 2018
Improve Your Worst My cello teacher always tells me that to get better at something, you can’t improve on what you’re already good at; you can only improve on your w… Read More
Os Fariseus Interrogam O Cego
Divulgador · 10:02 13 Nov 2018
Levaram, pois, aos fariseus o que dantes fora cego. E era sábado o dia em que Jesus fez o lodo e lhe abriu os olhos. Então, os fariseus, por sua vez, lhe perguntaram como cheg… Read More