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Gör Upp Med Kyrkopolitiken
Stillsam · 10:03 24 May 2018
Förhållandet mellan kyrka och politik har ibland uppfattats som relationen mellan eld och vatten. De är oförenliga. Men om politik är de goda gärningar som en… Read More
Pendahuluan DAULAH ISLAM
Neopluck · 06:14 24 May 2018
PENDAHULUANGenerasi sekarang belum pernah menyaksikan Daulah Islam yangmenerapkan Islam. Begitu pula generasi yang hidup pada akhirmasa Daulah Islam (Daulah Utsmaniyah) yang berhasil diruntu… Read More
Easy All Round Vashikaran Mantra
Prophet666 · 03:31 24 May 2018
In this post, I have written about an all round Vashikaran Mantra, which is said to bring every person, including the people in power[Raja] and the Citizens[Praja]  under your Vashikara… Read More
What Is Church To Me
Done With Religion… · 23:32 23 May 2018
Sunday after Sunday for many years my wife and I have ‘gone to church’. We sat in a pre-planned service, being entertained, listening to one person tell us what God was saying an… Read More
The Crazy Catholic · 20:56 23 May 2018
Are you boastful? It's one thing to be firm in your belief and use it as a grounds for everything that you do, but another to pity people and critique what they do and believe. Everyone is… Read More
Nest Work
Live With Flair · 15:12 23 May 2018
I watch the Mother Robin sit. All day long, she sits. I find myself deeply admiring her. I find myself respecting this work of sitting on a nest. I observe how she shields her eggs from the… Read More
Your Daily Word · 14:30 23 May 2018
It's such a common phrase that we casually use yet most of the time failing to understand its gravity. Right now, the world demands instant gratification. No one wants to w… Read More
Dna De Deus · 11:18 23 May 2018
fonte: G1Quatro anos depois, ainda há obras prometidas para Copa no Brasil inacabadas em 11 das 12 cidades-sedeOs quatro anos que separam a Copa no Brasil do Mundial que começa… Read More
Faith (Part 2)
Dear Worshiper · 05:19 23 May 2018
We can determine what it is that we've been believing for by the types of things we see manifesting in our lives, as worship leaders. All that we have accomplished (and all we have not accom… Read More
Entering The King's Palace
Shirat Devorah · 21:23 22 May 2018
"A man's holy items shall remain his" [Naso 5:10] To what can this be compared, asked the Chofetz Chaim? Answer: to a King who summoned his servant Reuven, to appear before him. Reuve… Read More
Sleep Hypnosis
[email protected] · 17:31 22 May 2018
Sleep hypnosis is a type of hypnosis that is done while you are sleeping or in a sleep-like state. During these moments your mind is more fully open to suggestion which makes it easier to pi… Read More
As It Is · 13:45 22 May 2018
My conversation with author David Finnegan-Hosey about church planting and mental health. David's new book Christ on the Psych Ward is available everywhere. A few things mentioned in t… Read More
Em Espírito E Em Fogo
Escrevinhando · 12:08 22 May 2018
Realmente o texto citado está em Mt 3:11 –“Eu vos batizo com água para arrependimento. Mas depois de mim vem alguém mais poderoso do que eu, tanto que n&ati… Read More
Kan Vi Ha En Dialog? · 20:11 21 May 2018 når ut till tusentals människor dagligen och detär oerhört glädjande. Men det vore roligt om ni villekommentera mera och ställa frågor som ni… Read More
Good News. Bad News.
Mark Of A Christian · 19:46 21 May 2018
The Good News. Over the weekend, I was so preoccupied thinking about the scholarship that I got myself into. I had to finish the first part of it on or before May 21st, Monday. The thin… Read More
What Matters Most
Best Life Quotes, Po… · 23:58 20 May 2018
We may not have everything we want, but may we never fail to fight for those things that truly matter in the end. Yes most certainly, and I count all things to be a loss for the excellency… Read More