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Jehovah's Witnesses - The Watchman's Post Blog
Jehovah's Witnesses, Watchtower Society & Governing Body in Bible prophecy. Scriptural encouragement for stumbled and discouraged Witnesses.
2023-05-25 12:19
This article is in response to the August 2023 Watchtower article entitled Learn From Bible Prophecy. Paragraph three advises us to get a guide to help us understand Bible prophecy, saying:… Read More
2023-04-25 13:57
A continuation of the Jeremiah series. Everything connected to the second coming of Christ has been distorted and ultimately concealed. We might suspect that the Devil is the culprit, and, o… Read More
The Time Of Jacob’s Trouble
2023-03-28 12:00
God has a purpose and Jehovah’s Witnesses are privileged to know it—at least the general outline of it; albeit, the immediate future is another matter, which is the subject of th… Read More
2023-02-14 14:23
A continuation of the Jeremiah series. God spoke to Jeremiah and commanded him to go stand in a prominent place in the courtyard of the temple and speak to the people: “This is what J… Read More
2023-02-10 10:54
Pennsylvania men allegedly used Jehovah’s Witness hall to ‘gain access’ to sex abuse victims Five members of Jehovah’s Witness congregations in Pennsylvania were indi… Read More
The End Of Jehovah’s Organization
2023-01-17 11:23
The Watchtower study article for the third week of January 2023, is entitled: Let Nothing Separate You from Jehovah. The scriptural theme is Psalms 31:14, “I trust in you, O Jehov… Read More
2022-12-27 11:51 has posted a year-end banner article proclaiming 2022 to have been the year of turmoil. And, of course, the subheading poses the gripping question: What Does the Bible Say?  Appa… Read More
2022-12-21 16:00
A continuation of the Jeremiah series.  The 23rd chapter of Jeremiah established the fact that the denunciations against the wayward shepherds is actually earmarked for the final part o… Read More
The Things That Must Shortly Take Place
2022-12-18 13:48
This post is in keeping with the long-standing year’s end tradition of looking ahead to the coming year.  “A revelation by Jesus Christ, which God gave him, to show his slav… Read More
2022-12-12 11:06
A continuation of the Micah series “In the final part of the days, the mountain of the house of Jehovah will become firmly established above the top of the mountains, and it will be ra… Read More
2022-10-17 15:09
“To you, O Jehovah, I turn.  My God, I trust in you; do not let me be put to shame. Do not let my enemies gloat over me.” In “God We Trust” became the official… Read More
2022-10-10 12:59
The 23rd Psalm is probably the most popular and beloved Psalm in the entire collection. Its simplicity and imagery are very moving. Too bad the translators of the original English translatio… Read More
2022-09-10 01:35
This episode marks the passing of Queen Elizabeth. A listener asks how it is possible to go forward and do God’s will after stumbling. Plus, questions concerning the kings of the north… Read More
2022-09-05 12:11
Jesus personally invited some men to be his followers. And they immediately responded and followed him—quite literally. They literally walked behind him as Christ traveled the countrys… Read More
20 Years As Jehovah’s Watchman
2022-09-02 15:00
As of September 2022, it has been exactly 20 years since I first began to publish articles on Over the past two decades, well over 1,000 articles have been posted. There are… Read More
2022-08-23 12:49
Questions from listeners concerning pharmakia and the vaccine mandate; should I stay or leave the Watchtower? And a question about the importance of gold. Now you can leave a voice message… Read More
2022-07-20 16:03
This is the first of a series of articles exploring the collection of Hebrew songs called the Psalms.  Whatever exists was spoken into existence by God. “Let there be light,&rdquo&hell…Read More
2022-05-16 13:59
This is the final segment in the July 2022 Watchtower Review series. During the pandemic, we also received clear direction about how to hold congregation meetings and engage in the preachin… Read More
2022-05-14 12:47
This is part 12 of the review of the July 2022 Watchtower  14.  Jesus provides wise direction in times of crisis. The benefits of that direction were evident when the COVID-19 pan… Read More
The Watchtower And Climate Change
2022-05-11 12:56
JW dot org, the home page of the Watchtower on the world wide web, presents fresh micro articles every week based upon current events and attention-grabbing topical issues. This week is the… Read More
2022-05-09 12:09
This is part 10 of the review of the July 2022 Watchtower 10. Since 1919 the faithful slave has prepared a variety of publications that have given newly interested ones their first taste of… Read More
2022-05-07 12:29
This is a continuation in the series examining the July 2022 Watchtower. With the May 2022 JW Broadcast, the Governing Body has confirmed its unofficial policy that unity is paramount. Unity… Read More
2022-05-03 13:28
This is a consideration of study article #29 — Support Our Overseer Jesus Jesus said the good news will be preached first in all the world and then the end will come. Christ also foret… Read More
What Is The (Second) Coming Of Christ?
2022-05-01 12:36
There is a snippet of an article appearing this week on the home page of JW dot org that poses the question: What is the Coming of Christ?  Long-time readers of e-Watchman likely realiz… Read More
2022-04-25 14:50
This post is the first in a series of articles making a critical examination of the July 2022 Watchtower beginning with the article: The Kingdom Is in Place.  Those who will be blessed… Read More
2022-04-03 09:44 has taken to posting brief articles with short bullet points on current topics. As I have done with the Watchtower Review column for many years this post will examine the validity of… Read More
2022-03-30 14:03
“Furthermore, when you hear of wars and disturbances, do not be terrified. For these things must take place first, but the end will not occur immediately.” — Luke 21:9… Read More
2022-02-26 12:33 posted a sensational cover article entitled Russia Invades Ukraine, surprisingly not punctuated with an exclamation mark, with a subtitle posing the question: Is Bible prophecy being… Read More
2022-02-22 15:25
A continuation of the Jeremiah series.  In the 21st chapter of Jeremiah, the last king of Judah summoned Jeremiah to request that the prophet inquire of Jehovah. No doubt aware of the s… Read More
100 Seconds To Midnight
2022-01-28 18:58
The home page features an article entitled: Are We Running Out of Time? The sub caption on the article page states:  The predictions of the Doomsday Clock will not be fulfilled… Read More
2022-01-27 15:25
The Zoom Watchtower study this week poses a very pertinent question: How Strong Will Your Faith Be?  The opening paragraph poses a couple of hypothetical questions.  Do you someti… Read More
2022-01-21 18:43
First podcast of 2022. Looking like world war three is on the horizon, driven by the impending financial collapse of the trans-Atlantic system. Plus, the Watchtower’s apostasy Read More
2022-01-17 14:30
A continuance of the discussion of Jeremiah.  In the 19th chapter of Jeremiah the prophet was ordered to go buy an earthenware flask from a potter. God then ordered him to take a few el… Read More
2022-01-13 14:35 has a front-page linked caption that poses the question: What Is the Battle of Armageddon?  In the brief article, the writers debunk a few common misconceptions, such as the loca… Read More
2021-12-26 11:06
Part three of Watchtower Review Under the subheading, WE LOVE THE TRUTH: 12) God’s people today do not claim to have perfect or complete knowledge of the truth. At times, they have ma… Read More
2021-12-25 15:01 has a fresh banner article entitled What Does the Bible Say About Pandemics? They pose the question: Has God Ever Punished People with Sickness? They then proceed to supply the answer… Read More
2021-12-24 11:35
Continuation of Watchtower Review – Part Two 8) On one occasion, Jesus prayed: “Father, glorify your name.” Jehovah himself answered that prayer with a thunderous voice fr… Read More
Watchtower Review – Part One
2021-12-22 11:18
This Christmas week the Watchtower study article for the week is entitled Hold Fast to the Truth With Strong Conviction. What follows are my comments on select paragraphs.  1) THERE ma… Read More
Governing Body Update #10
2021-12-19 11:51
It seems the Watchtower is grooming JW’s to accept the mark of the beast when the time comes. Although I have no proof, it seems fairly certain that the Watchtower has accepted money f… Read More
Will There Be A World Government?
2021-12-11 15:22 has a new banner article on the topic of world government.  The Watchtower derived its name and corporate logo from the scriptures; most prominently from Isaiah 21:8, which says:… Read More
2021-12-07 16:23
A continuation of the Jeremiah series. In the 18th chapter of Jeremiah Jehovah commanded his prophet to go to the workshop of a certain potter as he was working with a lump of clay on the po… Read More
2021-11-29 16:23
After a few false starts, I was able to get a forum up and running. It is on a different server, which I think Timothy (my webmaster) will appreciate. It has its own domain. e-watchman-forum… Read More

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