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Cristal (VA)
La Karcoma-Relatos · 18:28 16 Jan 2019
Vicente Aparicio (Foto: Christine von Diependroek)  Tres días antes de que nos casáramos me tatué en la espalda tu bello nombre. Fue mi regalo de boda y tú l… Read More
O Portal · 16:17 16 Jan 2019
Preparava tudo com muita atenção e carinho...Apesar disso, não raro via-se falando e aprendendo sozinho Read More
Team Players
Karavansara | East O… · 15:29 16 Jan 2019
January is now halfway through, my health is improving and I am starting work on a number of collaborations. Which is unusual for me – I’ve always worked best on my own, both in… Read More
The Father Of Anarchism
The Diary Review · 10:36 16 Jan 2019
Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, considered by some to be the father of anarchism, was born 210 years ago today. He came from humble, rural origins, was largely self-taught, but nevertheless became o… Read More
Provo City Library S… · 22:19 15 Jan 2019
BecomingBy Michelle ObamaCrown, 2018, 426 pages, MemoirIn a life filled with meaning and accomplishment, Michelle Obama has emerged as one of the most iconic and compelling women of our era… Read More
Imagination Soup | · 18:07 15 Jan 2019
written by Lisa Amstutz Are you looking for ways to get kids excited about science? Citizen science might be the answer! These fun and educational projects let people of all ages participate… Read More
El Letrero Secreto De Rosie
Leer X Leer · 16:44 15 Jan 2019
A partir de los 5/6 años. Autor: Maurice SendakEditorial: KalandrakaISBN: 978-84-8464-970-0Cant. de páginas: 48 Rosie juega. Si está sola, juega sola. Si sus amigos lle… Read More
Revista Ema · 16:07 15 Jan 2019
Martin McDonagh tornou-se mundialmente famoso com Três Anúncios Para um Crime, mas já demonstrava potencial em seu longa de estreia, Na Mira do Chefe. Apesar de independe… Read More
Pen And Paper · 15:46 15 Jan 2019
Here it is, my thoughts on the last book of 2018. Apologies that there is no First Sentence nor Memorable Moment. Alas I handed the book to someone else without making a note of them. TTA WI… Read More
The Old Marlovian | … · 14:03 15 Jan 2019
Ogden Nash is a rarity; pseuds sit around in earnest groups, hunched over, stroking chins, and generally trying to sound and look as if they know what they`re talking about. It can be trash… Read More
The Edge Of Language
The Decker Edge · 08:20 15 Jan 2019
The subtleties of Language and Life are examined..The legato of language and lingo,The dance of diction and dialect --Have you ever considered the differenceA little letter or two can effect… Read More
Book Ratings For Con… · 02:42 15 Jan 2019
How does a twenty-something assistant librarian (with a master’s degree) find romance? For Greta, it is simply by asking a longtime friend (who has never before failed her) to del… Read More
R.izze.nhas · 22:46 14 Jan 2019
Quem acompanha o blog faz algum tempo já sabe o quanto gosto da Zadie Smith. Swing Time esteve entre minhas leituras favoritas de 2017, e White Teeth foi igualmente apreciado. No ano… Read More
This & That! · 20:03 14 Jan 2019
                           😐😐😐😉I don't.I don't write.I don't write enough. I don't… Read More
2019 New Year, New TBR!!
Lazy Day Literature · 17:09 14 Jan 2019
Happy New Year!!!Is anyone just relieved that it's a new year? I feel like we can all start over, new, from scratch, and get out of those funky winter blues that are keeping me (and perhaps… Read More
The Frugal Chari… · 15:50 14 Jan 2019
Any Human Heart  by William Boyd “Those were the years when I was truly happy. Knowing that is both a blessing and a curse. It's good to acknowledge that you found true h… Read More
Bruno's Hat By Canizales
Ladyd Books · 15:44 14 Jan 2019
This BookSergio said that my best friend Bruno's hat was weird. When I told him to stop, he called me a weirdo! If I had kept playing with Bruno, Sergio would have kept teasing me… Read More
Whatever Happens
Cititor Amator · 13:57 14 Jan 2019
whatever happens to the world around show me your purpose show me your source even if the world is Godless and in chaos show me your anchor show me your love if there is hunger if the… Read More
El Hablador
Boricua Beauty · 13:30 14 Jan 2019
Con su lengua de serpiente va regando el veneno que lo hace sonar ameno. Su mirada lo desmiente, sonríe mientras te miente. No existe más violencia, que calculada elocuencia… Read More
Don In His Den As Ra… · 11:36 14 Jan 2019
Nebulous spread over the skies the leftover bread crumbs in the palate of taste hasten to feed the pigeons with what’s there to dispense and a dream of a friend who hated the Judo whil… Read More
Impavid · 22:30 13 Jan 2019
My mother claims it was the instant in which our eyes first met,her- still disoriented from the C-section and me- no bigger than a loaf of bread,That it became clear to her that I was not fr… Read More
Greg Egan: Closer
Tales Of Mystery And… · 19:18 13 Jan 2019
Nobody wants to spend eternity alone. ("Intimacy," I once told Sian, after we'd made love, "is the only cure for solipsism." She laughed and said, "Don't get too ambitious, Michael. So fa… Read More
En Tierra De Nadie - Graham Greene
Lleixes · 17:38 13 Jan 2019
"(...) todos cargamos con tanta culpa que unas compensan otras."Greene, Graham. En tierra de nadie. Barcelona: Seix Barral, 2008No man’s land. Traducció de Juan BonillaCol… Read More