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Save consumption of energy used by Elevators

The elevators consume 3-7% of your building’s Energy, though the elevators may not be your highest energy consumer, they offer the potential for significant cost and energy savings. The modernized elevators save a lot of energy. Schneider is one of the leading Elevator companies in Pune which provides the clients with new modernized elevator services.

best elevator for the consumption of energy

Focus on the major sources of elevator energy waste with a solution in your budget.


To understand where the most cost-effective changes can be made, your next step is to check the components responsible for high energy usage.

One of the highest sources of energy used in elevators is the drive operation. Older drives, such as motor-generator sets, are continuously operating, which can be very slack and contribute to a large waste of energy. They can also add to hidden energy costs in a building as they generate a lot of heat, which requires additional energy from HVAC to cool the machines.

Still, have a hydraulic elevator? Its machine likely uses 40-60 HP as compared to the 6-8 HP motor ideal of a modern machine room-less elevator. This means whenever the elevator is working, its wasting energy, whether it’s raising the car or just leveling as it reaches the right floor.

In hydraulics, there are some elevators that can really perform well because they minimize the floor-to-floor time. If it takes 12 seconds to reach your floor in a hydraulic elevator, you can reach your floor in 9 to 10 seconds in a modern elevator, those three seconds every time the elevator runs can sum up pretty quickly. Hence, if the motor’s not running, you’re conserving energy.”


If your budget doesn’t support a full-scale modernization, don’t worry – there are many incremental changes that will help improve efficiency without including large expenses.

Lighting and Buttons

Lighting is a great place to cut off electricity consumption. Consider substituting your existing fluorescent tube lights, incandescent with LEDs or other high-efficiency, low power consumption for a quick payback. LED push buttons can also be used to save some energy.

Starter Replacement

Assume to save $300-500 per year on this change, the cost of which begins around $2,500 can save a lot of energy used by the elevators. The highest savings with a new starter are from its security against poor quality power that can cause brownouts in the building.


If you’re looking at a bigger project, check to see if code permits controllers with standby mode where the elevator will shut off or diminish lighting and HVAC in the elevator while it’s empty.

LARGER scale upgrades:

“The charges of an elevator modernization can range from a few thousand dollars to the million dollars, depending on the type. A wide variety of factors which includes the number of elevators, traffic demands, and a number of floors, fixtures, and architectural elements are all important when determining the cost.

A full modernization can cost up to $120,000-130,000 and basically replaces everything except the elevator shaft. This investment brings the whole elevator up to the latest code needs, replaces the cab interior, and generally results in looking like a brand new elevator system.

Though energy saving isn’t the sole focus of an elevator modernization, you can still make it a preference by defining any of the several energy-cutting features probable with a higher investment:

Standby mode, a controller feature that’s highly useful where the elevator sits idle regularly, powers down, signaling, and other not important operations after the elevator haven’t been handled for a particular period of time. The elevator then powers back up and replies whenever someone clicks a button to request the elevator.

Destination dispatch is also a smart control technology ready in a full modernization and permits the elevator bank to group customers in the most efficient way, decreasing the number of stops for all passengers.

Got an old-fashioned geared elevator? An upgrade to gearless modernization reduces the motor generator, diminishing noise levels and energy consumption. Regenerative trips recovers the energy generated at the time of slowing down the elevator and feed it back into the building.


Elevator upgrades offer precious few LEED points and need high investment costs, so why blow the money? An incompetent elevator is not just an energy eater – its wasteful work is a red flag for larger, more expensive difficulties waiting to happen, from pollution to annoyed tenants and clients.

There are always wave effects with the older equipment. Carbon dust goes passes not only your machine room but can also go through your entire building and get out into the hallways.

The oil needed to run a hydraulic elevator also shows a potential environmental hazard. Such and many more problems are being faced by people living in the buildings with old elevators hence inorder to overcome the drastic effects and save energy it is necessary to upgrade the elevator system.

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Save consumption of energy used by Elevators


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