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Credit Monitoring In Identity Theft Protection Service

Credit Monitoring In Identity Theft Protection Service

Before we start digging deep into what credit Monitoring is all about and what you need to know, let us dwell a little on Identity Theft Protection services. Identity Theft Protection helps you to avoid impostors taking advantage of your identity.Credit Monitoring

There are five basic areas you should work very hard to ensure maximum protection. They are:

  • Drivers License Identity Theft
  • Social Security Identity Theft,
  • Medical Identity Theft
  • Character Or Criminal Identity Theft as well as
  • Financial Identity Theft.

But in this article, we will focus more on identity theft service monitoring. This is a service offered by an Identity Theft Protection Service company. If you are subscribed to any, that will lead us to the topic of this article; which is monitoring service as well as Credit Monitoring.

Monitoring service is divided into two; credit monitoring and identity monitoring. This article will concentrate on Credit Monitoring. We recently published complete details of Identity Monitoring of Identity Theft Protection service. You can click that link to read up.

Credit monitoring

When we talk about Credit monitoring, this is one of the ways your financial details can be tempered with without your knowing. So you need a good Identity Theft Protection service to get the best protection here.

Actually, no Identity Theft Protection company can protect you from having your identity details stolen. What they do is to help you avert such occurrence or help you recover when you suffer from Identity Theft.

So when opting for monitoring identity Service Company, you should go for the best and you should be aware that they only help you with signs that help detect is any strange happening are around your account. This signs and monitoring service varies with companies and with the account you subscribe to.

What you need to know about Credit Monitoring of Identity Theft Protection Service

These services help you track your activities such as credit reports using one, two or three of the major Credit Report Agencies (CRAs) around.

The top three CRAs are; TransUnion, Equifax, Experian. So next time you are going for a theft protection service, try to note which of the CRAs they are using and if they use the three.

Credit Monitoring will help you identify strange happenings around your card. With good credit monitoring, you should be able to

  • Check your credit history.
  • You should be able to know if when a new loan or credit card account is opened in your name.
  • You will be able to check when your credit limit changes.
  • It will help you know when your personal details like name, phone number, house address changes.
  • It tells you when you have any legal judgment against you.
  • You will be able to know when a creditor or debtor says your payment is late.
  • You will know when public records show that you have filed for bankruptcy.

These and more are what you stand to gain by buying an Identity Theft Protection service. But be informed that this service will not notify you when identity theft withdraws monies from your account. It won’t inform you when someone uses your social security Number to file a tax return and collect the refunds.

But before you pay for one, ensure to ask these questions from the Identity Theft Protection service personnel.

From findings, some Identity Theft Protection service only provides data from one, two or the three leading CRAs. The numbers of CRAs used could also vary as a result of pricing as prices differ from company to company. This is one of the reasons for doing good research before embarking on one.

Questions About Credit Monitoring

So before opting for any Identity Theft Protection services out there, ensure you ask questions about

  • How many times am I allowed to monitor my CRAs reports?
  • Can I see the three CRAs reports?
  • Am I limited on How many times I can check CRAs report a day?
  • Can I view my credit report?
  • Which of the CRAs services do you use? And more.

Some service offers both credit reports and credit score. So you need good finding before you go for any of the Identity Theft Protection services for Credit Monitoring.

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Credit Monitoring In Identity Theft Protection Service


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