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Information of laptop

Laptop is commonly used in a variety of settings, such as at work, in education, and for personal multimedia.

A  combines the components and inputs of a desktop Computer, including the display, speakers, a keyboard, and also pointing devices into a single unit.

First laptop

  • The laptop was invented byAdam Osborne in 1981. It was called ‘Osborne 1’
  • First mass produced microprocessor based portable computer
  • The system is also used control program / monitor operating system
  • It was large and heavy
  • It was tiny cathode ray tube monitor use

Definition of laptop

  • laptop also known as notebook, note computer, is a small portable personal computer
  • They include a screen, keyboard, and also trackpad which work as the mouse
  • Battery which allows them to operate without being plugged into a power outlet
  •  Also include several input output port, USB port, that allow standard keyboard 
  •  Users to access the internet without requiring any wires

Benefits of using a computer or laptop



  • Due to the Wi-Fi facilities people can use the internet for communicating with the people around the work
  • You can check your email can communicate with the people around the world
  • Travelling to another country or city you can use
  • Also use without electricity at home
  • Also use high resolution or high configuration required software
  •  Laptop is also using online shopping by sitting at your home
  • Many websites available is providing the different drama, film and also event video of the world
  •  Carried anywhere so your time is no wasted
  • Highly power efficient and also only uses 10-30 w of electricity

11 Tips of How to buy laptop

  1. Advantages of laptop

  • It can be good idea to consider the possible benefits of owning one
  • You can take a laptop with you whenever you go
  • You take power adapter as well
  •  Save on space

  1. Think about what you will be using 



  • It will help to focus on what you plan to use for your comparing models
  • If you plan on mainly browsing the web and also writing email
  • If you want to play game
  • Produce your own music
  1. Set your budget


  • It is important to known how much your budget is before you start looking
  1. What your options are

  • The two main options are Window and also Mac 
  • A lot of choice will come down to personal preference
  1. What programs you need


  • If you also use a lot of Microsoft Office products
  • You will find the best compatibility with a Window computer
  • If you are doing music production or photo editing find the most powerful program on Mac
  1. Check the CPU


  • Higher end, faster processing laptop will have a multi core CPU such as Intel, AMD and Arm
  1. Look at amount of memory


  • Consider how much RAM you actually will need in addition your new unit
  • Large application will requires more memory to run
  • Most of all laptop typically come with 4 GB of RAM

  1. Check the graphics capability


  •  Check the graphics memory
  • You should have a graphics card with also discrete video memory for 3D games
  1. Available storage space


  • Solid state drive (SSD) offer much  higher performance
  • No noise and also extended battery life
  • Usually 30GB to 256GB at the time of writing

  1. Check the available port


  • How many USB ports are in addition your peripherals
  • If you plan on using a separate keyboard and also mouse
  • You will need at least two spare USB port

  1. Check the warranty


  • Almost all laptop manufacturers offer a warranty for their products

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