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6 Ways to Write Optimized Content for Blogging and Freelancing

Writing is an incredible form of expressing yourself. In the age of internet and Social Media, one does not need to rely on a publisher or editor to distribute your valuable thoughts only after getting scrutinized and heavily censored. We are content writers and we live in a free world where freedom of expression is honored and not used as a government agenda to suppress free expressions and beliefs.

While all that is good and well, the actual blessing that digital world has brought in our lives is the ability to write your content and make money off it by freelancing and blogging. Writing has transformed from a hobby and time pass to a full grown industry with much more potential to grow.

Millions of people around the world have job titles that include the ‘content’ and ‘writer’ in them. The industry is not dying anytime soon because who does not need content. Even the smallest local business needs to compete with other offices on the same turf and that is done by setting up a website (depending on budget for skilled professional) or a social media websites and apps like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram which are completely free.

Now, since content writing and freelancing have become a form of business, everyone is doing it… simply because they can. However, professional writing requires commitment and expertise that come only with time and practice. Not everyone can make money off their blog and it is not very easy either even if you are a professional writer.

You might have heard the term ‘optimization’ as a writer or in social media circle, which means the ability to enhance your writings on the digital world so people can access them better and faster.

How do you achieve that? By writing optimized content that cannot only land you your dream freelance job but can also help in social media marketing industry, where content is the ultimate king.

Here are some tips on how to Write Optimized Content to find freelance jobs and promote your blog as an industry professional.

  • Keywords

Keywords are the most important and critical part of any on-page optimization. People often overlook their importance but these words and phrases are responsible for getting people to find and employ you.keywords

With the softwares and apps available, the research on finding keywords has become very easy. They are literally the key in getting more people to see and interact with your content actively.

Keywords alone are not enough for your blog as you will have to first understand your audience and the what you are writing about, so you can customize them properly. Find your keywords from famous websites like semrush or just download Google’s AdWords Keyword tool to keep yourself updated.

  • Title Line

Your writing starts with a title or a headline that gives a general idea to the reader about what the article is going to be about. You need to do it right and your first line cannot afford to have any imperfections.

Use at least one keyword in your headline so when people want to find information about one specific topic, they are highly likely to use either the keyword or phrase and when that is in the headline, it would be extremely easy for an employer to read your content, contact you and hire you.

Write 10 to 20 titles and pick the one that best goes with your brand or company.

  • Quality and Value

Any article that focuses only on the number of words in it is not considered worthy in social media and digital world. Your 10 pages would not matter when what you have written is old and invaluable to the reader.Quality and Value

What you should focus on is writing unique and completely original work that holds a meaning for audience and serves a purpose that has value. Add relevant information that is interesting to drive traffic and get people talking about you.

  • User Generated Content (UGC)

Listening to your readers’ opinions and thoughts about an idea, project, campaign or anything is not trivial unopposed to common perception. People trust content that was created by people like themselves because they are likely to trust it more, so it is always a good idea to use a little user generated content inside your blog with proper sourcing.

This is an optimizing technique because people whose work gets featured share it rigorously with their friends across multiple social media strategies. This way the content reaches more people with more chance of it ranking in top searches.

If you are writing a review or recommendations, UGC becomes even more important as for readers that information is trustworthy and has no agenda as it is not sponsored by anyone. This makes it more believable and worth sharing.

  • Trending topics and Relevance

Social media plays a great part in helping you to write content that is optimized. Read news stories, bulletin boards and look at trending hashtags to get the basic idea about what people are talking about. Try to make a link between trending topic and your blog and use the same hashtags and keywords as trending so people can find you easily and the content is SEO worthy.topics and Relevance

Google and Facebook have updated their algorithm so relevant and quality content gets rated better, hence appearing at top in people’s newsfeeds so keep that in mind while doing your research.

  • Share Buttons

For a blog, having a subscribe and social media share button is of extreme importance. When someone reads the blog, the share buttons get their attention when they want to share it further.

You, yourself can also share URLs or embed them in your social media profiles so people who follow you or are friends with you can read it instantly.

  • Mobile Friendly Content

More than 60 percent people in the world own a smart phone and spend a riskier amount of time looking it, talking to friends, taking pictures or looking for information. When your content is mobile friendly, people will be able to easily view it while on their ways to the office in a subway or back of a cab ride. This makes them more efficient and your content more reachable, just because of its efficiency on mobile screen.

When publishing on social media, use instant publishing to make it more effective.

Optimization is becoming the center point of content marketing strategy and blogging, so make yourself familiar with it if you want to succeed in this highly competitive market.

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6 Ways to Write Optimized Content for Blogging and Freelancing


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