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6 Easy Steps to Build a Rocking Chair

A Rocking Chair helps you to relax and stretch your back, and is a perfect piece of furniture to use on the porch as you soak in the atmosphere of your home. Making one is not a hard task, contrary to what you may think. With just a few wooden work tools, some pieces of wood and a little bit of know-how, you can build a rocking chair withing few days.

With the right steps, design, and tools, you would take a short time to get the work finished. This is how to build a rocking chair in simple, self-explanatory steps.

Step1: Choosing your tools

Have with you the important tools for the job, such as a jig saw, a screwdriver, drill, sander, and eyewear. Also, have with you some paint and a paintbrush. Or you can get some varnish instead of paint; it depends on your preference and what you have available at the time.

Step2: Choose the wood and design

Depending on your pocket, choose between hard and soft wood. Softwood is cheaper compared to hardwood, but less durable. Softwood is easier to work with, especially for parts that involve working the tools yourself to cut or to drill. The wood you use should have a thickness ranging from half an inch upwards. You want a strong rocking chair that can take the weight of an adult person.

Choose the style you want, such as the Swivel rocker, the Adirondack or any other style. Make sure it’s a design you’re conversant with and can comfortably make. You can even decide not to make it in any particular style. Making a general chair is more recommended, seeing that you don’t have the technical know-how as yet.

Step 3: Cutting the wood pieces

Use the jig saw or any other saw type to cut the wood according to the required pieces. Cut the back and the front legs. Make sure they have the same size, or you will end up with a misaligned rocking chair that tilts to one side. Cut the two armrests or supports. Cut the seat and the back support planks. Cut the rocker bottom planks and make notches on them. Use the drill to make notches on the wood pieces that make the armrests and the bottom supports. These notches will attach the armrests to the legs and the rocking pieces at the bottom. Take care not to make mistakes while measuring and cutting the wood pieces and causing wastage.

Step 4: Joining the pieces

At this point you have all your rocking chair pieces cut to the right sizes and the notches made. It’s now time to join the pieces according to order. Using the notches, join the four legs to the sea. Next, join the two curved supports to the legs. Join the back support slat to the seat slat. Lastly, join the armrests, or the arm supports to the seat. Ensure the notches have made a strong joint for a strong rocking chair.

Step 5: Sanding the wood

Use the sander to smoothen the bottom rocker planks and any other parts that need smoothening. Use a sandpaper of different textures to work rough surfaces and edges to a smooth texture. Wipe off the sanding dust after finishing to allow for the next step of applying paint or varnish.

Step 6: Making the final touches

Decide whether to use paint or varnish on your finished rocking chair. Paint allows for easier cleaning, and you may want to consider it. Varnish, on the other hand, looks good on wood, allowing it to maintain its natural beauty. After painting or applying varnish, allow the chair to dry before giving it another coat to make it have a glossy look and feel. Your rocking chair is now ready for use. Use it to relax outside your house as you grab some fresh air rocking back and forth.

Making a rocking chair for home use need not be complicated. Make it with simple materials that you can easily obtain. You do not have to make it in a fancy design, unless you feel obliged to. If you can, use hardwood to make it; it will last for many years. Learning how to build a rocking chair helps you save cash, the chair being so simple to make.

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6 Easy Steps to Build a Rocking Chair


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