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How To Find The Best Karaoke Machine?

 Choosing A Karaoke Machine?

It has been said that lovers of Karaoke generally experience higher esteem, have greater self-confidence, and lower stress. If that is the case, then everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of Karaoke without necessarily having to go out to a bar.

What a better way to bring family and friends together than to have a Karaoke party. Or maybe you are a “closet performer” who wants to enjoy a good singing session in the privacy of home. Do you have a budding singer in the family whose voice you want to nurture? In all cases, a Karaoke machine might be what you are looking for.

Types of karaoke machines to look for

You can find some great choices when it comes to selecting the right karaoke Machine for your needs and circumstances. If you are looking to provide greater entertainment, there are karaoke systems that are for larger crowds that can over power background noise but aren’t as expensive as a professional karaoke machine.

Wanna take your karaoke on the go with you? There are portable karaoke machines that run on batteries.  Enjoy the same great sound and effects anywhere. Camp fire songs will never be the same.

You can also find personal Karaoke microphone machines that come with built in speakers that will connect to your smart device via Bluetooth. Ready to take virtually anywhere!

Now, let’s have a look at some popular brand names when it comes to choosing karaoke machines.

 A Few Brands of Karaoke Machines

Which karaoke machine should I buy? Each brand of karaoke machine has pros and cons that will depend on the individual user’s preferences and singing goals.

Singtrix – You are really going to enjoy using a Karaoke machine by Singtrix, especially if because these machines are set up to turn anyone’s voice into a rock star using some pretty cool technology. The makers of Guitar Hero and MTV Drumscape have recently produced a brand new way to enjoy Karaoke. Even if you or someone you know has a bad voice. These karaoke systems are very popular and perfect for nice size groups.

The Singing Machine – has been pioneering the development, production, and distribution of consumer karaoke audio equipment since as early as 1982. As recently as 2015, the company has given greater freedom by offering their users options like the ability to create personal playlists and chose their favorite songs and easily download them to a USB.

Karaoke USA – is another popular brand name in home and portable karaoke machines. They have systems of all sizes and styles to fit any age or group size. From full power amplifiers like those used by professionals or smaller devices for easy transport. Some of their machines have built in strobe and lighting effects as well as the ability to make recordings of your work.

Akai – is a Japanese based consumer electronics company that has been in the business of producing high-quality audio products including recorders, amplifiers, microphones, karaoke players, keyboards, drum machines, and much more electronic musical devices. They have produced a few good portable and pedestal style karaoke players. Many of their karaoke systems come equipped with flashing lights and Bluetooth capability.

Bonaok – specializes in a variety of goods and services including battery, cameras, headphones, and recently wireless karaoke microphones. In fact, their wireless and completely portable microphones are on Amazon’s #1 best seller list for good reason. It’s an all in one, hassle free compatible and fun little device that is raved by users.

6 Things to look for when buying a karaoke machine

Compatibility: With technology constantly changing it is important that you choose a karaoke player that will easily connect to the devices you want to use with it. For instance, if you decide to connect your karaoke machine to your TV you will need to make sure whether you need an analog or digital output. In the case of smart devices, you’ll want to check the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that the machine will, in fact, work with Android and or Apple devices.

Portable: Especially if you want the freedom to take karaoke machine with you out to a party or get together. You can go as small as a microphone style device which limits volume to its size. If you need more power, finding a self-contained portable unit that includes the amp, speakers and monitor screen all in one is the way to go. Either way, using a battery powered device will bring limits to how long you can keep singing.

Music Accessibility: Older machines that still use CDs will likely come in the format of CD+G (CD plus graphics) player, that plays music while scrolling the lyrics across your screen. Newer systems will most likely accept input from other devices, like computers, MP3 players, smart devices such as tablets and smartphones. Also, the difference in price between buying CDs (from $5 to $50) compared to an MP3 download (starting around 99 cents) is also something to think about before deciding on a machine.

Audio Quality:  When it comes to singing karaoke you need to be heard not only by your audience but also by yourself. So, be sure to consider at the very least your system includes either a decent set of built-in speakers or an audio output to connect it to an amplifier or your home stereo theatre speakers. Otherwise, you may not get the results you desire.

User Experience – The karaoke machine you decide upon will depend on the what you type of use will greatly depend on what you expect from the device. Suppose you mostly want it to entertain your child. The simpler the control, the flashy lights and cuter the design, the better. If it is being used by adults, things like pitch control, echo and other effects may be more of a priority. In such case, you may consider investing in an upgraded system with better microphones and a better equalizer system.

Recording/Playback Ability – If you want to record your karaoke sessions and share them with friends and followers, there are a few select karaoke systems that will allow you to sing and record music with your voice simultaneously onto an SD Card in MP3 format from your favorite karaoke disc or download.

Setting Up A Karaoke System

In most cases, setting up a karaoke machine is pretty straight forward. The device itself will generally come with wiring (RCA cables or HDMI), a microphone, and a mixer to adjust your sound settings like bass, treble, key control, and echo effects.

1) Power supply. Make sure the power supply cord has been plugged into the back of the machine which is then plugged into a standard wall outlet.

2) Microphone. Setting up the microphone and output the sound is usually as simple as plugging it into the mic inputs on the machine using either a 1/4 inch TRS jack or 3 prong XLR connector.

3) Audio/Visual. Connect your audio/video wires to the appropriate plugins on the back of your machine, match them and plug them into the inputs on your T.V. Also make sure to select the “Input” or “Source” to match the incoming A/V Channel.

*Note: If you have a built in screen or are using a smart device, you will connect your device via Bluetooth and may want to plug the A/V wires into an amplifier using similar steps above.

Pro Tip: When you first turn on your new machine, you’ll want to want to adjust your sound levels.The easiest way to do this is to play a more familiar song at a loud and clear enough volume level. Make sure all of the equalizer sliders of the mixer in the neutral position.This will be the starting point of a little trial and error to find the optimal sound quality for the venue. Slowly adjust the switches to locate the lows and highs until you feel you have achieved the best sound. Make sure to set the reverb (echo) switch to a happy medium to create that stage effect without sounding like you are singing into a bucket.

What About Karaoke Apps?

There are quite a few Karaoke apps to choose from like The Karaoke Channel, Smule, Karafun to name only a few. Many of these apps have plenty of songs to choose from. Not to mention that many of these apps also specialize in recording your sessions, scoring, while allowing you to share your videos online with friends or providing offline songs. Keep in mind that there is a subscription fee.

 1. Rockville Youtube Karaoke Machine/System

Are you looking for a karaoke machine that suitable for a larger venue such as a house party or event? The Rockville karaoke system is an affordable option for those who are looking for such a device.

Everything you need to get up and running with your favorite songs is included with this karaoke machine package, as long as you have a network connection and or songs prerecorded.

It comes with a wireless microphone system, great sounding speakers, and a powerful enough amplifier to enjoy all your favorite songs loud and clear in a crowd setting or at home on your own.

It’s as easy as connecting your smart device like your phone or tablet to this almost professional karaoke machine via its built in Bluetooth. No wires are required to connect your sound device.

Features of this Rockville karaoke system includes:

Speaker package. Comes with two 15″ long throw woofer PA speakers with a 2.5″ voice coil for clear sound production and a nicer bass response. Two tripod speaker stands are also included to support the speakers individually.

Wireless microphones. Included are 4 VHF Wireless with a rack mount design that features dual filters that limit interference and feedback each microphone has its individual volume controls.

Easy to transport. It is a very compact and light system that comes with an ergonomic side handle for easy carrying, setup, and storage.

Wire and cable package. All the cables necessary to connect the speakers and so forth using high-quality wiring including RCA interconnecting cables.

Built in FM radio. You can even tune into your favorite stations and listen to and sing along with your favorite songs on the FM tuner.

SD/USB digital MP3 player. This will allow the freedom to play pre-program audio files directly on and through your system.

Equalizer. Features a built-in mixer/equalizer with settings like jazz classic pop country and normal. Also, has an active speaker to passive speaker connection.

Bluetooth. Connect to nearly any smart device including phones iPads and tablets. Now you can wirelessly stream your music or Bluetooth phone directly to your speaker system.

This particular karaoke system is very well received by those who have purchased and used it. Things like being powerful and having good clarity were also mentioned by users.

Singtrix Party Bundle Premium Edition Home Karaoke System – #SGTX1

This portable karaoke machine is revolutionary when it comes to how it will forever change Karaoke. Turn your living room into the ultimate singing stage. Whether you are an experienced vocalist or new to singing you will have a blast with this award winning karaoke system.

Imagine having a karaoke player that can adjust and tune your voice output to any song and make you sound amazing. You can even do it from your smart device at that!

Using special software it transforms your voice into studio-quality blended effects while you sing along to nearly any song you know the words to.

No need for backup singers there’s a feature where you can even produce your own backup singers with your own voice. Why not take your karaoke to another level?

Features of the Singtrix karaoke package include:

Compatibility. Look up the list of free YouTube karaoke & lyric videos, mp3 music, and apps from your computer, smart phone, or tablet.

Speakers.  Comes with a 40 watt 2.1 stereo speaker and subwoofer. This will provide you with plenty of power whether you are using it for a party it can be heard.

Special effects. Features beyond karaoke vocal effects with over 300 presets. Fun for all ages and music genres. Try changing your voice and morphing and gender-bending it.

Sound quality. Tricks use vocal live technology that the pros use in order for you to sound better. These pre-settings include – pitch correction, powerful harmonies, delay, hard tune, and voice cancellation.

Mic Stand. Includes a pro quality microphone stand with an adjustable boom arm you can set to preferences of each singer. Also, has a tablet or smartphone holder.

Interchangeable faceplate inserts.  You can switch out the plating to different colors like orange, black, blue and pink.

Karaoke USA Karaoke System with 7-Inch TFT Color Screen and Record Function (GF829)

The ideal home karaoke entertainment center with everything you need to get that party started including a free disc with 300 songs. You can hook it up to a larger screen or make use of its full-color screen that’s gorgeous and easy to read far away.

You can even play movies on this thing as it will read and play DVDs and karaoke CDG discs.Unlike some of the older models that only depend on using discs, this machine will accept SD and USB, not to mention you can connect your smart device by means of it Bluetooth capability.

Features of this Karaoke USA system include:

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How To Find The Best Karaoke Machine?


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