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Your Forces and How to Use Them

Your Forces and How to Use Them

Product Description
It is the textbook of Western Occultism, and is entirely free from the mystical terms and foreign words which characterize the Oriental teachings. It is intensely practical, and is the only work which describes the Cosmic Forces which are now being unconsciously used by progressive and physical phenomena. It also gives rules and explanations showing how to develop the power of mind, and how to use such power in any desired direction.

  • 1. Occultism: Its Past, Present, and Future
  • 2. Divine Mind: Its Nature and Manifestation
  • 3. Dual Mind and Its Origins
  • 4. The Art of Self Control
  • 5. The Law of Re-Embodiment

How to Hypnotize Someone | Hypnosis

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Hi, I’m Debbie Catz. I’m a certified clinical hypnotherapist here in the San Francisco Bay area. I have a masters degree in social work. To learn more about this you can visit my website at And now I’m going to help you understand the simplicity of hypnosis. So if you want to use hypnosis on some one else the first thing you have to do is get their permission because all hypnosis is self hypnosis.So if a person does not want to go in that relaxed stage known as hypnosis then they aren’t going to go.There are a number of ways to induce hypnosis, one of the easiest way is to tire the eyes and that can be done by staring at a point on ceiling or staring at somebody’s hand, basically tiring the eyes will get somebody to begin to get relax and begin to want to close their eyes.Once you have achieved the eye closure,then you can take a person to a favorite place,and in their mind you talk about the mind’s eye while their eyes are closed they are using their subconscious mind they are accessing their memory so they will got to a favorite place perhaps out at nature seeing all their favorite things using all their senses to be there , so you direct them uses all senses to be there, seeing all your favorite things perhaps trees, mountains may be an ocean and once they have done that then you can deepen the state of relaxation for more subconsciousness mind, the one way to deepen the state of relaxation is to count backwards, I am counting backwards from 15 down to 1 and when i am going to reach 1 you are going so deeply relaxed, more relaxed you have ever been. This isn’t rocket science, its really pretty easy. Start counting 15,14,13 and going all the way down, you will be amazed how relaxed they will become.

For those who are grappling for ways to become a successful sales professional, there is a simple and easy way to use Conversational Hypnosis in order to clinch that deal and consistently hit your sales targets. If you are serious about making a productive career in sales, then this effective yet very simple tool can be your ticket to success.

Basic Aspects of Conversational Hypnosis

Conversational hypnosis, otherwise known as covert hypnosis, is the word used by Ericksonian advocates and hypno-therapists in order to put the subject in a trance through embedded words present in the verbal text. There are some quarters that believe that it is unethical to use conversational hypnosis, as the subject has the right to consent and should be forewarned of any attempt to develop the trance. On the other hand, there are sectors that believe that this method is a tried and tested hypnosis technique and there is nothing unethical in its practice.

Conversational or covert hypnosis is considered as one of the most efficient and effective methods of hypnotherapy in getting fast and permanent results. Anybody can learn how to use conversational hypnosis effectively and efficiently through appropriate training and skills development.

Relationship between Sales Career and Conversational Hypnosis

For those who have undergone special training on hypnosis as an alternative tool in the work setting; the possibilities and opportunities that the technique offers are enough motivation to spend more time and effort to become successful in clinching all-important business deals. When one becomes adept at the techniques of conversational hypnosis, the person is well on his way to getting an excellent sales closing rate in comparison to those who are not aware of conversational hypnosis.

A typical client will have his unique and distinct buying motive. It can be something that he craves or wants, wishes for, or expects; something that can contribute to his development and growth. The success of conversational hypnosis is anchored on how these motives are affected when such a technique is applied.

If you are able to learn how to use conversational hypnosis with the proper training and skills, you are definitely on your way to becoming an extremely successful sales professional. When you are able to use conversational hypnosis in your sales calls, managing clients will be just second nature to you. You can easily and effectively convince your clients to respond positively to your sales pitch.

Conversational Hypnosis and Its Other Uses

One should remember; that the benefits one gets when he is able to develop the skills on how to use conversational hypnosis are not confined to improved sales performance. This technique can be useful in many aspects of our daily lives. For as long as you need to convince or influence someone to act and perform in a certain manner, then conversational hypnosis can be most useful. This technique, when used properly and effectively, can be applied to an individual, a group of individuals, and even on a large audience.

As this technique is open to the potential of being used in an unethical manner, special training and skills development on how to use conversational hypnosis are offered on a very limited basis, and not all can successfully avail of the special training program.

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Your Forces and How to Use Them


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