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Nature's Easel
Aahaachennai · 18:33 19 Aug 2018
A huge easel is ready andin a short span of timewith a few deft strokes ofa 'magic' tipped  brush,Nature has adroitlyuploaded two masterpieceson an extensive canvas.Your eyes move all t… Read More
Maybe Love
Katherine Appello-In… · 17:08 19 Aug 2018
We are made to seek community, companionship, love, acceptance etc… and we want that special something in our lives, that lifetime safety net of love etc.. that will be there through… Read More · 07:00 19 Aug 2018
4 of 5 stars to Grace and Fury by Tracy Banghart -> #California is suffering today after fatal shooting. #POTUS, stop the bloodshed. #BackfireTrump… Read More
Leo Girl · 22:02 18 Aug 2018
Loneliness has become a part of me I am standing alone on my own I dont even feel confident these days, I ask myself each day,Am I ugly? Or not good enough to be loved? I dont know where I a… Read More
Summer Wind · 10:00 18 Aug 2018
This week was a bit of a doozy because I was sick in bed 3 out of the 5 days. Ick. But I've finally started feeling a lot better and I feel like a new person! Using this weekend to relax bef… Read More
Rape In  India
Tattva Sadhaka · 06:41 18 Aug 2018
Every morning as I open the news paper there is at least an article on a girl, molested in one or the other part of India.sometimes in a city, some other in a village.Sometimes an infant, so… Read More
Jack · 09:06 17 Aug 2018
it was a toothless crimeand a minor infractionI knew I’d been rumbledwhen the filth first arrivedbut then you appearedto nobble the jurywith your instant rapportand your winning smile… Read More
Beautifully Glossy · 22:00 16 Aug 2018
This week it has come to my attention that Tiger is trying to kill me. He's a clever man so he's not doing it by traditional means, he's doing it slowly via torture. People torture to be exa… Read More
Kind Clouds
Stephanie Stebbins, … · 22:43 15 Aug 2018
I used to do a lot of E-juice reviews on my old blog and YouTube channel for my vapefam, but as you can see, I have moved on to reviewing many different products.There's nothing like going b… Read More
My God, August?
Flowerpot Days · 11:41 15 Aug 2018
I realise, with a jolt, that I haven't taken any pictures for about a month now. It's about time I did.But life has been - well, eventful, as ever, and not all of it enjoyable. The work cont… Read More
Depósito Do Wes - Ti… · 03:00 15 Aug 2018
Tá achando que desemaranhar pensamentos é moleza, rapá? E a campanha de financiamento do novo livro dos problemas segue forte! Clique aqui para saber mais e participar!… Read More
The Things I Wish I … · 11:07 14 Aug 2018
Goals I need help indeed! When I look back at this decade, two of the phenomena that I’ll remember most is the ‘life-hack’ and endless goal setting. It seems like everyone… Read More
Retro Chick | Uk Fas… · 09:00 14 Aug 2018
Hi there, how is August treating you? I’m liking it a lot better than July so far, mostly because it’s been cooler. But enough about me, lets move on.  This month I&rsq… Read More