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2016-10-05 18:50
1.Success is not sexually transmitted, so stop sleeping with successful men and work hard. 2. Please do not wear the same weave for nine months, its not pregnancy. 3. Half naked girls are ho… Read More
What Kenyans Need To Know
2016-09-23 19:03
While Kenyans,especially Kikuyus and Luos are busy hating,insulting and belittling each other,their opposite principal politicians are correlating amicably Read More
2016-09-23 17:56
1). Never raise your voice for any reason to your husband. Its a sign of disrespect.(Prov 15v1) 2). Don't expose your husband's weaknesses to your family and friends. You are each other's ke… Read More
2016-09-20 19:59
A primary task of leadership is to direct attention.To do so, leaders must learn to focus their own attention. When we speak about being focused, we commonly mean thinking about one thing wh… Read More
2016-09-17 13:29
Politicians or others in sensitive positions often place their personal assets (including investment income) into blind trusts, to avoid public scrutiny and accusations of conflicts of inter… Read More
2016-09-16 22:28
The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Unless our brains get involved. Then we’ll find a way to roam the world looking for complicated alternatives. The mind can… Read More
Social Entrepreneurs Can Change Africa
2016-09-16 21:29
By strive masiyiwa __There is a social entrepreneur in each one of us, waiting to be unleashed. Last week when I was in Nairobi, I slipped away briefly from the conference on agriculture, wh… Read More
2016-09-16 20:38
It’s not everything you do in the bedroom that pleases your woman. Although, she might keep it to herself, depending on the kind of person she is, there are things you might do that wo… Read More
2016-09-10 11:33
Tourists are obnoxious, high minded people who think they are better than the locals, right? Wrong. A lot of myths and fables are told about travelers; some right and some awfully wrong. Jum… Read More
2016-09-10 11:29
Mobile money giant, Mpesa, may be headed the Facebook way. The Facebook creator was in Kenya over the course of last week, an impromptu visit that caused a stir on Global Tech business scene… Read More
Don’t 'xaxa' Me #AskKirubi
2016-09-04 18:31
Watch out young people, your grammar will cost you and most likely be the barrier between your business proposal, CV or meeting request being accepted. I am seriously concerned about the gra… Read More
2016-09-04 15:08
Poems are an inspiration, and while it may be a figment of the writer’s imagination; it holds so much truth and so many emotions. These love poems below would definitely melt your hear… Read More
2016-09-02 21:43
BY LANGAT MATHEW Ideally, anti-defection laws are temporary measures to consolidate a chaotic party system, but who are we kidding? Ours is a semi democratic system where parties are merely… Read More
2016-08-25 16:35
When you don’t live within your means, you will find yourself in debts, stagnation, and you wouldn’t make any significant growth as a person. Living within your means would set y… Read More
When We Were Refugees
2016-08-22 18:06
BY Bikozulu Last night I stayed up late reading about this 24 year old chap from Syria called Abdel Aziz al-Hamza. The feature was in the The Sunday Times. Do you read The Sunday Times? You… Read More
2016-08-11 19:00
Habits form our lives. They provide a framework on which we build professional success and personal happiness. As a society, we’re fascinated with the habits of others, usually promine… Read More
2016-08-11 18:36
“When I got home that night as my wife served dinner, I held her hand and said, I’ve got something to tell you. She sat down and ate quietly. Again I observed the hurt in her eye… Read More
2016-08-11 18:01
1. When you are Alone, Mind your thoughts. 2. When you are with Friends, Mind your Tongue. 3. When you are Angry, Mind your temper. 4. When you are with a Group, Mind your behavior. 5. When… Read More
2016-08-11 17:06
Our bodies have a language of their own, and their words aren’t always kind. Your body language has likely become an integral part of who you are, to the point where you might not even… Read More
2016-08-11 16:33
Tough-minded people have grit at their core. They are persistent and resilient in the face of failure, loss, success and challenge. They are committed. Whatever they pursue gets their full a… Read More
2016-08-08 14:58
A *ACCEPT* Accept others for who they are and for the choices they’ve made even if you have difficulty understanding their beliefs, motives, or actions. B *BREAK AWAY* Break away from… Read More
2016-08-07 14:19
A man just got married and was returning home with his wife. They were crossing a lake in a boat, when suddenly a great storm arose. The man was a warrior, but the woman became very much afr… Read More
2016-08-07 13:18
Nelson Mandela was the first black President of the Republic of South Africa. By any standard, Madiba, as he was fondly referred to by those who loved him, lived a robust, fulfilling and imp… Read More
2016-08-05 22:11
No one loves being with a cheating partner but how can we really tell how partner is cheating? Here are 10 ways to tell your partner is cheating 1. You can tell your partner is cheating if s… Read More
2016-07-30 03:15
You saw him on social media, •U check his Profile picture. •He Drives A Range Rover Sport 2016. .He is handsome. •He inboxed you. •You reply,all excited. •You'll wan… Read More
2016-07-29 22:08
Don't let your brain sleep,Download quiz game and improve your thinking quiz game Read More
Hard Things Are Hard
2016-07-29 16:10
Yesterday was a very special day for me and I’ve been looking forward to sharing it with all of you. I was given the honor by the White House to introduce President Barack Obama to a g… Read More
2016-07-29 04:23
By Paul Bundi Karau With news of St Pius X Seminary up in flames, am tempted for the umpteenth time to opine on this murky situation. I have listened to varied analyses, opinions, theories… Read More
2016-07-25 03:33
The engine of a giant ship failed to start. The ship's owners tried one expert after another, but none of them could figure out how to fix the engine. Then they brought in an old man who had… Read More
2016-07-23 16:16
A wedding is a once in a lifetime event; so, it’s good to have everything in order so you would enjoy the memories that follow. There are some wedding mistakes that you should be wary… Read More
2016-07-18 15:31
There were two houses standing next to each other. In one of them resided a very unhappy family. The spouses yelled at each other, they fought and quarreled all the time. The other was a pla… Read More
2016-07-16 18:09
Tunalala kwenye vumbi na matope ili wewe ulale kitandani, Tunala na bunduki ili wewe ulale na mwenzi wako, Tunalala porini ili wewe ulale kwenye nyumba, Unavaa kofia maridadi ya kupendeza, s… Read More
2016-07-14 18:57
Strive Masiyiwa There’s a lot written about brands, and people much more qualified than I spend their careers studying and teaching about brands. You would do well to read and follow s… Read More
2016-07-14 18:33
The Australian ex-model Turia Pitt suffered burns to 65 percent of her body, lost her fingers and thumb on her right hand and spent five months in hospital after she was trapped by a grassfi… Read More
2016-07-08 20:45
A while back, a friend asked me to hook her up with one of my “interesting friends.” She had just turned 40, great job, mortgage, drove a German car and drank premium vodka, no m… Read More
2016-07-08 20:33
Getting along with a co-worker can be quite difficult, but it isn’t impossible. In an office, there are different personality types, and this accounts for conflicts in almost every wor… Read More
2016-07-08 20:29
An unloving husband is the kind you wouldn’t want to get married to; marriage with an unloving man would be full of regrets and thinking of “if I had known”. Not every man… Read More
2016-07-03 09:58
The Budalangi legislator is witty but very 'poisonous'. He knows how to turn his personal grief or suffering and make it look like a universal problem. When in problems, he goes mute then c… Read More
2016-07-02 20:40
I’m pretty sure everyone would be wondering what then they should do on their first dates, especially after reading 9 don’ts on your first date . Well, if there are don’ts… Read More
2016-07-02 19:31
BY DR.PAUL BUNDI KARAU In this age of anxiety over an increasingly uncertain future, the wisdom of Allan Watts 1951 treatise; Wisdom of insecurity: A message for an age of anxiety rings true… Read More
2016-07-01 20:18
Kissing isn’t just an ordinary thing but people take it for granted. Not everyone is a good kisser but kissing is an art everyone should know. People think kissing is just something th… Read More
2016-07-01 20:12
Has a guy suddenly disappeared after initially showing interest in wanting to date you? If that scenario seems to happen to you all the time, it could mean you are doing something that is sc… Read More
2016-06-26 19:49
A Kenyan lady somewhere in the Europe sent a message to my inbox: “Hello Jackson, I know that many Kenyans out there are roasting girls over this issue of girls going out with guys old… Read More
2016-06-24 21:14
BY CHRIS KIRUBI Ever heard of the phrase, ‘work until you do not have to introduce yourself’? Well, this is very much achievable but sadly very few pursue it. Many of us want to… Read More

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