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Simplifying Spirituality - A highly intellectual field to learn and share about Spirituality based on Advaita Vedanta
Coping With Negative Emotions
2017-03-28 16:15
Mind is man, as the mind so the individual. It is the glory of the human mind that it can rationally think and analyze the world and come to very intelligent conclusions – hence, we se… Read More
2017-03-22 17:16
Mind (Manas) – What is human mind? the term ‘mind’ is used to represent the flow of thoughts – just like ‘forest’ is a term used to represent a very large… Read More
Meditation On Mahamantra
2017-03-14 09:43
The secret of success of any sophisticated experiment is nothing but the skillful and intelligent application of the tools or equipment – in which understanding how these tools work, p… Read More
The Cause Of An Agitated Mind
2017-03-11 12:22
Mind is man. As the mind so the individual. The mind can be divided into two distinct aspects according to its functions – Manas (Objective mind) and Buddhi (Subjective mind). Manas (O… Read More
2017-03-09 23:52
1.ChittaThe subconscious mind is termed 'Chitta' in Vedanta. Much of your subconsciousness consists of submerged experiences, memories thrown into the background but recoverable. The Chitta… Read More
The Last Door
2017-03-07 11:54
​A fundamental need of human nature is freedom, he seeks freedom in every mood of his mind. It is freedom he seeks when sluggish or sleep, similarly it is freedom he seeks in the highe… Read More
Brahma Sutras (I & II)
2017-03-06 12:04
1) Athatho Brahma JijnasaTranslation: Hence (is to be undertaken) thereafter a deliberation on Brahman (Reality)The word atha (thereafter) is used in the sense of “sequence&r&hell…Read More
Upanishads Reveal The Truth
2017-03-04 12:05
Aphorism: But that Brahman (is known) from the Upanishads (it) being the object of their fullest import.Brahman, which is omniscient and omnipotent, which is the cause for the origin, existe… Read More
Introduction To Brahma Sutras
2017-03-01 11:57
It being an established fact that the object (body-mind-intellect) and the subject (Consciousness) , that are fit to be the contents of the concepts “you” and “we&rdqu&hell…Read More
Law Of Success
2017-01-18 12:08
Thoughts alone create actions; activities gain a potency from the thought power that feeds them. When the feeder i.e. the thought becomes dissipated in many directions and hence weak, the ex… Read More

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