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2016-10-27 08:40
Last night devotees of the popular British T.V. show, The Great British Bake-Off, watched avidly to see who would be crowned winner of the 2016 series — probably with ne’er a tho… Read More
2016-10-26 06:56
Recently I had the somewhat dubious pleasure of hearing myself discussed by members of the medical profession in the jargon of their trade. Unhappily for them, knowing a little Greek and Lat… Read More
2016-10-15 08:10
If you would like to read about St Teresa of Avila, whose feast this is, may I suggest you read this post, or any of the many I have tapped out in previous years? This morning I’d like… Read More
2016-10-14 07:15
As far as I can tell, all our monastery web sites have been successfully moved to U.K. hosts. There are some broken links and so on that I shall be tidying up over the next few weeks, as tim… Read More
2016-10-01 07:09
My mind wandered this morning while reading an edifying extract from St Thérèse of Lisieux, whose feastday this is. So many people seem to have got hold of a travesty of the sa… Read More
2016-09-30 09:44
I ought to be blogging about St Jerome, for whom I have a soft spot. Saints who struggle with their anger and sarcasm appeal to me because, without being at all saintly myself, I can identif… Read More
2016-09-26 08:06
This post is addressed to my fellow Catholics, to all those who, like me, have no special claims to being anything in particular, who wear their Catholicism as I wear my habit, a habit hande… Read More

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