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Gari is a beloved author and speaker. Her highly acclaimed books Truly Fed and Spirit Hunger invite people to truly engage God. Learn more about her here.
Confusing Prejudice
2016-10-04 03:13
On Sunday the church was packed as our Pastor came to the stage.  He was a bit out of sorts;  stumbling with his words at first—as if trying to sort them in a way that would… Read More
Would You Go After Just One?
2016-08-16 14:38
To say it’d been a long day is an understatement.  It’d been a marathon day.  The tents were up, huge lines were forming, and our staff was bustling as we prepared to c… Read More
True Self-worth
2016-06-01 13:22
My daughter’s voice soared with emotion as she told me about our grandlamb’s kindergarten celebration. Everyone was crying as the teachers presented the six-year-old wonders with… Read More
Disappointment’s Sting
2016-05-19 03:49
A few years back I remember saying to someone, “I’m so disappointed I don’t know whether to laugh or cry!”  Whoever made up that statement must need to have thei… Read More
Dealing With Annoyers
2016-03-18 07:50
As I was squeezing the lemon into my iced tea at the back counter of a Panera restaurant in Florida, a man with jet-black dyed hair and the air of a used car salesman approached me with a w… Read More
How To Handle Life-storms
2016-02-10 14:22
This morning as I mindlessly put away dishes from the top rung of our dishwasher something struck me.  A coffee mug was lodged between two plastic partitions in our ancient machine, mak… Read More
Why Are We So Confused?
2015-10-28 15:46
This is the blog I’ve tried to avoid writing.  It’s the topic that has taunted me, pulled me, and wooed me into a paralyzed stupor.  In the last few days I’ve ma… Read More
The Truth About Prayer
2015-10-21 14:27
Sometimes it’s embarrassing to admit you really don’t understand something you teach about.  We can act like experts, talk like pros, preach like nobody’s business&he&helli…Read More
Life’s Watershed Moments
2015-10-07 16:44
Last night I was unnerved as I sat staring at my computer.  Unnerved is a bit exaggerated, but staring at the wall with a glaze over me thicker than a doughnut is getting close. … Read More
Tell Fear Where To Go!
2015-09-23 15:12
Do you have a “silly-but-scary” dream that plays periodically in your sleep cycle?  Some people dream they’re caught in their undies in public.  My teacher frien… Read More

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