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2011-11-09 07:18
I've finally decided to move my blog over to Onsugar was a great place for me but it is time to start over. You can check for me HERE. I hope you all continue to read, con… Read More
2011-10-01 03:51
Hey there friends! My life has been all over the place this year and I finally felt like it was time for me to get back into doing the things I love...and that is getting dressed up all pret… Read More
2010-12-17 02:35
TODAY'S INSPIRATION... Stretch Knit Dress by Dave Meister. Available in Black at Sizes 14W - 24W. $320.   MY CHEAP SHOT... 3/4 Length Sleeve Dress with Buckle Det… Read More
2010-11-24 03:23
It was brought to my attention last night that this post wasn't actually viewable to some people. Well wow do I feel like a doofus (derp!). Anywhoo, So this is actually a repost of my outfit… Read More
2010-11-11 22:54
TODAY'S INSPIRATION... Sequin Waiter Jacket by Sejour. Available at$128 MY CHEAP SHOT... Sequin Swing Jacket. Available at $41.99 (on sale) Read More
2010-11-11 18:24
EVENT: Re/Dress NYC's Indie+ Runway Show LOCATION: The Invisible Dog Gallery (51 Bergen Street Brooklyn, NY 11201) DATE AND TIME: Friday, November 12th (9pm) DETAILS: Tomorrow is opening ni… Read More
2010-11-11 05:02
I'm one of those girls that has no problem reaching out to another lady and telling her how jealous she makes me with her all around next level flyness.  So when I saw this week's Kurva… Read More
2010-11-04 15:39
It's a big ole wet mess here in NY (ewww did that sound right? I'm sorry). The rain has got me in an all black dress, black tights, and boots *le sigh*. On the bright side, yesterday was not… Read More
2010-11-01 21:35
This week's Etsy Obsession is a sweet little gem I was introduced to during my stop at the Monif C grand re-opening two weeks ago. I spotted a tall curly hair beauty named Keoka who had on t… Read More
2010-10-21 03:51
I'm always looking for new ways to incorporate seasonal pieces and make them transitional. I have an obsession with my black tuxedo blazer that seems to have made its way from just a hallowe… Read More

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