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2014-12-31 06:50
I just want to scream and shout… I just want to cry and yell.  I just want to break down and bitch and scream at the top of my lungs.  I just want to open my eyes and have h… Read More
2014-11-18 04:55
Grieving is a difficult process.  I have been through the process before many times, but it is much different this time.  This time it is grieving for my child.  Grief is one… Read More
2014-10-15 16:17
For me getting back into writing has been hard. Writing now doesn’t feel the same now that my son is gone, so I have decided to just write what pops into my mind. When I first started… Read More
2014-09-18 19:09
Strength, just that one word brings to mind physical strength. Physical you can see and feel, but inner strength, that is something not readily visible.  Strong is one word that many pe… Read More
2014-08-31 15:36
My beautiful son died, he passed away on August 28th at 5:53 am.  It was a shock and still is.  This is day 3 and I still can’t connect that he is not here.  I would blo… Read More
2014-08-12 23:33
Yes my dear readers I said fuck in the title!!!  This is the phrase of the day, month, year for us parents of DMD kids. This disease is a bitch, actually I think just calling it a bitch… Read More
2014-08-05 04:55
Faith is not something everyone has, it’s not something I’ve always had.  Faith is not always something that goes hand in hand when you have a loved one with a terminal illn… Read More
2014-06-10 00:43
Literally it was!!   The battery for the boy’s lift has been dead, but Dad has been able to get him up and out of bed.  He has not had to poop when dad has been at work, unti… Read More
2014-01-22 21:03
I love my step-daughter, but I think she is going to give me lots and lots to blog about  When she came back out here to us, she had no phone and she had no Facebook, it’s amazing… Read More

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