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Happy Holidays
2012-12-08 16:23
I have to say Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love the decorating, the Christmas lights, the cookie baking, and having a fresh tree in the house ( the cats love this as much as me). This… Read More
Love This New Lavender Painting
2012-11-28 18:08
I finally finished this big 48" x 48" canvas that has been taking up my entire studio for at least a month. I love it. I really need to get some better photos. It's just so hard to see all t… Read More
6 Month Pictures
2012-10-04 14:48
My baby girl is already almost 6 1/2 months old. How time flies. She sits up like a pro and has cut her first two teeth! She definitely takes after her dad, she is 27" long and in the 90th %… Read More
Fall Landscape
2012-10-03 17:24
I did this painting and it took me quite a while. It was definitely a little out of my comfort zone, since it is more obviously a landscape. It is something different than usual though and I… Read More
New 24
2012-10-03 17:21
The past few days I have been painting with most of my free time since I have been on vacation, or I suppose it has been a 'staycation' since I haven't gone anywhere. It is definitely a chal… Read More
Business Cards
2012-08-02 14:47
I finally ordered business cards! They came in the mail yesterday and I live them so much! I ordered them from The quality of the paper and printing is really nice they are heavy an… Read More
Family Pictures
2012-06-11 14:16
Evie is now almost 12 weeks old. So crazy how fast she grows! Jessica took some family portraits yesterday at First Landing State Park. I love this cute little nugget.Haha too bad Evie was p… Read More
My Little Girl
2012-05-29 13:09
I miss hanging out with this cutie all day. I have had to start supplementing with formula some. It has actually made Evie a lot happier and she sleeps better at night now. She had her 2 mon… Read More

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