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South Korean feminist journal, which pursues feminism and speaks about human rights from women’s and minorities’ point of view.
2016-10-19 02:53
Yes, this is a big deal (2) Domestic Violence Laws that Cannot Protect the VictimsBy Jang YumiPublished: May 25, 2016Translated by Femi K※Family is a symbol of love and comfort, b… Read More
What Is The Future Of Marriage?
2016-09-26 07:09
Reflections on a marriage matchmaking company CEO’s notions of marriageBy Kim Bo-hwaPublished June 22, 2015Translated by Marilyn HookEditor’s note: Author Kim Bo-hwa (also known… Read More
Can We Date As Equals?
2016-09-26 06:42
Living In South Korea as a Young Woman (9)  The Dating ScriptBy Kong-kongPublished: July 20, 2016Translated by Marilyn Hook※ Editor’s note: To begin a new feminist disc… Read More
People Ask Me When I Will Get Married
2016-09-07 02:44
Living in South Korea as a Young Woman (6):The Topic of MarriageBy GurumiPublished: June 7, 2016Translated by Jamie SungEditor’s note: To begin a new feminist discourse in 2016, Ilda i… Read More

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