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2010-01-14 08:16
so i am two weeks late, but happy new year! we have been extremely busy with school and finding work :P and of course spending the holidays together. there are so many things we look forward… Read More
2009-12-10 08:26
so we’ve been back for two weeks, but i’ve only just had the time to update with photos. this trip was an extremely busy one, as we were all over the east coast visiting schools… Read More
2009-11-17 12:00
we are in new york for a week starting today, so just as a little bonus, i have opened up commenting on this post only! flushleft is also one year old this month! we haven’t really pro… Read More
Sweet Text Message
2009-10-25 16:53
FAIL!!! hahaha a bit of laughing material from payam :P i’m going to pretend either his fingers are too fat for his iphone, or that he was too drunk to text properly during his bellig… Read More
Impulsive Trip To New York
2009-10-25 02:53
it’s been a while since i’ve blogged, and i don’t have any new photos today but i thought today would be a suitable day to blog about our trip to new york. for thanksgiving… Read More
2009-09-28 03:58
so it’s been a while since we’ve had something new to update with mainly because payam went to europe with his family, and i had family from hong kong visit (yayyy!) all of that… Read More
Opeongo Island
2009-08-21 05:34
last week payam and i had a little trip to algonquin. it wasn’t very far, only a few hours from toronto, but it was still fun just like we hoped :) there was perfect weather the entire… Read More
A Walk-through Of 2008
2009-07-31 07:56
we started this blog late 2008 after our trip to new york, and since then i’ve been trying to update with new content every once in a while. since payam is camping for an entire week… Read More
Life Drawing
2009-07-24 04:57
this will probably one of the most hilarious posts on flush left :) yesterday we went life drawing, as i mentioned earlier. our class was two hours, but we only stayed an hour and even then… Read More
Biking Success!
2009-07-21 02:14
if you aren’t aware of it yet, i am still unemployed (and not looking for work)…which is why i have so much time to blog. almost everyday. so since i last mentioned about my bik… Read More

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