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All Hail Broke Loose!
2010-05-17 22:11
In case there was any doubt, Mother Nature is still in control. Yesterday’s hail took out about 90% of our beautiful greens. We’re doing our best to prevent waste by quickly harv… Read More
Lettuce Greens Abound!
2010-05-12 01:48
1 2 3 4 1) Barbara cleaning the fresh-picked lettuce. 2) Mesclun 3) More mesclun 4) Forellenschluss lettuce When I’m getting bored with salad greens, I make them special by using a hom… Read More
Braising Greens
2010-05-04 06:25
It’s greens season at Guilford Gardens. Braising is a foolproof technique for cooking most types of greens. Read on for braising instructions. I am continuously amazed by how drastical… Read More
All About Amaranth
2010-04-14 03:19
If you’ve been to Guilford Gardens in the summertime, you have no doubt noticed the large, red stalks dotting the farm. This, my friend, is amaranth. By summer’s end most stalks… Read More
2010-02-18 01:30
Here‘s a neat article and video about community supported agriculture (CSA) in Morocco. I really got a kick out of seeing the customers gathering to pick up their baskets full of produ… Read More
Chili Talk
2009-11-18 04:39
Just as we call dried grapes “raisins” and dried plums “prunes,” peppers’ names are sometimes dependent on their state. For example, chipotle peppers are smoked… Read More
2009-11-10 03:41
Slimy greens. Moldy tomatoes. Sprouting potatoes. I know how it is: the schedule gets hectic or I was overzealous at the market. It’s a very sad day when I have to throw out food that… Read More
Edible Landscaping
2009-09-29 03:13
We have a beautiful color combination from the amaranth, sweet potato vine (serving as ground cover and food source), and magnolia tree. Later this fall we’ll explore amaranth and its… Read More
2009-09-28 03:12
Cheesy Roasted Eggplant Bakefrom Oklahoma Living 2 large eggplants, sliced lengthwise, 3/4-inch thick 3 T olive oil, plus more for baking dish 1 15-ounce container part-skim ricotta cheese… Read More

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