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2011-03-07 14:59
Last week was not a great one. 2 days of workouts and not so great eating. The scale was down a bit (0.6 pounds to be exact) but it still was a lousy week. I don't know where all my motiva… Read More
2011-02-28 15:14
I just finished reading my last post....*facepalm*.Remember how I said I was never going to see those 5 pounds again? Well, hello 1.4 pounds. It's nice to see you again. Yes, I gained 1.4… Read More
2011-02-21 20:08
Last week was a hard one.I only worked out 2 days. My goal is 4. I get a sad face in that area.My eating hasn't been as good as it was those 2 first weeks. Too many unhealthy food choices… Read More
Happy Love Day!
2011-02-14 15:47
Happy Valentine's Day!Usually my V-day would be filled with lots of chocolate and lots of cake. But this is the 3rd week into my new "life" and that is just not acceptable (cue sad face).Ju… Read More
2010-07-09 18:52
Well, I got a lot out of Reason #1. A whole day of working out. Not working out all day, but a workout. I'll explain.My Tuesday had started off not so great. I had a crappy breakfast and… Read More
2010-07-06 20:19
As far as I can remember, I have been an envier of other people's lives. I have envied that girl because her body is to die for. I have envied that girl because she wears the cutest outfit… Read More
2010-07-02 12:54
It's been a ghost town around here.Not because I've been bad, just because I haven't had a chance to log in.Now I'm not going to mislead you and say I have been excellent because, honestly… Read More
2010-06-25 15:40
I took a break this past week from weight loss. I ate what I wanted. I haven't stepped in the gym since last Tuesday. I just haven't been into it. And even though I am one hundred pounds… Read More
2010-06-21 18:43
and the weather sucks!!!The weather was so nice in LA - sunny days, cool nights. My kind of weather. But now I'm back to reality to this 90 degree, stifling hot, I-can't-breathe Georgia he… Read More

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