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2010-04-26 18:42
Well, after a few days of cleaning up my eating I must say that I am feeling awesome. I've been eating lots of natural foods - steamed veggies, rice puff cereal (where the only ingredient is… Read More
2010-04-21 17:45
Today was my weigh in, and I knew it wasn't going to be in my favour. Luckily I didn't gain, but I maintained. I think it's a little odd that I haven't gained once so far. Like how bad was I… Read More
2010-04-21 03:53
I am a huge fan of sloppy joes, but I haven't had them since I stopped eating meat. I usually like recipes that don't include veggie-meat products, and so I haven't made them with tvp or veg… Read More
2010-04-14 19:33
Well, I was definitely not expecting what I saw on the scale today. I got on, and it read the exact same as it did last week. 185. In the past, when I've had weeks of no loss, I've been able… Read More
2010-04-13 17:48
Well, today is the last day of level one of the 30 day shred for me. Unfortunately I wasn't able to do it all 10 days in a row, which was a bit of a disappointment for me but, nevertheless… Read More
2010-04-13 03:58
I did a lot of cycling this weekend. It was really sunny every day (I even have a little colour on my cheeks to prove it). I didn't ride bikes a lot growing up. I'm super clumsy, and my fami… Read More
2010-04-10 16:20
I read a post by Barbara on Thursday about the struggles that come with adopting a healthy lifestyle, and whether those would ever go away. I had too much to say to just post a comment. It b… Read More
2010-04-07 16:59
I was really excited for my weigh in this week. I feel like I've finally made some great strides in the right direction. So this morning I got to my weigh in, and my scale looked back at me… Read More
2010-04-07 01:48
The whole time that I've been writing this blog, I've had an ulterior motive for weight loss in the back of my mind. Some people think I'm crazy, some think I'm ambitious, and some think I'm… Read More

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