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Our First Mother’s Day Together
2015-05-12 11:00
I wanted to share a bit on how I spent my first Mother’s day and a few sentimental thoughts I had on being a mom. We spent our day taking it easy in the morning and then we took a lon… Read More
Mint Julep
2015-05-07 19:14
If you can’t go to the Kentucky Derby, then you might as well make a Mint Julep, right?  That’s exactly what we did! While watching everyone dressed up on TV and all the ex… Read More
Traveling With An Infant
2015-05-05 19:38
Liliana was just 4 months when we traveled to Los Angeles. It was a two and a half hour flight from Seattle with no time zone change. It doesn’t get much more straightforward, but we… Read More
2015-04-29 11:00
I am so excited to announce the opening of my art shop! I planned on doing this a lot sooner, but Liliana came and life kind of took over. But here I am now—I’m nervous and exci… Read More
Lavender Margarita
2015-04-28 11:00
I’m excited to share my newest cocktail with you guys! I’m one of those people that sprays lavender on her pillow, has the lavender oil and rubs it on her temples and behind her… Read More
Liliana Turns 6 Months
2015-04-24 11:00
Liliana turned 6 months on Tuesday, and we are heading to her check up today. When we started this journey, 6 months felt like light years away. I thought by 6 months I would feel like a pr… Read More
This Guy Cries When The Baby Cries
2015-04-22 11:00
Does your dog cry when your baby cries? Mine does… In the last two months Logan started to cry when Liliana cries!! It’s funny to talk about, but when your baby is scream… Read More
Homemade Baby Food
2015-04-21 11:00
We’ve made the choice to make our own baby food around here. It’s just so simple to do, plus it’s fun to pick out the fresh ingredients to make for Liliana. We find t… Read More
Favorite Funny Movies
2015-04-15 16:09
{ Popcorn image taken from here, where there’s a recipe for you to make your own movie style popcorn at home. } Comedy and Horror are two of my favorite movie genres. When I was… Read More
Sleep Training
2015-04-13 11:00
{Please note I never let her sleep with all these blankets by her face. She fell asleep in my arms and I took this photo when I set her down. This moment lasted briefly, I soon had to swadd… Read More

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Lemon Drop Love: When life gives you lemons, make a lemon drop


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