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Un Alma Navegante · 15:18 30 Mar 2017
Escucho atentamente a Bill Frisell y su "Surfer girl" , he ahí el título del post. Ese vuelo poético de su guitarra me da para escribir, y eso es muy bueno. La mú… Read More
#MooglyCAL2017: Afghan Block #7
Moogly · 15:00 30 Mar 2017
It’s almost like a bonus – 3 blocks this month! And it’s lucky number 7, so let’s get right to it – block #7 in the MooglyCAL2017! Disclaimer: This post inc… Read More
KL 2017 The Cafe At Royal Selangor
Chow Times · 14:00 30 Mar 2017
On Thaipusam day, my sister and I visited Royal Selangor, also to meet up with an ex-colleague. My sister also had a short working life in Royal Selangor while waiting for her STPM result… Read More
Curried Rice Noodles
Ode 2 Food | It's No… · 13:17 30 Mar 2017
Ingredients:1 lb rice noodles 1″piece ginger, peeled and sliced thin lengthwise 4 cloves garlic, peeled and sliced thin lengthwise 3 green chillies, sliced thin lengthwise (use serran… Read More
The Curmudgeon · 13:04 30 Mar 2017
When it comes to moral questions, there are very few matters on which the Conservative Party sees eye to eye with our fun-loving Scandinavian cousins; but Britain does share with Denmark a p… Read More
2017 Menu #10
Saltshaker · 10:21 30 Mar 2017
March 22-24 2017 22-24 de Marzo Salmon Tartare – diced salmon and red onion in our house “Szechuan” mayo (yolk, lime juice, sesame and Szechuan peppercorn and corn oils, s… Read More
Rainy Days Are Here Again
Tambaypedia · 08:55 30 Mar 2017
Hey everyone! What was the last song you've heard today? My background music now is 25 minutes by Michael Learns to Rock 😂😂😂 My brother is kinda feeling sentimen… Read More
Viseu, Fotos Do Aj · 08:30 30 Mar 2017
GIF via GIPHYA Alfavaca-da-cobra (Parietaria officinalis), erva dos muros, erva das muralhas, fura-paredes e outros nomes é muito rica em nitratos de potássio. Em medicina trad… Read More
Priest · 07:36 30 Mar 2017
We pray for the repose of the soul of Meynardo Manalo, The father of Rev. Fr. John Derick Manalo, the priest director of the Second Ecclesiastical District of the Diocese of San Pablo of the… Read More
Journal : The Whole Problem
The Sarai · 07:05 30 Mar 2017
Let me deal with it the last — the whole problem, I mean. It is New Year Day in India. Or rather was, until 8.30 am today. Incomprehensible ? Quite. It is frequently described as a lun… Read More
Imaginative Explorat… · 03:23 30 Mar 2017
My first poem is going to be very special, not special to you but special for me. This poem is going to be about something very important to me, the bathroom. Haha did you think I was going… Read More
What The Junk?! · 02:22 30 Mar 2017
So, today I went to the kitchen to fix lunch.  I was out of the bagged hash browns I usually fix, so I was going to peel a few potatoes, shred them and fix those.  I can't find my… Read More
Field Negro · 01:51 30 Mar 2017
Hey field hands, it's hump day, and I am curious to know what's on your mind.There is so much for us to talk about. This Russia thing with Herr trump is not going away, and his daughter… Read More
Dravens Tales From T… · 01:14 30 Mar 2017
Ansehnliche Abschlussarbeit von Pascal Floerks an der Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, welche u.a. den First Steps Nachwuchspreis für Filmschulen gewonnen hat. Der Kurzfilm handelt… Read More
Local Boy Makes Bad
S. Weasel · 21:40 29 Mar 2017
Huh. I said I had no local knowledge of the Westminster knife attacker. I was wrong. He was a local boy, and the local papers are full of it. He was born in Kent (the county next door to th… Read More
Cassis: The Bathroom
Tongue In Cheek · 20:50 29 Mar 2017
    The bathroom in Cassis was were French Husband and I differed. From the beginning we were bartering, negotiating, arguing, sweet talking... just trying to get what we… Read More
Made In Belgium: Romeo Elvis
Goofballs World · 20:00 29 Mar 2017
Roméo Elvis is a Brussels rap phenomenon. He's won several awards like the best album at the Red Bull Electropedia awards. He was featured on Studio Brussel last week and that's how I… Read More
Flipflopphotomom · 16:28 29 Mar 2017
Oh my goodness, you guys! It has been an entire week since I have written anything! I am so sorry! I have wanted to share so many stories with you all but I have literally felt like death fo… Read More
1703.29 A SINGLE MAN
To Baldly Go · 16:07 29 Mar 2017
Don't panic, Morticia hasn't left me, she is spending a few days in London with a friend so it's just Rags, me and the cat back home. Years ago this would have meant me taking loads of leave… Read More
Ohmybuhay · 14:48 29 Mar 2017
March 17, 2017 Friday As much as possible I avoid going to Makati on Fridays to escape the heavy traffic. Good that our board meeting is off hours, 12-2 pm so this will not be so bad. It&rsq… Read More
Mieliepopping In 2017
Dirty Pink City · 13:00 29 Mar 2017
Mieliepop Review 2017 “Mieliepop has grown into a treasured music festival of mine for all the right reasons…”  It was a hot Saturday as we drove to Mieliepop Fes… Read More
Change Of Plans · 12:23 29 Mar 2017
I had a vacation planned for next week, but life happened and now I can’t go on it. It sucks, but it is what it is. I’ve been in a funk at the moment and this didn’t help… Read More