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How to Beat Online Rashid – Street Fighter 5 Tutorial

What’s up guys, I’m back with another Street Fighter 5 tutorial. Today we’re gonna be talking about how to deal with some common Rashid tactics that you might run into online. So I’ve recorded the dummy doing a bunch of moves here, and I’ll show you how to deal with them. So first up, we’ve got his down V-Skill, which is this rolling kick. And it seems like it’s hard to Punish, but it’s definitely possible. So any move you have that’s 5 frames or faster will punish this. So for Ryu, Medium Punch punishes it, Light Kick punishes it, and you get a combo. So any time you block this you can punish it.

Next up we’ve got his jumping V-Skill, and if he does this close to you it’s pretty easy to punish, but if you’re further away it might seem a little hard, cuz some of your moves are gonna whiff. But any move you have that moves you forward, like Tatsu will work, Forward Hard Punch with Ryu works, anything that moves your character forward, you should be able to punish that. So it’s totally punishable. Next up we’ve got the spin dash, and this is a really common tactic where they’ll do the spin dash and they’ll throw you. And you might feel like you can’t stick anything out in between, but actually you can. Anything that’s 6 frames or faster you can Interrupt with so again Ryu’s Medium Punches will interrupt this. If you block that is, if you get hit then you have to take it, you have to guess, but if you block you can stick something fast out and interrupt.

And the same thing applies to his Standing Hard Kick, which is this backflip kick, if you do a fast enough move you can interrupt, but if you do a slower move you’ll get interrupted. So anything 6 frames or less you can interrupt it. But again if you get hit, you have to guess. If you get hit you won’t be able to stick anything out but if you block it you can interrupt it. So hopefully that was helpful guys, good luck out there, and thanks for watching!.

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How to Beat Online Rashid – Street Fighter 5 Tutorial


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