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Amalfi Coast or Cinque Terre Italy?

Amalfi Coast or Cinque Terre? If you are to choose between the two, what would you choose? Bewildered? You have to be. These places are both outstanding.

Still want to choose one or the other though? No worries. We have got your back. In the lines that follow, we will dive in deep into each one of those places and see what we can do to make the choice super easy for you.

Ready? Let’s go!

Here is what we will cover: 

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Amlafi Coast, Pros And Cons.  
What is Amalfi Coast to begin with?
Why you should visit Amalfi Coast ?
Disadvantages Of Amalfi Coast:
Cinque Terre, Pros and Cons:
Cinque Terre? What is that? Where is it situated?
Why this is worth your time?
Distadvantages Of Cinque Terre: 

Amlafi Coast, Pros And Cons.  

What is Amalfi Coast to begin with?

Amalfi Coast is situated in Southern Italy. Amalfi Coast is that beautiful long coastline that extends across more than 28 miles; 28 miles of breathtaking beauty, outstanding villages and amazing towns. In fact, the towns and villages sitting on the coastline are considered the most beautiful places in all of Europe.

Praiano, Positano, Ravello; these three towns make of Amalfi a place worth seeing!

Amalfi has more advantages than a single article could handle. But no worries, I will try as much as possible to tap deep into the very gist of why you should include Amalfi in your next trip to Italy.

So without more suspense, let’s get to the very first thing that makes of Amalfi a must visit.

Why you should visit Amalfi Coast ?

1. Diversity

Of what, you may ask? Of everything, especially, in terms of places to visit. Our travel tastes vary from one person to another. But I believe, in Amalfi, everyone can find something he or she will just stand firm before and wonder in awe where this place has been hidden all this long!

Among us, when traveling, there are those who prefer nature, calm and solitude, over anything else.

On the other side, there are those who are more into the sun, warm beaches and summer parties.

And the third part of those is those who would rather immerse themselves in history and prefer historical attractions over the rest.

Guess what? Amalfi coast satisfies all the three tastes and any other thing in between. In Amalfi Coast, you will find something for yourself, whether you are a nature addict, a monument fanatic or even a summer shark!

And if you love the three, lucky you! You will literally spend the best time there.

Okay, what’s next? I suggest we take each one of the three and explore it in more depth. What do you think? I can see you nodding. Let’s go!

Off to the first one,

Natural Sights Are Everywhere! 

Amalfi Coast has more than you could imagine when it comes to nature, mountains and green spaces.

You will literally lose yourself in the beauty of this place.

Here are some of the best places worth seeing if you are more into nature.

Hey, before reading on, please make sure you get yourself a good pair of boots, laces well fastened and draw a beautiful smile on your face. You are about to embark in on one of the best adventures ever.

Il Sentiero degli Dei

This mountain is a bridge between two beautiful towns, Agerola and Nocelle, both part of Positano. No wonder they are of such beauty!

Walking to the top of the Sentiero degli Dei takes about three hours. The path is not that hard. So it doesn’t really demand a good fitness level.

The journey starts from Bomerano. You can reach Bomerano by any of the Sita buses from Amalfi. Just make sure you tell the drive to drop you off right beside Bomerano stop.

The journey comes to an end right on top of Nocelle. That’s the very upper pinnacle of Positano. You can then reach positano by either covering the 1000 something steps down to Positano or if your feet hurt, simply jump on a bus back to Sorrento and all the way to Amalfi.

Il Santuario dell'Avvocata

The second hike is a bit demanding. Please if you are not fit, don’t give it a try. You insist? Boy, I love people with a sense of challenge. Make sure someone is with you then.

Maiori. This is from where the hike starts, all the way up to the very high summit of the beautiful Monte Falesia.

Monte Falesia sits beautifully on about 800 meters above the sea.On top of the Monte Falesia, you will come in contact with one of the most remarkable historical sights of all Amalfi coast, Madonna dellAvvocata Sanctuary.

Since its establishment in 1485, the sanctuary has been the go-to place of the believers. Every Monday, right after the Pentecost, they would climb up all the way to the top, from all over Campania and other regions.

Beautiful Beaches

Move on to beaches,

Amalfi Coast, as it is name implies, is surrounded by beaches from every side. Here are some of the best beaches in Amalfi Coast:

Tuoro Vecchio Beach

One of the drawbacks that I will mention in the disadvantages of Amalfi coast is the fact that its beaches, or most of the beaches, are pebbly.

This one beach is the very opposite. It is a golden sandy beach, with crystal-clear and blue water. This and the fact that it is private, make of Tuoro Vecchio Beach one of the most sought after beaches in Amalfi coast.

This is situated right beside Cetara. You can reach the place by either a car or a bus. Plenty of buses are available to Cetara.

Something else. You know water equals hunger, right? This too is covered. You will find many restaurants lined up there for you to have drinks and eat whatever you like.

Arienzo Beach

Another one worth a shout out is Arienzo Beach. This one is situated very close to Positano. Arienzo Beach is thought to be one of the most picturesque and popular places to stay on the Amalfi Coast.

To enjoy the sights surrounding the beach, you better go on foot. And if you can’t, just take a bus. It is very near though.

The water is very catchy. It is blue and clearly showing the golden sand right beneath it.

If you find the place worth your time and would like to stay there longer, you can rent a lounger for the whole day. It costs very little. A few Euros, I guess.

Plenty Of Historical Monuments

History addicts, you guys are still in my mind. Allow me to blow you away.

Here are some of the best spots you guys will definitely lose yourself in their presence.

Duomo, Amalfi Town

If you stop at Amalfi town, and that’s a no brainer, you should get some time and get to know this very charming historical spot.

While you can’t take notes with your pen and notebook, like a history class, guys, allow your lenses to do that for you.

And even more smarter would be to simply shut everything up and just let your eyes record everything. 

Duomo is Amalfi town’s famous tower. You will wonder, once before that spectacular tower, what makes people flock on it like birds on a tree?

Allow me to refresh your mind a little. This place contains the soul of St. Andrew the Apostle.

That’s not to scare you. No ghosts or anything of that sort. It is just the remaining of that legendary Amalfian.

These remainings were imported to Amalfi after the crusades. They came all the way from constant to land in here.

Castello di Arechi, Salerno

This one you will not help but do whatever you could to visit it. It is a little challenging for people with a little low of fitness level to get there.

In a picturesque view, overlooking the sea, Castello di Arechi is shamelessly exposing each little tiny aspect of its beauty to the whole world, especially history people. You guys come closer. Don’t be shy. Amalfi is calling on you.

Once on the top, rest and contemplate the scene in an outstanding view. Castello di Arechi is located right at the very opposite of the Sita bus line end.

Built in the 8th century, this jewel has also a museum inside. The museum contains some treasures from the the castle. We are talking here about some of the medieval coins and other ceramics.

The best thing about this place is at summer time, they host amazing concerts.

2. There Are More Hotels To Choose From!

Monastero Santa Rosa

Looking to dominate the Amalfi Coast and still enjoy the quiet and the peaceful atmosphere of Amalfi? You are not alone. That is what everyone been to Amalfi coast is what they are seeking.

In a crowded place like Amalfi, finding a quiet place to just rest and relax at night is a blessing.

Look! We’ve chosen this hotel for this and only this purpose.

This superb bad boy is in no need of introductions. Situated in a very breathtaking location, Monastero Santa Rosa is dominate every inch of the coast.

Monastero Santa Rosa comes with all one needs for a cozy stay here in Amalfi Coast. You will have access to a fitness centre, a restaurant, a sauna, a pool , a bar, a parking lot and a lot more.

These, a room and a free breakfast are all included in a 570 Euro-fee you pay per night. Expensive , right? I know. That’s one of the perks of the Amalfi coast. Keep it noted.

You can book your place here.

Villa La Tartana

The second one is way cheaper.

Perched on a hilltop where you have access to the sea view from almost every room, the villa is one of its kind.

If you are planning to visit Amalfi coast in the summer, we definitely advise you to book a room here. You will not regret.

Once that 86 per night is paid, you will have access to the best services this amazing place has to offer.

A bar, wifi, room service, laundry and a lot more are part of the fee.

Have them make you room ready here.

Read about the top AirBnb Accommodation in Italy here.​

4.Where To Eat? Amalfi Coast Is Lined Up With Restaurants

Looking for a place to eat? In Amalfi, you will never ask this question.

Amalfi is packed up with the many restaurants. Here are two you definitely have to have meal in.

ll Teatro

If you are looking for something a little cheap and still very good quality, look nowhere else. This restaurant has just that.

But hey, you know what? You will need a little time and patience to discover this place. It is hidden, right in a maze of Amalfi’s narrow streets. A little patience is definitely advised here.

But once you you have it right between your eyes, you will start to salivate even before the plate is put between your hands. Prepare for that!

Situated in E Marini, Amalfi, this charming restaurant offers the best traditional seafood dishes at very affordable prices.

Among the dishes served here, one we definitely recommend is Scialatelli with seafood. And if your stomach can take in another dish, ll Theatro pasta is a must.

You can call them for more infos: +39 089 87 24 73

Ristorante La Caravella

If you are looking for something fancier and a little expensive, this Michelin-starred restaurant has got your back.

The restaurant is situated in Matteo Camera Amalfi.

Ristorante La Caravella specializes in traditional and regional dishes, but with a modern touch!

In here, simplicity is key. At times, you can expect to be served nothing but something grilled with just lemon leaves. In between, they are so yummy.

But at other times, they experiment, try and come up with something that will blow you away.

One of the dishes I find amazing is their pasta along with lobster and ricotta cheese.

Have a chat with them and enjoy: +39 089 87 10 29

Disadvantages Of Amalfi Coast:

All we mentioned above makes of Amalfi a great choice. But. But. I mean “but” not the other one with double T! Anyway. As for anything else in life, Amalfi Coast has its own share of drawbacks. In between, let’s just stick with three. Deal? Great.

1.High prices

That’s probably the number one thing that will stand in front of most people with a tight budget.

Hotels are expensive here. The restaurants, apart from few, demand much cash.

2. Crowded:

Amalfi is one of the most crowded places in Italy. In summer, it is very rare to find your place here.

If you are not so much into standing shoulder to shoulder with thousands of people, you better think twice before booking a flight there.

These are two perks I noticed in Amalfi coast.

Done with the first part of the article. Hope you guys had a clearer idea about Amalfi.

Let's now do the same with Cinque Terre.

Cinque Terre, Pros and Cons:

Cinque Terre? What is that? Where is it situated?

The same thing as Amalfi Coast, Cinque Terre, Five lands in English, is a series of five beautiful villages, namely Vernazza, Riomaggiore, Monterosso, Manarola, Monterosso.

These are situated in Italy’s Liguria region. Right to the west of La Spezia.

The site is marked by UNESCO as part of its World Heritage.

Why this is worth your time?

Here are top reasons why this deserves a chunk of your busy schedule.

1.Cinque Terre is all about romance:

If you have a stressful year or maybe you’ve just got engaged and looking somewhere where time ceases to exist, then this place is definitely for you.

Grab his or her hand, go to a nearby Hilltop that’s facing the sea, sit there and wait for the beautiful sun to set.

Don’t forget to take with you a good bottle of wine as that picturesque view won’t be complete without a good glass of fine wine.

And of course, don’t forget to end the scene with a warm kiss!

2. Kayaking

Had every fiber of your being rested? Would you like to sweat and have some much fun? This time, you won’t be holding someone’s hand, but instead, the wave’s hand.

Ready ?

Of course you got my point. I am talking here about kayaking in Cinque Terre. Boy, you will love this. You can find kayaking almost anywhere you go in Cinque Terre.

Try it and see yourself.

3.The Air Is Super Clean

Cinque Terre is known for its purely clean air and outstanding green beauty. Cinque Terre is the perfect place to enjoy nature, relax and just forget about everything else.

It doesn’t matter if you go in summer or winter or even any other month in between, this place is for you.

You can take hikes and enjoy the picturesque views the five villages offer.

The best thing about Cinque Terre is that it is all lined up with places to have something to eat. You will never run out of places to get your stomach full.

4.Restaurants Are Everywhere

Nessun dorma

One of the best restaurants in there is Nessun dorma. That’s translated as “no one sleeps” in English.

Nessun dorma is situated in Punta Bonfiglio, Manarola, Cinque Terre.

This is where you will taste the real mediterranean cuisine, literally. In here, many dishes are right within your reach.

You can have all kinds of seafood, garlic bread, antipasti, salads, cheese and fresh fruits. You know what’s even more amazing? It is that everything in here is made up of local ingredients.

To add some luxury to your plate, don’t forget to order a good glass of fine wine. You can call them on +39 340 888 4133.

Il Pirata

The second restaurant that’s more than amazing is Il Pirata. Il Pirata is located in Gavino, Vernazza, Italy.

The Il Pirata is a mix between Cinque Terre and Sicily. The place is run by two Sicilian brothers. Brought the Sicily touche and mixing it with local dishes of Cinque Terre, the brothers made the restaurant one of the very famous Cinque Terre.

In here, you have access to both pastries and savory dishes. Both are home and locally made.

For breakfast, you can order croissants , millefeuille, all filled up with the delicious cream.

And for dinner or lunch, you can opt for baked calzoni, panini , bruschetta and many more dishes. You are left with many choices.

You can call them and book your table: +39 018 781 2047

5.You can always find a place to stay in!

Hotel Porto Roca

If you want to wake up every morning to that view above, then book here. You will not regret it.

This 40 room is situated in Monterosso. The hotel has small rooms, but beautifully furnished.

Booking a room here, you have access to a private beach, pool and many other facilities including a Mini Bar, a restaurant, free wifi and free breakfast.

The price per night here costs about € 585 in low season. And € 695 in high season. You can book your room directly from their website here.

Camere Elisabetta

And if you can’t afford to pay that much a night, here is another one you may like.

Camere Elisabetta is located in Vernazza, one of the villages of cinque.

Camere Elisabetta is a charming family-run hotel. The hotel sits beautifully overlooking the Ligurian Sea in a picturesque view.

The hotel’s rooms are simple, yet very attractive, clean and well-furnished.

All the rooms come with beautiful terraces.

As for the bathrooms, they are clean and modern.

As it is more of an apartment than a hotel, it has a kitchenette where you can cook your own meals.

For the prices, a night here costs about € 45 in the low season and up to € 65 in the high season.

You can have your place booked here.

Distadvantages Of Cinque Terre: 

There is just one single perk of Cinque Terre I’d like to mention here.

Lack of Sandy Beaches:

For beaches, there are not many in here. In fact, only one beach is worth mentioning. It is the only sandy beach in here. Sure, there are many, but unfortunately rocky.

It is situated in Monterosso, at the very opposite side of the railway station. Once out of the railway, just a few walks and you are there.

The beach is partially private. Not that good, I know.


Cinque Terre is great. It has all you need for a good vacation in Italy. But the only perk it has is lack of beautiful beaches. And , in my humble opinion, that’s a big disadvantage, especially for someone heading there to enjoy the sun, sand and the water.

As for the Amalfi Coast, even if it is a little expensive, you can have a very amazing vacation there. So, if you have some more cash to spend, I would advise you to choose Amalfi instead.

Last, what do you guys prefer Amalfi or Cinque Terre? And why?

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