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Logistics Automation how it helps to Transportation Management System If we are talking about logistics automation, we can admonish all of the automation attributes available in the technology of a TMS to handle your transportation and International departments. Now come to the definition of automation, we consider logistics automation as the reduction in the spontaneous entry of processing freight shipments and the automatic reacquire of options in the procurement of transportation for your freight. In addition to logistics automation in a Transportation Management System will provide automatic notifications and real-time updates of freight information. Benefits of Logistics Automation in a TMS 1. logistics automation in a TMS Decrease in Costly Errors: Logistics automation characters such as integration to your item via your ERP system and access to your address book, as well as entry of fuel surcharges and peripheral and automatic storage entry of fuel surcharges and peripheral. Will have you never again worrying about keying in the false information. These types of manual data entry errors will lead to increase shipping costs such as having to pay for shipping twice or paying a higher freight rate due to entering an incorrect commodity freight classification. 2. Usability of Transportation Mode Choice and Real Time Freight Rates: To battle, rising transportation costs the logistics automation characters in a Transportation Management System make it simple for users around the country to implement policies that deliver immediate freight reserve. That means the Transportation Management System application is built with state-of-the-art web services architecture, in order to receive live carrier rates over the Internet. No more theoretical reserves, but hard Return On Investment based on live, vendor-neutral access to real-time market rates. When you have numerous carriers to opt for based on cost, transit time, and insurance, it grows you to make the best choice for your specific shipment, thus saving you money over the long haul. 3. Increased Customer Service: How much does it cost for you to LOSE a customer? With logistics automation characters in a Transportation Management System such as real-time freight chasing, auto pick-up, proper insurance and payload accounting built to your custom specifications, you and your customers are permitted to know exactly how much the freight will cost and when the freight will arrive at its designation through automatic notifications. 4. Access to Real Time Freight Data and Analysis: If you have access to real-time transported data and the ability to run reports, you are better served at making better business decisions based on your trends and history. For example, you may find out through the data that eighty percent of the time you picked Carrier “A” because they were the least cost carrier, but you find out in the data that that carrier is late twenty percent of the time, causing you to create a slur of bad customer service. In the long run, creating such a bad slur so you can save money on the front end of shipping, could hurt you over and above the freight savings by not being able to increase new customers or possibly unleashing customers. penetrate to vital data at your fingertips with the push of a button empowers you to see the total cost of your conclusion and palliate future expensive bad decisions. 5. Scalability and Speed: With such important logistics automation features in your TMS, there are no supplementary resources needed to regulate your logistics, freight, and transportation departments, even as your company or business grows and ships more loaded. a TMS permits you to easily input new users into the system and manage them easily. in addition to a great freight accounting automation quality within the Transportation Management System, all freight invoices can be consolidated into one weekly invoice, no matter how many shipments every location has, making your CFO or controller’s job much easier to regulate.
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