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What Do You Think?

Well HerHillayrness said it.  “I’m not going to run in 2020.”  That’s right out of the horse’s mouth, so no one can dispute it.  But we realized that this is the first time since 1992 when HisBubbaness first announced he was running for President that someone named Clinton will not be in the mix, during a Presidential election.  That’s 27 years of Clintons and Presidential elections.  That is 27 years in consciousness of the American people whenever the conversation was the Presidency of the United States.  That has to be some kind of a record.  The only ones that come close are FDR 17 years and Richard Nixon for 22 years.

Now some of you might want to nit-pick and point out that HerHillaryness did not make a primary challenge against THE SMARTEST MAN WHO EVER WAS OR WILL BE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES in 2012.  Now that is true but there were rumors she’d be his Vice President and on the ticket.  And then of course there was the speculation back in 2012 of her running in 2016, so she was part of the conversation.  And some of you might want to go back further to 2000 and point out that it was Bush the Younger vs. Gore.  But HisBubbaness was all over that 2000 election.  Many a pundit said HisBubbaness and his scandals, cost Al Gore that election.

So March 4, 2019 marks the first time in 27 years that the name Clinton and a Presidential election will no longer be linked.  We think that everyone regardless of political affiliation has to stop, whatever they are doing or even thinking and reflect on this.  Could we call HerHillaryness and HisBubbaness iconic, and March 4, 2019 an iconic moment?  Everyone likes to throw that word around all the time?  But that’s not it.  Neither of them are statues, not yet.  How’s about its epochal, as in the end of an era?  Yeah, that’s it.  It is epochal.

Just what made these two people so special that the country needed them to be part of any conversation about the Presidency for 27 years?  Was it HisBubbaness’s and HerHillayrness’s Free Trade Agreement?  Was it HisBubbaness’s and HerHillaryness’s Welfare Reform or their End of the Era of Big Government?  Or maybe, just maybe, it was…  They cared?

Or could it be that with a Clinton in office everyone feeding of the Tit of the Federal Government knew they could continue to suck.  Or more succinctly put, actually that was pretty succinct but in other words, everyone who was getting paid knew that with someone named Clinton if office, they’d keep getting paid?

What do you think?

All of which brings us to the Wall.  If you have to ask what wall you haven’t been paying attention.  It seems shock, horror and amazement that a whole lot of Republicans don’t want to actually build a wall.  And of course that means that they really don’t want to stop illegal immigration.  Could it be that all these illegal immigrants aren’t coming here to go to Disneyland or to go on Welfare?  Maybe, just maybe, they come here because someone is going to pay them to work?  Of course they have to work off the books.  Illegal immigrants don’t have Social Security Numbers without which, no one can file taxes or any other employment forms even if they wanted to.  And since it is said that the term Illegal Immigrant is offensive, from now on we’re going to call them, The Workers Without, Social Security Numbers.  And The Workers Without, Social Security Numbers also have to work for less than their American counterparts, a lot less.

Let’s do some math.  If an employee with a Social Security number costs $20 and hour in wages, taxes, insurance and benefits and one without, only costs $10 an hour, the savings for the Employer for a 40 hour work week, are $400.  But that’s for one employee and only one week.  What if there are 10 or a 100 or a 1,000 Workers Without, Social Security numbers?  And don’t forget there are 52 weeks in a year.  Do the math.

We think that maybe, somebody’s, getting paid and it’s, not just The Workers Without, Social Security Numbers.

What do you think?

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C Savino contributed to this post.

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What Do You Think?


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