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Artois52 - It's Just My Thoughts Blog
Mainly for men, Artois52 has news, views, advice, tips and articles of interest to help you understand the world that we live in.
Lux Junky – Designer Trainers For Men
2018-08-18 13:12
Lux Junky is a curated luxury designer fashion store that stocks men’s designer trainers that can’t be found anywhere else. Founded in 2017, Lux Junky is a new and exciting way t… Read More
How To Lose Weight Fast?
2018-06-18 09:34
There are thousands of celebrity diet plans and “miracle” diet pills on the market. Every one of them promises that it will show you how to lose weight fast. Most of them will co… Read More
The Fall And Rise Of Designer Hoodies
2017-10-31 14:05
The Hoodie has had something of a chequered history, but the hooded sweatshirt that was once banned in some shopping centres in England and which has even been discussed in the British parli… Read More
Why Copper Chef Pans Are Simply The Best
2017-10-22 10:51
Top chefs have known for a long time that copper cookware is the best, but why do so many of the culinary experts of the world recommend cooking with copper chef pots and pans? While co… Read More
8 Tips On Choosing A Bespoke Bridal Gown
2017-07-23 15:39
How to make the process of choosing a bespoke wedding dress a whole lot easierChoosing a wedding dress is a wonderful experience, but if you let it, it can become a stressful one too, and, i… Read More
Why Do Celebrity Endorsements Work?
2017-07-12 12:38
Does the face of David Beckham really make us want to buy Kent and Curwen clothes?From Justine Bieber and Calvin Klein underwear, to George Clooney and Nespresso coffee, celebrity endorsemen… Read More
Best SEO Company I Have Found To Date
2017-05-06 08:03
What makes an SEO Company the Best SEO Company?The word “best” is often an overused one on the internet, but when you do stumble across an SEO company that is following best prac… Read More
10 Promises I Will Make To Myself In 2017
2017-01-01 11:14
A New Year’s Message to MyselfMany of the people who promised to get fit and quit smoking last night will be cursing the fact that they threw away their last packet of cigarettes last… Read More
How To Choose The Best Laptop For 2017
2016-12-30 11:45
If you are thinking of buying a new laptop for 2017, read this best laptops consumer guide that will help you find the best laptop for you.A laptop should be small and light enough to carry… Read More
How To Lower Cholesterol
2016-09-29 16:59
More than 102 million American adults over the age of 20 have high cholesterol. Could you be one of them?Heart Disease is now the number one cause of deaths in America and the biggest risk f… Read More
Take A Look At My Stephen King Store!
2016-08-12 10:28
Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, the Stephen King Store is now open!Come and take a look at my latest project! It’s been a while since I last posted here on my blog and that… Read More
10 Reasons To Stop Panicking About Brexit
2016-06-26 13:06
 UK out of the EU - What will happen next?So, we woke up on Friday 24th June to find that the UK had made one of the most momentous decisions in its history. After more than 40 years of… Read More
How To Lose A Beer Belly
2016-06-13 12:58
You can read a lot of men’s health advice tosh on the internet can’t you? Articles with headlines like; lose belly fat fast, fat burning miracle, ten ways to burn off belly fat… Read More
1980s TV Shows – MacGyver
2016-05-13 15:16
"Another day, a whole ‘nother set of fresh possibilities ... I'm a sucker for mornings."I’ve been watching re-runs of MacGyver on the TV recently and, while it is still entertain… Read More
Want A Guest Post On Artois52 Life?
2016-05-02 10:41
Guest post slots now available on Artois52 LifeIf you are a blogger or website owner, and you’d like to gain more exposure for your website, then guest blogging is a cost effective way… Read More
10 Cool Facts About Happy Days
2016-04-30 14:38
“These days are oursHappy and free. (Oh Happy Days)”The 1970s TV show Happy Days ran from 1974 right the way through to 1984 and it depicted a 1950s that we would all have wanted… Read More
10 Ways To Beat Bad Breath
2016-04-24 10:48
Bad breath isn’t solely a men’s health problem, but guys do seem to be more oblivious to the problem when they have it. I once worked with a guy whose bad breath could knock you… Read More
How To Travel Light – Ten Tips
2016-04-23 18:21
I was lucky enough to do a lot of travelling when I was working as a consultant and I got to visit many different countries, and, of course, I’ve been on my fair share of overseas holi… Read More
10 Tips On How To Survive Long Haul Flights
2016-04-09 08:56
As summer is fast approaching again, and people will soon be jetting if to sunnier climes, I thought it would be a good idea to have a few travel tips posts and where better to start than a… Read More
2016-01-10 14:39
What do you really get for your Amazon Prime Subscription?When I first heard that Clarkson, May, and Hammond are all going to be appearing in a new motoring show available on Amazon Prime, m… Read More
2016-01-10 08:22
It’s probably a sign of my advancing years, but when I was asked to write an article for Hub Pages by my customer at Cars One Love, I had never even heard of car dipping, let alone did… Read More
2016-01-09 16:13
It’s easy to think of North Korea as nothing more than a joke, but I remember how the world laughed about Idi Amin and his claims to be the Last King of Scotland, and then, the world f… Read More
2015-11-24 10:53
If you want to buy content articles for your blog, sourcing those content articles can be a time consuming affair. There are plenty of people selling their writing skills on the internet, bu… Read More
2015-11-18 19:29
‘I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!’ is one of the only reality TV shows that I bother to watch, because seeing how the rich and famous, and the B list wannabes, will cope with… Read More
2015-11-10 11:04
Ezine Article syndication is the perfect way to build natural backlinksIf you have wondered why you should buy Ezine Articles, read on and you will find out what the SEO benefits of buying q… Read More
2015-10-29 14:18
Image source: By Khg808, via Wikimedia CommonsWhile the likes of Jamie Oliver and Heston Blumenthal slave away in their kitchens trying to invent a new classic dish, some of the best lo… Read More
2015-10-29 13:40
The price of petrol and diesel may have stabilised a bit just recently, but it won’t be long until the prices at the pumps begin their upward journey again. Meanwhile, there are many m… Read More
2015-10-28 15:23
Once you get started on the money saving trip, it can actually get really addictive. You’ll find yourself hunting for bargains in stores, chewing out menu for the 2-for-1 price deals… Read More

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