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How Healthy is Your Brain today. Are you doing the right thing for your brain

marathonOver the last few years with some amazing changes, it occurred that the last 3 – 4 years have not been as awesome as expected.

It started the old Brain to start thinking, “What has changed?” Well with the expected plan and not a great deal has happened. It finally hit home.

You see a little while ago while a Head Trainer with a football team (NFAC) life was going well. With up to 18 medical staff and keeping an eye on them and organizing the weekly roster. Then leaving this. Something changed…

It was the one thing which had plans and everything on track. 

Then it finally struck home while at the local Aquatic Centre while in the Sauna, working on tight knees.

It has been this long since stop Running. In fact, it was about a year before this. My plans had fallen into place and now setting up to run another marathon.

It was a run which was about 20 kilometers, a hot day and a plan. Then about 1/4 way through my energy started to drop and feeling very weary. Next thing I had to go the toilet and next thing I passing pure blood not urine.

Hey, that was a scary experience in the middle of the suburbs. What do you do? This is the funny side.

As crook as could be, I made it home and was worried and stressed thinking “What should I do, Hospital would be the best bet.

Well, part of my brain went into Panic. So went and had a shower and cleaned the house. Funny really then another dose of blood and went to the Hospital.

Well, they found I had passed an 18mm kidney stone from my kidneys to my bladder. “WoW” it’s not what was going through the old gray matter.

That was the last time I went for a run.

In fact, since then, nothing really has been as good as before that time.

Which made me think.

It’s time to start running again. It has worked out well, in the last few days with days in the spa, sauna and sweat room, the Body is ready to go.

Now, this I realized the health of the brain works far better when it has fresh blood, the body is physically fit.

You see when running there were many times when not only running many nights out dancing, well training for competition. So the old gray matter was working well rebuilding and creating new pathways.

Also, the fact

When anything was needed. It was 100% focus, something which has been lagging for awhile.

So it,s obvious that the lack of exercise has caused the body to slow down and not function at its best.

After all when you consider my brain injuries: front lobe injury which is the main area for planning, etc. The running would have had a big part to allow my performance.

So think about your own life and now how do you challenge yourself, others and life on a daily basis.

Think of you your brain!

Man with tattoo embracing his dog. A man with tattoo embracing his dog.

Think of your organization skills, your memory and how you work on a daily, weekly etc way.

Imagine if you improved your fitness, watched what you eat and worked at what your overall health.

Where may you be in 6 months, 12 months etc?

There will be updates on how the running goes. It will start on the 25th Nov 2016. The aim is the Rome Marathon (?) Let’s see if the body will hold up to the 100 km (62 Miles)weekly runs!

If you think of where you are now what you need in life. Think of your health and future. It’s really important that we think of what we want and where you’re heading in life…

If you look at the older people and talk to them and find out their habits and think of how they are living their life. You may see where you will be.

Most people might be happy, its how their body is that makes the difference. It is easy to hide the soreness, the people who wish they had.

Please leave a comment and lets talk.

Impossible is only after you have attempted and made a difference. If it doesn’t work re-plan until you have exhausted all possibilities.

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How Healthy is Your Brain today. Are you doing the right thing for your brain


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