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I choose pikachu for president

Let me talk about the stupid election that is just making me sick lately. On one side, we have poison, and on the other side we have poison. We are basically flipping a coin to see which side will offer the worst proposition at this point. I am going to flat out say I am neither a Hillary Clinton fan or a Trump fan. My rant is going to be about how I feel politicians have slain away from what our Country really needs for what I would presume a show of popularity. Alright, so let me get this rant started with a few funny gifs and a long late night rant. I stand by my statement that the people should vote for a humanitarian before they vote in a destructivarian.

Our tabloids lie. We should not always invest ourselves into what the media is slinging around about our politicians cause most media stations are pro one campaign over the other and will shine so much light on one candidate it’s ridiculous. So, I am going to propose to my readers why I am not the pro either but will end up voting in the option that is neither of them…or not vote at all. If we believe everything we read then we would assume that everything is crazy. ( It is crazy.)

I will choose to leave Mr. WALL builder for later. The traitor will be my first mode of attack. What we know about Hillary Clinton and the past is that the CLINTONS do not make great presidents. Let me rephrase this, Clinton is more likely to impeached on infringement, and conspiracy theories than any political leader that we have ever seen. I mean she is a traitor who has yet to see jail because her pockets are laced with gold. What we do know is that the Clinton’s can not be trusted in any election or position of power. Why would we consider her for president? I mean a female President would be nice sometimes. But not all the time. Nor would I care to see her trying to lure us into negotiations with the enemy. In my eyes, I’d rather have Pikachu running up for election but then I never cared to select the poison that would burn this country.

Alright, So Mr. Wall builder…Let’s just my number one problem with him is that he has gone Bankrupt so many times it’s actually scary. I mean building a wall is a fast way to make enemies. My problems with Trump is that he is a loud mouth using aggression to gain fans, and playing off of our needs like a doctor that uses our sickness for his gain. If it was up to me, I would never go to see his campaign because it’s just stupid. He uses such outrageous ways that it makes me feel like we are trying to vote for a man that will get us all killed rather than using intelligence.

Let’s be real, what the people need is a humanitarian. A person that is not going to take the money and place it in places that actually do nothing. We need a president that considers the arts important, that wants to push poverty back a bit, and wants to fund programs to help citizens rather than reap us dry so large companies can make money. We need to focus on the country before debt. Let us go into a bit of debt as we progress we’ll fix the problem. I have a large belief that our country has to come first before other countries. We need to make a stand that will fix our country. We can not do that by voting in either of those two. However, we all know one of them will get voted in, and hell will greet us.

Honestly, where is Pikachu when we need him right?

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I choose pikachu for president


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