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8 Reasons You Should Commit To Building Your Self Esteem

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Building your self Esteem is an absolutely crucial step to success in any part of your life. I know your thinking “any?” and YES that statement is 100% true. When you feel good about yourself that will drastically improve so many areas of your life, and encourage you to live a life free from mediocrity.

Which should always be the goal…

Even with all that said sometimes we truly don’t realize that building your self esteem is the missing piece of the puzzle. Although, it is. Sometimes we know that things are good for us however, we don’t know why.

This post is dedicated to just that. Learning why high self esteem is beneficial, and what it can do for you.

1.) Building Your self esteem will improve your relationships

This rings true on all areas of the spectrum. From your friendships, family, and with your romantic partners.

You see, when you value yourself, you can set clear boundaries AND you are more comfortable, vulnerable, and passionate with the ones you love. This is all because you are comfortable in your OWN skin.

Just imagine what that can do for you? 

If you 100% accept who you are think about how transparent you can be in your relationships. You can be yourself without feeling judged or even if you are judged NOT CARE!

This is powerful!

Here’s what can change for the better in your relationships…

2.) You will not fear uncertaintity

With high self esteem you understand that perfection is not only unreasonable it’s unnecessary. And attempting to wait for everything to be just right is one of the first causes of procrastination. 

Everything in life changes and the rate of change seems to get quicker and quicker as the years go by. Attempting to pursue certainty is pointless because the truth is nothing remains the same. What you must focus on is the ability to do what you have with the resources available to you. 

This will allow you to live a life free of overthinking and constantly running different scenarios in your head about what could go wrong. 

Developing a high self esteem will help you conquer this.

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3.) Your resilience will be unmatched

When you see successful women doing the things you dream about it’s not that they have just gotten better breaks than you in life. People that achieve the highest successes in life have one thing in common.

A belief in themselves called high self esteem

Whenever they go for the hard stuff in life they are aware that they will encounter roadblocks and detours. However, they don’t let that stop them because they have a high enough belief in themselves to understand they can handle anything that comes their way.

In my opinion, there is only one time where it is excusable to quit…and that is never! You can always change the goal but never change the destination.

Bad things can and do happen to anyone. When they do arise your high self esteem allows you to cope effectively. Your able to take setbacks in stride, and make adjustments that will put you back on track. So, build your self esteem and minimize your willingness to quit when times get tough.

Because baby girl…they will

4.) Your days as a worry wart will end

Ahhh… a life with no worry.

Most of us believe that it doesn’t exist although, it does.

The key to living a life without worrying is to build your self esteem to a point where you are confident that you can handle anything that comes your way. When you do this it gives you the ability to change your perspective about what thing are truly worth worrying about.

Now this doesn’t mean things wont be heavy enough to cause uneasiness but it does mean that no matter if they do or not you will know that you have to strength to handle it.

What a wonderful way to live.

5.) Building your self esteem allows you to stop playing the comparison game

When you see someone you perceive as being successful many times you put them on a pedestal. However, if you find yourself saying things like “ They are so blessed.” or “ if only I could be as smart as they are.” It’s time to check yourself.

The truth is everyone has their demons and while some may seem to have it all it doesn’t mean they are necessarily happy.

You are also unaware of what that person had to go through to become what you perceive as successful.

So the problem with doing this is that it lets you off of the hook. Telling yourself that someone is better or more capable than you gives you an excuse not to try.

However, when you begin to build your self esteem this will be a problem that will subside.

So instead of looking at your inferiority as an excuse  you will be able to look at them as a model.

Maybe they spend time practicing more than you, maybe they get up earlier, watch fewer t.v.

Observe their behaviors but realize you have the ability not only to cultivate the same success but to also understand who you are so that when you get the success you desire you will also love the person behind the success.


6.) You will go for what you want in life

So, it’s time to be really honest with yourself for a minute. If I asked you right now if you were truly happy with what is happening in your life from an achievement standpoint what would you say?

I’m not just talking about your bank balance I’m talking about your everyday life. When you wake up everyday are you living the life of your dreams or are you existing?

Let me be the first to say that I am a firm believer that you can have any and everything you want in your life…


You have to be the one to believe it, nobody will (or should) believe it for you. When you are committed to building your self esteem you will begin to realize the value you bring to this world. That alone will give you the motivation to ditch comfortability and go for what it is that you want. 

So, commit to living the life you desire. Not a life that you automatically get from not going for what you want.

7.) you won't be afraid to speak up

You have so much to offer this world, and there is no sense in keeping quiet about great ideas, opinions, or standing up for yourself. Using your voice makes you one powerful woman however, there is a right way and a wrong way to use it.

Using your voice is empowering, and a sure sign that you are becoming more confident because you have a belief that what you’re saying, counts.

Because it DOES

Anything you can think of that has achieved greatness has not come about from someone who keeps their lips zipped all the time. So if up until this point you have been afraid to state your opinion, or speak up about something that can help others, building your self esteem can cure this today.

8.) you will be in love with you!

Need I say more? The best feeling ever in the world is to love the skin that you are in, because it’s the only skin you got!

What are your favorite benefits of building your self esteem? Comment below, and don’t forget to make a commitment by joining the totally FREE self esteem masterclass

So Many Blessings,

Level up Lady

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8 Reasons You Should Commit To Building Your Self Esteem


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