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Best Way To Get Free HVAC Leads!

Every HVAC company, well, every company for that matter, loves free leads! Who doesn’t? What if I told you that there was a free tool you could be using to generate hundreds of free HVAC leads for your company? What if I told you that some of you probably already have this tool but you’re using it wrong or not using it properly and that it’s costing you hundreds of leads per year?

hvac leads
If you want to know the best way to get free leads for your HVAC company, read on!

Chances are, if you are in the HVAC or other home services Business, you’re using this tool. But maybe you’re a new HVAC business owner and haven’t latched onto it yet.

So what’s this free tool that can generate hundreds of free leads for my HVAC business?

It’s called Google My Business.

Get Free Leads For Your HVAC Business with Google My Business

If you read my other article on Google My Business, you should have an idea how important Google My Business (GMB) is. Unfortunately, the vast majority of business owners hardly give their GMB a second thought!

In my experience, over 95% of my clients that come to me for help marketing their home services company are either not using GMB or using it wrong and not taking the full advantage that tool can provide.

95% of my clients are either using their GMB wrong or not using it at all!

That’s a lot of money being left on the table! Especially considering it’s Free to use!

How To Get Free Leads For Your HVAC Business Using Google My Business

First off, if you don’t have a Google My Business Listing for your HVAC business, stop what you’re doing and go to Google and create one now.

If you already have a Gmb Listing, when is the last time you’ve updated it? If you don’t know how to find your GMB listing, just Google your companies name. Your listing should show up in the right hand sidebar. If it doesn’t, you may not have a GMB listing.

If your listing DOES show up, there will be a link for you to edit it in the listing (providing you are signed into the Google account you used to make the listing).

Once you’re inside your GMB listing, check for any information that may be outdated or wrong. Google places great emphasis…and I do mean GREAT emphasis on the correct info in your GMB listing. Your Name, Address and Phone (called NAP) should be correct.

TIP: To get the maximum benefit from your GMB listing, make sure your NAP is consistent across all online platforms. If you have different information on different platforms, it can confuse Google and this can result in lower rankings for your listing locally.

This is one of the first things I check when doing an onboarding check with new clients.

Google My Business Tips for HVAC Businesses

Now that you’re in your GMB listing, here are some tips that you can use to make this a lead generation machine!

  • Make sure all the info is correct. You can check this by going to the “INFO” tab in the left sidebar. As stated above, if you have one phone number on your GMB listing, another on Facebook, Google will likely penalize you for this with lower local rankings of your listing.
  • Make frequent posts to your GMB listing. Google loves fresh content! It doesn’t have to be long, I like to use at least 300-word posts. Add pictures whenever you can. Video is also awesome!
  • Google allows you to use offers in your GMB listing. Heck, they even encourage it! So if your HVAC company is having a sale or other promotion, use the proper form and let your potential clients know!
  • Share the link to your GMB listing across other platforms. If you have accounts on Social Networks (and you should!) such as Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest, make sure to share the link to your listing. This can help boost your listings in local rankings.
  • Add pictures and video to your GMB listings. But don’t stop there. Optimize those photos by using Keywords related to your location in the title and description. Don’t just label your pictures the default title your phone or camera gives them. Rename them with keywords such as “A/C repair Dallas” or “New furnace in Little Rock”. Resist the urge to spam your GMB with a lot of spammy pictures with keyword-stuffed titles. Google will catch on and penalize you for this. I use software that includes more information in each photo, like an alt tag, that allows Google to know where and what the picture is about.
  • Probably the single biggest factor in getting your GMB listing noticed and getting a ton of free HVAC leads is reviews. You want as many as you can get! If you don’t have a system in place to gather reviews from your clients, you’re leaving money on the table! Lots of money!
  • Speaking of photos, you should have photos of your business storefront, visitor parking, maybe each side of your business, etc. These will show up in Google Maps and they can really help lead clients to your business. People just like seeing the place of business they’re doing business with!
  • Fill out the “Services” section. List every service you provide. Don’t be lazy and just put down “HVAC” or “Air Conditioning Repair”. Really detail this section out. If you offer duct cleaning, put that down. If you offer a semi-annual furnace and air conditioning tuneup, put that down. Get very specific with your services!
  • Turn on Messages and Quote Requests! You want potential clients to call and message don’t you? Yea! Turn that service on in your listing. You’ll see it in the sidebar to the left. It simply says “Messages”. Click that button and see if you have Messages and Quote Requests turned on.
  • Have you filled out the “Service Areas” completely? Meaning every town or city you service? Just put the places your service, not the places you don’t. That may sound elementary, but you’d be surprised at how many people put an entire state down when they only serve one town or city. Trust me, putting a larger service area down that you don’t service doesn’t help you at all.
  • Accept the Google Assistant calls. Again, you’re in business, make it easy for your clients to contact you! You’ll see the tab over at the right side of your GMB profile when you’re logged in.

I do have one other tip for GMB listings. But I won’t print it here (if you knew what it was, you’d understand) It’s how you can actually affect your competitors GMB listing while increasing your own listing. It’s crazy effective. Look for a video on this later or contact me directly.

If you do all these things, your GMB listing should start bringing in free leads every week.

But what I’ve found is that many HVAC business owners, (as well as other business owners) only do this for a few weeks and then lose interest in it.

more hvac leads
If you want more free HVAC leads, keep your GMB updated with posts, pictures and video!

It’s vitally important to routinely keep your GMB updated with content such as posts and pictures! If you don’t want to do this, delegate it out to someone in your office to keep it updated weekly or even a few times per month.

You can add “Users” by going to the sidebar in the left column, scrolling down until you see “Users” and click that tab.

Once you have your GMB listing mastered, you can then focus on Social Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterests (oh yes, Pinterest isn’t just for people looking at Joanna Gaines decorating photos!)

More Ways To Generate Free Leads For Your HVAC Company

When you feel you have your GMB down, take a look at our other articles of Instagram marketing tips for small businesses, OnPage SEO for small businesses, and the difference between SEO and Social Media advertising. You’re also going to want to use the tips in our article, Google Map Citations – Why They Are Important To Small Businesses.

Meanwhile, if this all seems a little overwhelming, give me and my team a call. I’d love to sit down with you for 5 to 10 minutes and show you how we could increase the flow of clients to your HVAC business. No strings attached!

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Best Way To Get Free HVAC Leads!


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