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Common Mistakes that are Killing Your Gains

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Have you noticed you aren’t making the kind of gains you used to lately? Or maybe you feel like you should be making more gains for the amount of effort you’ve been putting in at the gym. It might be that you’re unknowingly making one of the following Common Mistakes that are killing your gains stone dead.

Failing to listen to your body

One of the worst things you can do as a lifter, or someone who exercises in general, is to not listen to what tor Body is telling you, Yes, it’s true that sometimes you have to push through the pain to make gains, but it’s equally important to listen to the warning signs that you’re doing too much, and take a break when necessary. One of the biggest reasons why taking a rest day is essential when you’re feeling exhausted and your body is aching is because it gives your muscles time recover, which means not only will you avoid injury, but when you do get back to it, you’ll be able to start making gains once again.

Not lifting heavy is killing your gains

Something that is pretty common amongst lifters at the gym is sacrificing those big deadlifts in favor of training specific areas like calves or triceps instead. This may seem logical if you want to tone your arms or improve the strength in your legs, but what you have to remember is that big heavy deadlifts will of a pretty good job of hitting your arms legs, and well pretty much every part of your body and they’re an excellent tool for improving your strength when things seem to have slowed down.

Not getting your mind in the game

It would be a mistake to think that exercise, especially lifting, is all about the physical. Of course, lifting weights is very much dependent on using the body well, but there is also a mental component to it and if you neglect to take that into consideration you may not make as many gains as you otherwise might. You see, if your head is in the right place, and you think about every single lift before, during, and after you make it – I mean seriously focus on it – chances are you’ll really connect with your muscles, maximize time under tension and workout harder than ever before. Give it a try – it really does work.

Taking it too easy at the weekend

It’s fine, and even good to relax your diet and exercise regime at the weekends if you want to do so, but sometimes you can take it too far and completely let loose eating everything in sight and moving very little overall. Unfortunately, this can impact your performance for the rest of the following week. So, by all means, relax and let your hair down, but don’t become a total hedonist and ruin all of your hard work for a weekend.

If you’re making any of these gain-killing mistakes, you’re not alone, but do try to correct them if you want to start making major progress again.

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Common Mistakes that are Killing Your Gains


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