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How Internet Marketers Are Liars But Tell The Truth At The Same Time.

My journey getting here is no walk down memory lane.  How about the time I woke up on payday to an account over drawn by more than $100.  Why?  Because internet Marketers are liars but they tell the truth at the same damned time.

I was crying so hard on a corner a lady started rubbing my back and telling me it was going to be okay.  You know what I did?  I buried my head in this strange woman’s shoulder and started crying even harder.

I’ve been trying my hand at internet marketing for over 4 years and I can tell you that I have loss way more Money than I have made.  However, let me be clear.  If it weren’t for the money that I have already loss, I would not be here with a site looking like this.  Trust me – I have 19 college credits and I was studying to be a mathematician.  There is no way you would be reading this right now if it weren’t for my mistakes.

The mistake that cost me the most money, though wasn’t even a product, it was more along the lines of how I was thinking about everything.  How I was thinking about things was perpetuated by internet marketers and their shabby advertising techniques.  For that reason, I have compiled this list to tell you things Internet Marketers get you to think and how that will be the reason you aren’t successful or why the thought of using the computer network to make money puts people off.

Anyone Can Do It

Internet marketers are liars because if anyone could do it, don’t you think more people would?  I mean, for real, though!  If anyone could do it, don’t you think you’d, at the very least, know someone who has experienced life-changing income after a few short weeks of making the commitment to generating money from their laptop, desktop, or cellular device?  Uh, the person you know who is making big bucks online is 3 generations out – a friend, of a friend, of a friend.  That doesn’t sound like the statistics of anything something anyone can do.

The mistake in believing that anyone could do it could cost you a lot of money and a lot of time, as will all of the psychological stuff these advertisements make you believe.  However, when you see that you are struggling or you aren’t getting the results you were made to believe you were going to get, you run the risk of altering your emotional state.  If you go into something with the idea that anyone can do it and you don’t do it, on top of the money and/or time you have lost, you will feel discouragement, inferior, and hopeless.  Hopefully you are starting to get the idea of why I say internet marketers are liars and cyberspace is full of them.

“I Will Show You How To Create The Same Wealth For Yourself”


Are you wealthy?

I didn’t think so.  Yet another thing that proves internet marketers are liars and cyberspace advertisers tell stories.

Long before I turned to cyberspace to make money, before my father passed away, I had the opportunity to work with him and his brother, my uncle, building cellphone sites for companies like Sprint and T-Mobile.  My father and uncle taught me everything they knew, although, my job on site was often the smaller ones that didn’t need much skill or knowledge.  No one knew I could read blueprints or find the orientation of the antennas.

One day there was a disaster on one of the sites and our little family team had to split up.  I was needed on one site and my dad and uncle had to go off to another.  It just so happened, the crew I was stuck with didn’t know anything – not even their Sub-contractor.  That day, I had to use the blueprint to tell them how the site was supposed to be built and at the very end of it, I had to find the orientation of the antennas.  All of the laborers watched in amazement.

When my dad and uncle returned to the site, the sub-contractor expressed how great of a help I had been and gave me $100 cash for saving his life, as the site had already been days behind schedule.  Also, all of the laborers came to my dad and uncle asking them how did I learn all of that stuff, griping that their boss never showed them anything.

My dad and uncle hoped that I would take the business over.  The last things you need to learn to build a cell phone site are the blue prints and how to find the orientation of the antennas.  Once you teach a day laborer how to do those 2 things, if they have tools and a license, they can leave and contract sites of their own.  For that reason, most laborers on cell phone sites don’t know anything.  On some sites, laborers aren’t even taught how to connect the cables to the control box, all they learn is how to tape.

The same goes in internet marketing.  They tell you all the things you need to know.  There are so many things that they tell you to do, all of which are important, but a lot of the times they have you working and thinking you are doing something when you aren’t even doing what will bring you the real bread and butter.  None of them actually want you to become that sub-contractor.  They want you to stay a laborer.

Making Money Online Is Easy

This one almost made the list of downright lies internet marketers tell you.  The idea that making money online is easy really toes the line.  It toes the line so much that if I had a debate with an internet marketer for why this is a lie, there is a great chance I would win.

If you believe that making money online is easy, then I can ask a question I’ve already asked – then why isn’t everyone doing it?  If making money online was as easy as they say it is, why is it that most people fail.  The numbers are so crazy.  The last time I checked, only 3% of people who started an online business were successful.  Again, that doesn’t sound like the statistics of something that is easy.

Writing a blog post, is not easy – well, not if you want it to do what it is supposed to do which is help people.  Promoting your blog post is not easy, especially if you do not have an advertising budget set in place or maybe you have your advertising budget but you don’t know how to use the advertising tools, which I must admit are very sophisticated.  Getting people to read is not easy – this is a world of people who like looking at pictures.  Getting people to believe in you is not easy – first of all, internet marketers have turned most people off and no one knows you.  Securing an audience is not easy, nor is converting the audience to sales – people are funny about their money.

So, if these things aren’t easy, then what is?  Once someone puts it in your mind that something is easy and when you attempt to try it you are met with resistance, emotionally this could put you at odds.  Is this easy for everyone else and hard for me or did I just get scammed?  No matter which question you ask yourself, the answer that you come up with isn’t an answer that will motivate you it is one that will discourage you.

If Internet Marketers Are Liars, What Should You Believe?  What Is The Truth?

Internet marketers are liars who are not lying.  This is why the industry continues to gain momentum.  This is why there are still advertisements to even fall for or be duped by.  This is why people still get solicited.  Their mistake is not telling the whole truth which technically is a lie, but even in the court of law they’d get off so long as they have a paid lawyer and not a public defender.

If we have to talk about skills, then absolutely anyone can be an internet marketer.  Skills is the last thing you need to make money online.  If you have some then they will save you a lot of time, but if you don’t have any, you will fare well.  In this instance, the short answer is, anyone can do it if we are talking about skills and whether or not they are needed.  However, the long answer is. “No, absolutely not everyone can do it.”

There are certain character traits that a person must have that will make them successful.  Making money online takes a lot of commitment and dedication.  If you are someone who can commit and dedicate yourself to your business, then you will be successful.  If you are someone who can work independently when everyone else thinks you are crazy, you will definitely be successful.  If you are logical and can understand exactly how the money is being made, you will definitely be successful and if you can carry yourself with integrity, you have more than a fighting chance.  Oh and patience in this game is more than a virtue, it is a gold mine.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that someone is going to show you all of their tricks.  In the example I gave earlier, you are probably wondering why an internet marketer would rather keep you as a laborer instead of giving you the tools you need to become the sub-contractor.  One thing I noticed in this game is when you buy into an opportunity, it doesn’t stop there.

When you buy into an advertisement, you would think you and the person who bought you in are on the same level, with the exception that they received a commission off of your entry into their program.  Once you are in, you both have the same job – that is what you think.  That is actually true, but the person who bought you in doesn’t see you as a member of their team, they see you as a person who will buy from them.  For that reason, shortly after joining, the marketer will introduce you to another program that is said to be making them a lot of money and that internet marketer will continue to introduce you to their programs so you can continue to buy into what they have.

The setup for this technique is really easy.  They tell you to buy something that you can make money off of.  Then they tell you how to promote it.  So, you build a site or you use the landing pages or other resources they give you.  After about a week, by now the internet marketer knows your struggle because it is the same struggle everyone else has starting out.  You need traffic.  You need to get fresh eyes in front of this opportunity you bought into.  You check your email and you have a correspondence from the person who bought you in telling you how this software bought tons of traffic to their site and they were able to make a lot of money.  You realize a spike in traffic, but come to realize the quality of the traffic isn’t what you want.  You find out the best traffic to get is highly targeted and organic and you have to start learning about something called SEO.  Wouldn’t you know, you check your email, and there is the person who bought you in with yet another software to buy that will help get your site or page on the first page of Google which is the last thing you need to make all of the money in that niche.

The internet marketer who bought you in – do you remember the page you landed on when your email was captured?  Do you remember what his website looked like?  Do you remember the blog posts and what they were about?  Do you remember how many emails you saw before you bought in and how many you continued to see?  Well, what would make you think that is easy?  Especially when it comes to making money online, if you found the opportunity on the first page of Google then just know it was stupid hard to get there.  Getting on the front page of Google for a term like, “making money online” is really hard and expensive – there is a shitload of competition from high ranking PR sites.  All of the things that give you a passive income are a bit tough and take a lot of thought.

Internet marketers are able to get away with saying that it is easy, easily.  When you break down all of the stuff that has to be working together to make you a complete internet marketer, each task is easy.  You build a site, you add a blog, you promote a product or opportunity.  You write some emails and you share your links.  It is easy to write a blog post but it is hard to target a market and generate content that they want to read.  It is easy to build a site because there are so many templates out there and all you have to do is fill it in with your information.  Promoting a product or opportunity is super easy because most programs give you banners, text ads and other resources that help you along the way.  Getting the right people to see it, though is a little bit tricky.  You can write some email introducing yourself and you can have a bunch of them and they will be your sales funnel – but getting emails is really tricky.  If you don’t have a free EBook to give or video, then why would someone give you their email address.  Besides FaceBook and your other social networks, do you even know how to share your links?

What Type of Internet Marketer Am I Striving To Be?

In the past couple of years, the face of internet marketing has changed – mainly in the fact that more so than not there is a face.  Long gone are the days of not even knowing what the internet marketer you are dealing with looks like.  A lot of internet marketers are positioning themselves in the industry as people who will help you make money online.  Granted, they still fall grossly short, but at least you can go to their site and find all of the information you need to get yourself going in the right direction.

I can say that I am striving to be like those internet marketers with a site that people can come to and learn from my mistakes and learn what I have done that has made me successful.  The only difference is I want to be totally transparent.  All of the things an internet marketer doesn’t want to let out of the bag are going to be my keys to success.  I want to tell every single thing I learned.  And when I start making money, worth showing, I want to show it.

I also want to link my endeavors to a charity that focus’ on at-risk youth in inner cities, starting with Philadelphia.  I want to say something *like* every quarter a portion of my profits will be donated to a charity.  When I find the charity I will for sure let everyone know and I will probably throw a party and a giveaway surrounding my first donation which will sure be an event.

I have a lot of things in store for this site and I would love people to be part of it.  This is the point where I ask for your email address – the part I hate the most because internet marketers have abused my inbox in the worst way.  I know if you are apprehensive about sharing your email address with me, it’s because your inbox has been abused enough already.  I will just let you know, I have 10 people on my list and I haven’t gotten around to saying hello to them yet.  I don’t want to take advantage, so I am waiting on the right time.  Hit Me Up, Please.

Otherwise, feel free to kick around the site for a little while.  By any chance, have you ever heard of Swagbucks?  This site is my favorite – I don’t make a lot of money with it, but it is fun and I have gotten rid of my coffee expensive using the gift cards I earn.  Earning gift cards is so easy, it’s stupid.

I know this post is long as hell.  Since you are still here, you might as well like it and share it.  I’d love for you to comment and tell me your thoughts on internet marketing.  I respond to all comments.

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How Internet Marketers Are Liars But Tell The Truth At The Same Time.


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