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12 Ways to Explode Your Blog Traffic


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Hey there, are you wanting to get a ton of views on your blog?

Now, and not 2 years from now?!?!

Many Bloggers or website owners claim it takes a long time to get a steady amount of Traffic, but they fail to mention the things you can do RIGHT NOW to start boosting traffic. There is absolutely no reason to sit and wait for the traffic to come to you. By being proactive with these 12 tips, you’ll start seeing a boost in no time!

1. Write Quality Content

I put content at the top of the list for a reason. If you don’t write quality content, none of the other steps matter. Your goal is to get people to not only click on your post but READ your post. Isn’t that the whole reason you spent time building your blog? Writing quality content takes time. Focus on writing for your audience and not for yourself. This does not mean you can’t put a little bit of personality into your posts…actually I highly recommend it. Let your readers see who you are and why you are the person to help them solve a problem or accomplish a goal.

2. Share Regularly to Facebook Groups

I’ve written about Facebook groups many times and I still use them to boost my traffic. I like to share content on days when new blog posts threads are opened. I notice a big spike in traffic from those threads and it oftentimes leads to new followers or subscribers. Below is a list of some of my favorite Facebook groups you can join today. Of course, you can also search Facebook for groups in your niche.

Bloggers Supporting Bloggers

Bloggers Unite on Pinterest

Blogging for New Bloggers

Blogging Network

Grow Your Blog

3. Invest in Tailwind

More than half my blog traffic comes from pins I’ve scheduled through Tailwind.  Tailwind does for me automatically what would take me hours or days to accomplish manually. At any given time, I have about 10,000 pins queued up and pin on average 100 pins per day. I get HUGE spikes in traffic coming from the pins I’ve added to my Tailwind scheduler. 

Want to check out Tailwind for free? Click here for a free trial!

4. Share Regularly on Pinterest

Pinterest is the top producer of traffic for my blog. I boost traffic through Pinterest by creating beautiful and trendy pins that clearly tell the reader what my blog posts are about, and of course I make sure to link the pin directly to my blog post. Another way I use my Pinterest account to drive traffic is to link the pin to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts. Simply add the link to the post into Pinterest and now you’ve got traffic flowing to your social media accounts as well!

Join my Blogging Tools and Tips Group Board on Pinterest

5. Start Posting on YouTube

I’ve posted videos about my blog content on YouTube for nearly a year. YouTube is a great way for your readers to see you and interact with you. Just like with your written content, the content you post on YouTube has to be relevant, valuable, and easy to understand. If you don’t have a lot of money available to produce and edit your YouTube videos, read this post on how I make my YouTube videos on a budget.

Follow Me on YouTube

6. Respond to Comments

This one of the no-brainers I’ve talked about in previous blog posts, but it is so important I’m mentioning it AGAIN. When you get comments on your blog posts, RESPOND IMMEDIATELY. Not only are you getting a prime opportunity to engage with your readers, you are meeting new people and networking. My personal goal is to respond to every comment within 24 hours. Never let a comment go without responding!

7. Comment on Other Blogs

Just as you should respond to comments on your own blog, commenting on other blogs regularly gives you visibility and a presence. Not to mention, your name and blog URL are captured in your comment, which is free advertising! A good respond to a blog post provides detail and suggestions, not just a “good job” or a “well-done.” Put some thought into your comments. The better comments you leave, the more traffic you will get.

8. Share New Posts on Instagram

So I am not as into Instagram as I am with other social media networks, but I have seen traffic come from sharing posts through my Instagram account. I will post the image to the blog post, write a keyword-rich blurb about the post, include relevant hashtags, and then point my followers to the link to the post in my profile.

9. Share Posts Twitter

I am active on Twitter and get a good bit of traffic from automatically sharing my posts through a WordPress plugin called Revive Old Posts. The free version works well, but if you want to share to multiple accounts and not just Twitter, upgrading to the premium version is worth the money.

10. Use Your Email Newsletter

I get a LOT of traffic every time I share content through my newsletter. You can do this ANYTIME – not just when you have a new blog post. If I want some more attention on an older post, I’ll try to focus an email around the topic and tie a link back to the old post to get views.  Don’t overshare, but also don’t disappear either. Maintain a regular email schedule of one to two emails per week.

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Internal Linking

The more you can link to other posts on your blog, the more of an opportunity you will keep bloggers on your site for a long time, thus improving your bounce rate. Better bounce rates equal better SEO rankings. What does this ultimate lead to? Higher ranking in search engines! My recommendation is to find at least 3-5 opportunities to link to previous posts. This can be accomplished through linking through the body of text or including a “Related” or “Recommended Reading” section in the post.

External Linking

While you don’t want your readers to click out of your site too quickly, a solid number of links to quality and relevant external websites is healthy for your blog. My recommendation is 1-2 external links per post. The reason why you want some external links included is that many of the websites get notified when someone clicks on their link from another website. It’s a good way to also bring quality traffic to your site.

Keep working at it!

These tips are just a few of the many I’ve gained over the last 4 years of blogging. Stay tuned for future posts aimed to help you boost traffic when you are just starting out. Do you have any tips you’d like to add? Share in the comments below!

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12 Ways to Explode Your Blog Traffic


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