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How To Lift The Conversion Of Your Blog?

Running a successful blog is not as simple as it may seem. One may think “what can be easier than writing articles on different topics? You just sit and write”. In this article, we will show you ” How To Lift The Conversion Of Your Blog? “.

Well, that’s not that easy in real life. A professional blogger should organize a high converting website for the blog. There are several vital techniques that every aspiring blogger ought to know to keep the conversion rates on a high level.

The higher the conversion rate is, the more successful blogger you’ll be.

Just check a couple of useful techniques that are there to help you to develop a better converting blog.

Besides the charming look of your blog, which is no less critical, you must acknowledge that the content should be unique. This is very vital for the SEO of your blog, as there should be no plagiarism on your blog.

How To Lift The Conversion Of Your Blog?

Operate the marketing on your blog with effective tools for better results. Popups will be just in the point in this case.

Speaking about the content of your blog, remember that freshness of your stuff can be a lifesaver in your rates level. Refresh your content periodically to provide better results.

Make your service as accessible as possible. Provide all the possible info and means your Readers may contact you in case of any questions, suggestions.

Perfectly Organized Website Look

The look of your blog is fundamental, so take it seriously, design it carefully. Pay attention to even the minor details that are supposed to build the overall look of your blog. Any little detail may be decisive for the design and the functionality of your blog.

Construct a clear navigation on your site. Organize all the components on your blog to make it easier to find categories, sections and other info on the site.

The site design should be stable, you don’t have to follow all the newest trends out there. Most of the viewers don’t like design innovations. So just make sure your site design stays clear and stable from the beginning.

The colors of the site should be inviting and positive. Make it bright, but not irritating. It’s always important to have limits on everything. So keep this in your mind when building your website.

Create an enchanting background for your blog, so every person who lands on your blog for the first time will desire to stay up and check your content. And who knows, they can become your trusted readers, thus raising the conversion on your blog.

The overall design must fit your blog’s content and the subject of your posts. The colors and the structure can really be decisive in the success of your blog. If they have nothing to do with the stuff you’re talking about, you’ll definitely fail.

If you’re running a girlish blog, like beauty, style, and fashion, it can’t be in dark, strict coloring and styles. It should be something charming and enchanting. So that one that lands on the blog for the first time, will get the subject of the blog.

SEO Is Vital

SEO is short for “search engine optimization.” The process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines.

The Search Engine Optimization is one of the most vital points of any blogging. If your blog is a search engine optimized one, you’ll definitely have more success.

What can you do to make your blog optimized enough for the search engines?

The first requirement is having a non-plagiarized content in your blog. Make sure your stuff is for 100% unique and free of plagiarism. This will be a great plus for your conversion with Google, Yahoo or Bing search engines (counting the most famous ones), trust me.

The page titles should as well be unique and accurate. Pay a chief attention to the meta description of your posts. This can have a notable effect on the search engine optimization of your site. They should be brief but descriptive at the same time. Users today are not keen on reading tons of content. So, target with a brief title.

Site structure should also be appropriate to be optimized. So, you should think about improving the structure of your site. Do your best to make the blog site easier to navigate.

If your site is SEO optimized, be sure it will have more conversions and the revenue will increase without any doubts.

Popup Marketing

Popups are the greatest marketing tools of this era of online marketing.  If cleverly used, they can provide an unexpected profit for your blog. The simplest and most attractive tools that can be used for making your content more eye-catching and more converting.

Address messages to your users/readers in a charming way, be sure they’ll see it in any way. How can a message be unseen if it appears in a popup on the site? It will suddenly appear, pop up on the page and share your message with your readers.

Welcome your new-comers on the site, show your ads in popups, offer subscriptions to broaden your audience, share contact forms to make it easier for the readers to get in touch with you.

A great and very positive practice may be adding a popup that will welcome your site new-comers. If you construct it beautifully and attractively enough, it will have a great effect on your site comers and you’ll definitely have more revenue in future.

It’s very pleasing to be specified when you’re visiting a site/blog for the first time. The popup can be simple, charming and contain a text that’s saying something like this: “Hi! Welcome to our site! Enjoy our entertaining posts!” (the example is shown in the image above)

Your new-comers will definitely like this tip and will be more excited to check your posts.

Another great instance of popup usage is the Subscription form. Especially if you’re running a blog, you need more and more subscribers to your newsletter. The more you collect the more you’ll develop.

There are a lot of ways to ask your readers to subscribe to your list, but the most effective one is the Subscription popup. It appears suddenly on the page and asks to subscribe for more interesting stuff. The trick is about the sudden appearance. If you make it alluring and brief enough you’ll get your sum of subscribers. Just make sure the process of subscription is easy, fast and clear enough. No one is eager to spend much time for things like subscriptions. So just make sure you provide the clearest and fastest way out there.

The text of the Subscription popup should be inviting and convincing enough, as well. Offer subscription in the way that will allure your readers, so they will be enthusiastic to receive newsletters from you.

Refresh The Content

Freshness in everything is always a welcomed and necessary point. Fresh food, fresh look, fresh skin, fresh air, fresh water – everything fresh is more preferable. 🙂

So, blog content is not an exception, it should always be fresh and up to date. If you’re sharing your tips, thoughts, practices, tutorials, and all the other good stuff on your blog, consider refreshing it regularly. Always share super-fresh posts so your users will be eager to check your new posts anytime you have a new publication.

The freshness of the content of the site is actually extra-important. Pay a major attention to this point as this will help you to keep your readers engaged and won’t let them get bored seeing the same content over and over again.

Follow the news in your sphere and enlighten your readers with all the innovations in the way you wish.

Do your best to keep your content always enjoyable and intriguing for your readers, so they will impatiently wait for your newer posts.

Keeping this point in your mind, you’ll raise the number of your readers in a meantime and you won’t ever be lack of readers if you keep on going like that.

Accessibility Is Essential

Accessibility for the users is one of the essential points that can play a vital role in your conversion ratings. The readers of your blog should be provided with easy ways of contacting you. They may be having questions concerning your content, they may have business offers for you, or they might simply want to thank you for your quality posts. 🙂

Accessibility Is Essential

The last case of contacting you can be possible if you have followed all the previous steps to have a unique and quality blog posts on your site.

Several instances of a contact info are known which can be included in a website.

One of the most welcomed methods of providing contact info on your site is having a “Contact us page on the site. You can include an email address your readers can contact you, a phone number for calls if needed, and your location (map with directions would be a great plus).

This could really be a perfect and clever way of providing a contact info for your readers, especially, if you work hard on making the “Contact us” page clear and organized enough. A better solution would be adding a “Contact us” button on your main page that will redirect your readers to the “Contact us” page with just one click.

Another clever and very popular way of providing contact info for your readers is the usage of Contact Form Popups. Popups are the most attractive and effective tools to share your message with the readers and move them to certain needed actions. The Contact form appears in a popup window, you just fill out the form, click “Contact” and you’re done! Your message goes directly to the blog owner.

In case of using popups for the contact form, it’s also welcomed to use a call to action button, or just a text, clicking on which the Contact Form Popup will appear and you can send your message to the blogger right through the popup.

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Website conversion rating is the most vital key point of the success of any website, be that a commercial one, a business one or a blog. The owner of the site should always keep up with news on the site and provide quality in every single aspect of the site.

A clever blogger will be attentive to all the littlest nuanced that are the components of the site. A Certain group of essential points is there to consider in order to keep the blog up to date and provide the highest level of content and service to the readers.

Keep a couple of essential points in your mind and you won’t be bothered with low conversion ratings and won’t be lack of readers.

Organize a complete, clear and easy-to-navigate website look and structure. Consider the colors, the construction of the site, make sure it coincides with the subject and style of your blog.

Escape from too many and frequent innovations with the design. Stability is more preferable among readers.

Always refresh your content. It’s a very important point to keep readers on your blog and not get them bored of one and the same stuff.

Search Engine Optimized websites are hardly ever having bad conversion ratings. So just provide a unique content, with appropriate links and you won’t lose your ratings.

Online marketing through popups has become very popular today. And why not? It’s the most effective and productive way of displaying online ads and collecting more subscribers. Implement a clever, not spammy kind of popup marketing and your conversion will boost.

Stay closer to your readers and provide all the needed means of getting in touch with you. The readers must feel comfortable contacting you with the easiest ways and applying with questions bothering them.

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How To Lift The Conversion Of Your Blog?


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