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Are You Suffering From Heavy Metals Toxicity? (Hint: Heavy Metals Are In Our Food, Water, Air, Everywhere)

Heavy Metals Toxicity and how to deal with it

When I first read about heavy metals and their dangers, I dismissed it as inconsequential. The huge threats to my mind in our modern world are GMOs and Roundup-lathered foods that are all over the world; or it is the innumerable bacteria and fungi and viruses that play regular havoc with our lives. But as I dug deeper, I realized how horribly exposed we are to heavy metals in our lives including here in the US.


The big 4 heavy metals that can wreak havoc with our lives are lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic

And these horrible things lurk in places we don’t often suspect.


Cadmium seriously affects the brain and inhibits the body’s ability to use nutrients like calcium, zinc, iron among others. Bone and immune system disorders are often a result of cadmium poisoning effects.

  • Cadmium exposure is rising worldwide as cadmium containing products like re-chargeable nickel-cadmium batteries are rarely recycled, but dumped with normal waste.
  • Another rampant source is cigarette smoking, including second-degree smoke (so shoo those smokers away or run in the other direction yourself)
  • Food sources of cadmium can include shellfish, liver, and kidney meats, as well as vegetarian foods such as grain cereal products, potatoes, and some leafy vegetables.
  • Exposure can also occur if you live or work close to a cadmium emitting factory.
  • And who knew: you can be exposed to cadmium if you make ceramics, jewelry, or enameled crafts. You may also be exposed through glassblowing, painting, or ingesting an herbal remedy that contains cadmium.
  • Other sources include: Automobile seat covers, Black rubber, Burned motor oil, Evaporated milk, Fertilizers, Floor coverings, Fungicides, Furniture, Refined wheat flour (white flour), Silver polish, Soft drinks from vending machines with cadmium in the pipes (6)


  • The most obvious source is contaminated fish. Particularly avoid fish such as shark, swordfish and tuna; fish (such as pike, walleye and bass) taken from polluted fresh waters. (3)
  • Another overlooked source is dental amalgams and fillings containing mercury. If you do have such a filling, have them safely removed by a dentist who specializes in this procedure.


Lead poisoning has been implicated in dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, learning disabilities. Even small amounts of Lead can cause serious health problems, particularly for children under 6 years.

  • Occurs mainly via food and air.
  • Lead-based paint is still found across America in older homes.
  • Lead pipes, brass plumbing fixtures and copper pipes soldered with lead can release lead particles into tap water. Lead solder in food cans, banned in the United States, is still used in some countries.Lead sometimes can also be found in:
    • Soil. Lead particles from leaded gasoline or paint settle on soil and can last years. Lead-contaminated soil is still a major problem around highways and in some urban settings. Some soil close to walls of older houses contains lead.
    • Household dust. Household dust can contain lead from lead paint chips or from contaminated soil brought in from outside.
    • Pottery. Glazes found on some ceramics, china and porcelain can contain lead that can leach into food served or stored in the pottery.
    • Toys. Lead is sometimes found in toys and other products produced abroad.
    • Cosmetics. Tiro, an eye cosmetic from Nigeria, has been linked to lead poisoning.
    • Herbal or folk remedies. Lead poisoning has been linked to greta and azarcon, traditional Hispanic medicines, as well as some from India, China and other countries.
    • Mexican candy. Tamarind, an ingredient used in some candies made in Mexico, might contain lead.
    • Lead bullets. Time spent at firing ranges can lead to exposure.
    • Occupations. People are exposed to lead and can bring it home on their clothes when they work in auto repair, mining, pipe fitting, battery manufacturing, painting, construction and certain other fields.

Food containers are often lined with lead causing lead poisoning. Particularly watch for glazed ceramics including crockpots which may contain lead. If you use your slow cooker crockpot often, be sure to check with the manufacturer regarding lead safety. (FDA tested several glazed ceramics for lead, and none of the known crockpot brands were found guilty of containing lead; if you do want to be sure that any product in your home is free of lead, you can buy one of these home lead testing kits). (4)


  • Main sources are food and water.
  • Food-based arsenic usually occurs due to absorption from soil. Most foods do not absorb much arsenic from the soil except for rice. (5)
  • Rice can contain appreciable amounts of arsenic; the FDA monitors rice and rice products for arsenic levels.
  • Important to note too that since arsenic in food occurs through soil and groundwater absorption, organic foods will not protect from arsenic in food.


Since heavy metals are environmental toxins, we cannot avoid them entirely. Yet, they are dangerous. We can certainly mitigate and safely remove the buildup in our bodies so that it does not cause any serious harm.

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To your health and well-being.

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Are You Suffering From Heavy Metals Toxicity? (Hint: Heavy Metals Are In Our Food, Water, Air, Everywhere)


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