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Run A Mile - From Angie
Prison Widow Uk · 06:42 27 Feb 2017
I was married 20 years and stood by my ex through thick and thin. One thing I never realised though was that for the majority of our marriage I was enabling him and allowing him to have his… Read More
Mistakes Were Made
Wade On Birmingham · 06:00 27 Feb 2017
Sometimes, you just need to grab an envelope and hope it’s the right one. • • • Read more haiku. Subscribe via RSS to Wade’s Daily Haiku. Or have it delivered dai… Read More
Www.libertarianviewp… · 18:57 26 Feb 2017
  Just wanted to relay a quick “THANK YOU” from our Libertarian team here in Palm Beach County to help thwart the wasting of Florida taxpayer dollars. We put out a plea to y… Read More
Il Blog Di Andrea Sa… · 18:26 26 Feb 2017
Per avere uno straccio di legge sulle Unioni civili ci sono voluti venticinque anni. Cinque lustri perché vedesse la luce una legge zoppa e annacquata. Per il Testamento biologico non… Read More
Bares Habaneros
Cuba En Hialeah · 18:00 26 Feb 2017
Ciro Bianchi Ross En estos días tocó a este escribidor compartir con un grupo de embajadores del ron Havana Club. Se llama así a los representantes de la prestigiosa mar… Read More
The Company They Keep
Politics And Its Dis… · 14:15 26 Feb 2017
Although I consider myself a hard-bitten cynic/realist, a report by Daniel Dale in today's Star has left me decidedly dispirited. Dale, our Canadian expert on Trump who has followed the Ora… Read More
Tradition & The Catholic Church
Oufi · 11:37 26 Feb 2017
I’m Tibetan, I’m Buddhist, and I’m the Dalai Lama, but if I emphasise these differences it sets me apart and raises barriers with other people. What we need… Read More
The Fall Of Trump
Enigma In Black · 00:18 26 Feb 2017
Mike Pence thought he was nearing the end of his day. He’d spent the day on the Hill trying to lobby for a Bill that would all but destroy Planned Parenthood. He’d spent all morn… Read More