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Clandestini Al Caldo
Il Blog Di Andrea Sa… · 15:59 17 Jan 2017
E quindi niente, siamo davanti a uno dei più grandi drammi dell'epoca contemporanea, quello delle migrazioni, masse immense di persone che si spostano da un punto all'altro del pianet… Read More
CASINHAS: Poeta Klebson Oliveira Grava Entrevista Nesta Quinta Para Programa De TV
Mais Casinhas - 6 An… · 15:17 17 Jan 2017
Foto: Mário Andrade/DivulgaçãoDa REDAÇÃ[email protected] poeta, declamador, cordelista e radialista Klebson Oliveira, natural da comunidade de Vi… Read More
Strafzölle: Die Heuchler Im Aufstand
Ppq · 08:04 17 Jan 2017
Strafzölle sind nur gut, wenn die EU sie verhängt. Tun die USA es, ist das immer ein Fehler.Es war erst im letzten Herbst, als die EU wieder zuschlug. Diesmal verhängte die we… Read More
Naija Youth Voice. · 06:43 17 Jan 2017
Minister of defence and the Bring back our girls group led by Ezekwesili Oby  has began a guided tour on the war broken areas of north Nigeria.Kastina government have recorded a huge su… Read More
Giro Reflective Bike Shoes
Madison Bike Blog · 17:17 16 Jan 2017
Those who drive cars appreciate when people who ride bikes, walk, and run wear reflective clothing.  To be clear, there is no legal requirement that people in Wisconsin need to wear ref… Read More
A Legacy Of Vigilance
Wade On Birmingham · 06:00 16 Jan 2017
Do we stand with King in working toward a more inclusive future? • • • Read more haiku. Subscribe via RSS to Wade’s Daily Haiku. Or have it delivered daily by e-mail… Read More
Did You Vote For This Jerk?
Acvdn · 12:12 15 Jan 2017
Listen to this interview.   Trump does not have a clue..    His is less than skin deep.   I hope none of you wasted your vote on this con man.Click and Lis… Read More