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Pondering....... · 05:57 28 Feb 2017
I didn't know my 1999 Jeep had an alarm until recently.Now, when I unlock and open the door, the alarm goes off.The only way I can turn it off is to start the engine.My mechanic says they st… Read More
Rescatados Del Mar
Mi Boina · 05:00 28 Feb 2017
El Océano Atlántico se contrae y pasa  a través del estrecho de Gibraltar para alimentar al Mediterráneo, allí, donde aparece de nuevo, se le llama M… Read More
M.o.h.@.l.y.i.c.s … · 04:04 28 Feb 2017
Today Marks the 10th anniversary of the Blog.I know the last couple of years were almost dead.But this blog was of a great importance in the last decade of my life.I hope I can -and I know I… Read More
Bubur Ayam Sedap
Noesuhaimi · 03:16 28 Feb 2017
Assalamualaikum & Salam SejahteraSudah 2 hari noe asyik sarapan dengan bubur ayam dan teh. Nasib la bubur ayam ni sedap. Harganya RM5 (termasuk telur masin tu) dan teh pula RM1.50. Sebel… Read More
Dear Crissy · 02:53 28 Feb 2017
I get my love of biscuits and gravy honest, and this easy biscuits and gravy casserole puts a new spin on a family favorite recipe. My papaw could make a mean pan of sausage gravy and my fat… Read More
Profling The Son Of The GOAT.
Field Negro · 02:37 28 Feb 2017
* I have flown into  Fort Lauderdale  airport a time or two from Jamaica, and the last time I did (about two years ago) I got the business from a Cuban American customs a… Read More · 01:37 28 Feb 2017
I haven’t forgotten the Armstrong Fight. I’ve just been living life. I still need to get a few things from my dad’s house to scan. I found a couple of old catalogs with the… Read More
Step Into The Nexus … · 00:10 28 Feb 2017 The post Twistance appeared first on Step Into the Nexus Read More
News You Can Use
S. Weasel · 19:27 27 Feb 2017
Someone is killing the famous Swimming Pigs of the Bahamas. Yes, there is apparently a herd of feral but friendly pigs that like to swim with the tourists. Mostly because the tourists have… Read More
Codziennik · 18:54 27 Feb 2017
Nie mam pojęcia, co to za twór: Powiatowy Komitet Kultury Fizycznej i Turystyki w Wołominie. Nie wiem nawet, który to rok – nie jest to raczej rzecz z czas… Read More
Wayne's World · 15:53 27 Feb 2017
Good morning.Not a whole lot going on. Weather has been pleasant. Been getting some nice long walks in and enjoying our patio.Got another letter from This one has my Michigan… Read More
Andy Writes Poems | … · 15:33 27 Feb 2017
When I started I could not see the barriers in front of me. As I took my first steps into my creation, obstacles came and destroyed motivation but friends were my crutch as I fought my way t… Read More
Ohmybuhay · 15:15 27 Feb 2017
The auto industry is gravely affected by inconsistencies in government policies. Every time there’s a newly appointed department official or secretary, laws of the land change. Rules a… Read More
Chop Suey #7
Saltshaker · 14:51 27 Feb 2017
Since this time around the focus is on Japanese and Korean, I suppose I could have subbed in for “chop suey” one of the various similar terms or dishes – chapusui, chu… Read More
Chasing Dreams...
My Life In A Blog! · 13:30 27 Feb 2017
Chasing Dreams… Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard to chase our dreams? Maybe because life gets in the way or we have to cross obstacles to get to our dreams. One thing tho… Read More
London Calling · 13:30 27 Feb 2017
Westminster Abbey is an amazing site from any angle. Neither an abbey nor a cathedral the abbey (formerly titled the Collegiate Church of St Peter at Westminster) the abbey has the status of… Read More
3 Crazy Dogs · 13:18 27 Feb 2017
Miss Takeshi, You have the reputation of being a little person that wore tight leather jeans at the party on Saturday, said Guillermo as he easily carried the heavy backpack. Cristina smiled… Read More
Eilat Vlog Part 3
Carina … · 13:12 27 Feb 2017
Don`t forget to watch it in 720p.If You like the Vlog and want to see more videos about travelling, then please subscribe to my YouTube channel HERE! (click)  Read More
Screenshot Challenge
Just Geeking By · 12:00 27 Feb 2017
A while back I had the idea of doing an instagram challenge for video games. That idea then evolved into this; the Screenshot Challenge. The idea of this challenge is to join in the weekly t… Read More
The Curmudgeon · 12:00 27 Feb 2017
Japan has some of the fastest and most modern trains in the world, so the brilliant Chris Graybeing has decided to try and help the poor things out. A Canadian company with the refreshingly… Read More
Longer Days
The 7Msn Ranch · 11:00 27 Feb 2017
 When the days get longer......the herd loses track of time...and needs a special invitation to come home for dinner Read More
Hugo Com H · 10:30 27 Feb 2017
Queria te odiar, mas eu não consigo.Eu não consigo. Queria te odiar para ser justo com o meu coração que você pisa feito folha seca na calçada. Queri… Read More
Beyond Eternal · 08:02 27 Feb 2017
I stare blankly at the white sheets of my notebook Watching the ink from my pen as it bleeds I put the pen down slowly beside the notebook And lay my back down the coach from where I sit Ima… Read More
Pasa El Mocho · 06:57 27 Feb 2017
  No digo nada, pero quiero esa coreografía en la fiesta.¡Por lo menos el estribillo!¡Y esta camiseta de regalo!  Read More
BlackBerry Mercury
Lord Raj · 06:15 27 Feb 2017
They want to call it the KEYone (The device and the name does remind me of the Sony Ericsson P1). I don’t get the capitalisation and I honestly feel that ‘Mercury’ was a… Read More
A Gem Of A Day
Mash101 · 03:33 27 Feb 2017
Yeah, that's me. And whatever happiness I am feeling in this photograph as a wee one for school, I felt today. The sun was shining, the wind was breezy, and my soul was on fire. Now mind you… Read More
Ask For Abundance
5 Reasons Why Valent… · 02:29 27 Feb 2017
Ask for abundance! Ask for abundance every single day, sometimes more than once a day! Ask for abundance! As soon as I say that, most people’s minds immediately think we… Read More
Where Is The Freedom
Rantings Of Louie Be… · 01:08 27 Feb 2017
Source: has the backlash pertaining to Joy Villas MAGA dress in the grammys reveal about tolerence in the left. I am joined by… Read More
The Rude Awakening · 00:00 27 Feb 2017
27th of February 2017. Venice Italy. It’s carnival time again. Every year Venice celebrates a festive period of dressing up in masks and beautiful costumes. Millions of people from all… Read More
Words From The Attic... First Blood
Tommy Raw...........… · 21:41 26 Feb 2017
[email protected] movie "First Blood"with Sylvester Stallonehad a huge impact on me.And yes I know it was a corny...over the toppost Vietnam War scenario...but put aside all of the s… Read More
El Cuarto Intento · 21:13 26 Feb 2017
Es esta hermosa soledadla que me está matandoes estar con vos sin estarlolo que me va aniquilando-Muchacho analógicoen tiempos digitalescon relaciones virtualesde horarios arti… Read More