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Salmo 147, 12-13. 14-15. 19-20
Priest 路 02:30 24 Mar 2017
Salmo 147, 12-13. 14-15. 19-20 Tugon: Purihin mo, Jerusalem, ang Panginoong butihin. Purihin mo, Jerusalem, purihin ang Panginoon, purihin mo ang iyong Diyos, kayong mga taga-Sion. Yaong m… Read More
Goofballs World 路 21:04 23 Mar 2017
(I started writing this post on Tuesday evening but couldn't finish and then had to review due to current news)22/3/20168:45 :My phone rings.   It's JanJ: "In case you've heard already… Read More
#HWNDU 鈥 A Play In Four Acts
S. Weasel 路 20:08 23 Mar 2017
Oh dear lord I enjoyed that! Did you enjoy that? I’m quite sure you groovy dudes have been following this thing as closely as I have, but I could do with a recap, as I find the timeli… Read More
The Curmudgeon 路 19:55 23 Mar 2017
Among the many reasons the terrorists hate us is, of course, our independent judiciary, which at present consists of the lord chancellor, Liz Truss; the Secretary of State for Profitable Inc… Read More
Codziennik 路 19:35 23 Mar 2017
Prosty tytuł tej wystawy nie powinien zniechęcać odbiorców – Beata Aleksandrowicz dobrze czuje się zarówno w skromnych, niewielkich formach, jak i w p… Read More
Daily Horoscope 路 19:33 23 Mar 2017
Daily Libra horoscope summary Make your decisions based on fact rather than feelings, Friday is a day in which pragmatism should take over optimism.Although the day might not start with a ba… Read More
The First Three Weeks
Hello, I'm Amy 路 18:54 23 Mar 2017
It’s been a rollercoaster, life with our little woman. Leo goes back to work tomorrow, bringing to an end the first phase of the postpartum period. For three weeks we’ve been liv… Read More
Hindi Sms Shayari - … 路 17:12 23 Mar 2017
Merry Christmas, Enjoy New Year, Happy Easter, Good luck on Valentines, Spooky Halloween & Happy Birthday Now bug off and don”t annoy me for the next 12 months!!!!””Ste… Read More
True Life Experience 路 15:52 23 Mar 2017
A family living in a city. Give up about a kid's life is depicted in this story. His dad doing little occupation and his mom house hold and doing little outlining works. His sisters and hims… Read More
How To Read Crochet Pattern Symbols
Moogly 路 15:00 23 Mar 2017
Part of learning to read crochet patterns is learning what all those symbols mean. Parentheses, asterisks, brackets, oh my! All of these can be used in the same pattern, and while it mig… Read More
Dave Macleod Blog 路 14:59 23 Mar 2017
A video still on the send of Lithium 8B+, Arisaig.Yesterday, I sent my project in the Arisaig Cave. Nine years after Johan first told me about the cave, that’s me climbed all the good… Read More
A Little Catch-up
Wayne's World 路 14:30 23 Mar 2017
Good morning. Well, my absence doesn't mean I won the Mega Millions and disappeared.  I didn't.   :-)I guess I just get busy and forget how much time has whizzed by since my last p… Read More
3 Crazy Dogs 路 14:11 23 Mar 2017
Is possible that the situation will lead us to share experiences, that in its essence, we can associate and accept how plausible that they have occurred as they have been exposed, but that i… Read More
The Word Of Sinna Lu… 路 13:09 23 Mar 2017
This posting was first published on my 'Mal's Murmurings' blog in January 2007Faith MattersFAITH is that set of values, and ultimate questions, by which we lead our lives. Questions and doub… Read More
Evil Can't Win
Rashbre Central 路 11:32 23 Mar 2017
I must have walked past the Carriage Gates to Parliament thousands of times. There's always police there and they present a friendly face whilst only allowing the permitted people inside. My… Read More
Ohmybuhay 路 10:58 23 Mar 2017
Our family’s relationship with the BROTHER brand dates back 30 years. It started when my brother, Kuya Lito, shipped one electric typewriter to his office here in Manila from his offic… Read More
The Flower Duet 路 10:22 23 Mar 2017
My five year old is graduating this March and it justfeels so insanely sweet and incredible! I can still rememberwhen my little girl was still a small baby, I said to myself, it's still… Read More
Un Alma Navegante 路 05:09 23 Mar 2017
Julia Sueles ir de copas como se dicey de party,El tren sale tarde hoyy no avisaron,el viento algo te despeja,la cabeza se te parte...Te duelen las manosy los pies,y saber tu destino y peor… Read More
To Baldly Go 路 22:59 22 Mar 2017
Today a Police Officer went to work but didn't come home. Today visitors to our capital never returned. Today we stand against the cowards that try to stop and disrupt our way of l… Read More
Sergio Mendes 路 22:35 22 Mar 2017
This is the place You want to be walking around. No matter if this is Your first time in London or if You live in here. Walking around Camden Town is mandatory. The People,... The post Walki… Read More
Cumming Of Age 路 21:40 22 Mar 2017
I nodded to Julia for her to take Mel’s place but I was told to climb over her and I dutifully did so. Julia was sensitive to the fact I’d just cum and started off just kitty kis… Read More