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Confissões De Uma Mulher Decente
Hugo Com H · 00:01 25 May 2017
Uma amiga de longa data o outro dia me falou sobre as verdades mais "verdadeiras" que as mulheres decentes guardam na sua mente e as vezes por simples falsa moralidade tem medo de confessar… Read More
The Five Fish - Orga… · 23:21 24 May 2017
This month one of my dearest friends had her very first child. I could not be more elated for her and her fiance. I could not be more ecstatic that she has been reaching out to me for advice… Read More
What The Junk?! · 22:31 24 May 2017
I am still sick.  I am not sure if I'm getting better, but I'm not getting worse!  I did my workouts on time today, so that was good.  They weren't too bad today.  I gues… Read More
Cat Vs Mole
S. Weasel · 21:03 24 May 2017
This ended in a way I did not expect. The video came across my FaceBook feed this evening and FB means it’s nigh impossible to share outside of FB itself. Meaning I had to go digging… Read More
New Universe | It's … · 20:00 24 May 2017
I have an idea. I’ve spent my whole life feeling that I am not getting enough sleep.  Every morning, getting out of bed has been extremely difficult.  I get around 7 hours of… Read More
Codziennik · 19:08 24 May 2017
Na dziesiątym Powiatowym Przeglądzie Poezji Romantycznej nie byłem, podobnie jak na żadnym poprzednim, ale z przyjemnością posłuchałem sobie dzisiaj k… Read More
The Curmudgeon · 18:49 24 May 2017
Perfidious Euro-wogs are attempting to undermine the special relationship between Global Britain and its bestest global ally by contradicting the Trumpster's declared opinion that climate ch… Read More
Fickleknitter · 18:11 24 May 2017
One of the most difficult things for me having grown up in a chaotic atmosphere was learning to listen to myself. I mean, I have always been able to sense and utilize my intuition which is a… Read More
Jupiler 0,0%
@ Coos' · 17:01 24 May 2017
Ik ben met moeder Jupiler 0,0% aan het drinken en allebei hebben we het gevoel dat er precies toch alcohol in zit.  Wel lekker trouwens, smaakt naar bier zoals een gewone pils Read More
How To Make Butterfly Yarn Bobbins!
Moogly · 14:51 24 May 2017
A few years ago I did a Make and Take at a fiber event taught by Laurinda Reddig of ReCrochetions – and she taught us how to make butterfly bobbins! That wasn’t the point of… Read More
Toasting The Tanks
Northview Diary · 14:26 24 May 2017
One of the watermen said that this is 100 feet longer than a football fieldwith each barge being 190 feet long, plus the 1200 hp tugWe ended up at a sort of an accidental party last night an… Read More
Craig's Finger Looking Better
Wayne's World · 14:23 24 May 2017
Good morning.Just a quick update on Craig's finger. Most of the dead skin has flaked off and he's been massaging it with vitamin E oil. It has really helped. Especially since it originally l… Read More
Unwritten Tales
Reluctant Memsahib |… · 10:44 24 May 2017
I am distracted as I pull books from shelves, wipe fine dust from their jackets with the back of my sleeve; every book tells a story, a tale quite separate from the one writ within its… Read More
The Rosse's Blog · 07:16 24 May 2017
To my Mom in HeavenIt''s been a year since you pass awaybut not a day that I don't think of youthe pain and sufferings that you enduredmade me always  cry when i think of youThe fact th… Read More
A Moment Of Freedom · 06:29 24 May 2017
Mistakes often frustrate mistakes make you depressed they make you feel small they make you feel low they make you feel as if  you are not worth and all hollow Mistakes often… Read More
Field Negro · 02:33 24 May 2017
Right-wingnuts are some of the most shameless people on earth. They are so desperate for a story to shake the current narrative in Washington, that they have actually used the deat… Read More
My Heart Is Broken.
Kathy Strong | A Fis… · 01:44 24 May 2017
As I sit here at my computer the tears are flowing. I am trying my best to suck them up, but they are cascading down my cheeks at a great rate of knots, and onto my keyboard. I can’t s… Read More
A Casinha...
Oca Do Buscador · 23:34 23 May 2017
A casa da infância, é como um rosto de mãe: contemplamo lo, como se já existisse antes de haver o tempo.... Mia Couto em: O outro pé da sereiaFonte:&nb… Read More
Oh No It's Owen · 21:47 23 May 2017
         Now that summer is almost upon us (or at least me), I have absolutely no idea what I want to do. I've been planning summer vacation since December, but I've… Read More
Let`s Get Lost In The Nature
Carina … · 20:07 23 May 2017
Sunday off with your best friends is really a day well spent. We explored some beautiful places and I was amazed again that  we are really having these places here in Estonia. First we… Read More