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Goodbye Miss C
Snoskred – Life In T… · 19:00 22 Jun 2017
Earlier this month Adelaide Zoo said goodbye to Miss C, the oldest known Hoffmann’s Two-toed Sloth in the world. She was also the last sloth in Australia. It had been my plan to go th… Read More
Back From HiberNation
Tambaypedia · 07:07 22 Jun 2017
Hello World! So I am so back, but you may be wondering the relevance of the YouTube video I posted in this posts. Well, it's kinda my favorite song for now that inspired me to get up and wri… Read More
49 Ways To Get Better Sleep
Hack To Sleep · 06:36 22 Jun 2017
Working out how to get better sleep and sharing our findings is our whole schtick here at Hack To Sleep. We’ve dedicated our lives to the pursuit of the best night’s sleep we can… Read More
Pole Fitness Orlando Fl
Guillermo Casanova · 05:57 22 Jun 2017
Vixen fitness florida center five women s cardio cl or pole and aerial my baby s phoenix kazree got another passion added to pole fitness pole dancing orlando vixen fitness bachelorette pa… Read More
Solsticio De Verano
Un Alma Navegante · 04:26 22 Jun 2017
En el Hemisferio Norte conmemoran el Solsticio de Verano (Qué lindo).Adoradora del sol peno en este invierno pero me acomodo a estos fríos y a mi soledad.Hay gente que es de hi… Read More
Dear Crissy · 03:15 22 Jun 2017
This pineapple dream pie recipe really takes me back. My grandma used to make a similar pineapple dessert recipe and I can remember it being one of my all time favorite sweet treats. I&rsqu… Read More
Better Dead Than Red
Rantings Of Louie Be… · 02:51 22 Jun 2017
#antifa, #communism, #marxism, #oscarlopezrivera, #puertoricandayparadeSupport the Show by shopping on Amazon using the link years Puerto Rican Day Parade in N… Read More
What The Junk?! · 02:26 22 Jun 2017
I don't know.  I think it's Wednesday since I wore pink. :p  It's been a day.  I did not want to get up and do my workouts today but I got up and did them!  Still no walk… Read More
Injured List
Mahogany Drive · 01:08 22 Jun 2017
Sometime last summer between Bikini Body Guide Week 13 and Healthy Body Guide Week 12 I injured my shoulder.  It hurt when I did those push-ups where you stick your butt up in the air… Read More
S. Weasel · 23:39 21 Jun 2017
Sorry guise! Got jammed up sitting in the garden watching the stars and drinking Aussi wine. Talk tomorrow. Love you. *mwah* Read More
Sloth #illumedati
Senior Resident - Li… · 23:16 21 Jun 2017
Hey everyone, it’s Whatever Wednesdays and I’m here to talk about my day and why this post is both late and short. So let’s talk about Sensei being a Sloth. Stock Photo fr… Read More
Happy Anniversary!
Tilting At Windmills · 22:24 21 Jun 2017
So today I was at a loss for something to blog about.  I had several ideas that I filed under either "too much work" or "copyright infringement" of one sort or another.   But then… Read More
Michelle Mchatton | … · 22:19 21 Jun 2017
Harry was married to the love of his life for 51 years.  He was a father to one son, a brother, an uncle and friend to many others. In the past 21 years I wish I could say I had known h… Read More
Hindi Sms Shayari - … · 22:17 21 Jun 2017
doston kal exam hai aur aaj yeh haal hai kahan koi kitab aisi mili, jispar dil luta dete, har 1 ne dimaag khaya kis-kis ko nipta dete, ab syllabus dekhkar sonchte hain k 1 mahina aur hota to… Read More
The Passing Of Sly
My Side Of The Stree… · 19:34 21 Jun 2017
Sly was a huge part of the LGBT Community. His photography is Legend. I learned of his passing just a few minutes ago. I pay tribute to his contribution to our community, and share my thoug… Read More
Groot En Gezond
Leiden365 | Will, Fa… · 19:33 21 Jun 2017
Alan is bij de dokter langs geweest voor weer een inenting. Gelijk hebben ze heb eventjes nagekeken, en alles bleek helemaal op orde. Alan is flink groot voor zijn leeftijd. Zijn gewicht is… Read More
The Curmudgeon · 19:22 21 Jun 2017
More than two thousand British jobs have been saved in the Mediterranean so far this year, thanks in large part to the glorious wog-bombing of Libya facilitated by the late Head Boy and his… Read More
Caravan Spares Box
Deb Ludford · 18:15 21 Jun 2017
What seems like many moons ago now, in our camping days with young children, we had a spares bag. In effect, an old school gym bag that stored all the spare bits and pieces we might one day… Read More
Drive By Speeching
Rashbre Central · 17:57 21 Jun 2017
So that was the dress down Queen's Speech. Regalia at the House, but the Queen arrived in her Ascot gear. I noticed that she was wearing part of the Cullinan diamond. Just the 18.8 Carat bro… Read More
Books Books Books
The Gay Road Less Tr… · 15:10 21 Jun 2017
$5 for a Bag of Books at the Worcester Habitat for Humanity yo, inching Less Than Zero, Doctors and a childhood favorite Island of the Blue Dolphins. 8 years old I was Marana on that island… Read More
Northview Diary · 13:21 21 Jun 2017
Bullfrog HeavenYesterday started with know how that can go. However, success was achieved, hot water forthcoming, and we rewarded ourselves with some sitting porch time with… Read More
Dirty Pink City · 12:13 21 Jun 2017
The Rise Of Alt Ego A few nights ago Dirty Pink City was invited to the launch of ALT EGO‘s album at the One & Only in Cape Town. The night kicked off in the hotel’s bar are… Read More
Bigjohn · 11:31 21 Jun 2017
I know that there are many things that I do not understand about the vacuous behaviour of people in modern day Britain; and I have often commented on ‘grief lite’ otherwise known… Read More
A New Lease On Life
Postcards From Midli… · 10:08 21 Jun 2017
June 21, 2012...Five years ago today, I walked out of the Wimot Cancer Center having completed my sixth and final round of chemotherapy...a present in honor of my 55th birthday. I remember… Read More
Maulia · 09:36 21 Jun 2017
fatihfatah:                beberapa saat sebelum landing “Biasanya anak itu seperti burung, ketika Read More
Feelings · 07:40 21 Jun 2017
"Mmm...just look at that guy, Riya! Isn't he terribly good-looking? Sania sighed as she gestured towards the man sitting at the table across. "In fact, he looks positively yummy!" she purred… Read More
Field Negro · 02:28 21 Jun 2017
I remember in the middle of the 2016 campaign some folks (even some progressives) were trying to say that Hillary was the more hawkish of the two major candidates. They said that at lea… Read More
Perpetually Healing · 00:43 21 Jun 2017
It has been a long time since I have written a story.  To be honest, my treasured reader, I have struggled to find something interesting to write about. The last year has been rather or… Read More
2017 Menu #21
Saltshaker · 19:26 17 Jun 2017
June 13-15 – 2017 – 13-15 de Junio Classic Sole Ceviche – Sole, cured in lemon and lime juice, salt, limo chilies, cilantro, red onion, ginger, garlic, black pepper; swee… Read More