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To Baldly Go · 09:37 29 Jul 2017
I've been to many weddings in my life. Some have been moving, some have been dull. Some have been enjoyable but I don't think I've ever been able to describe any as "fun", until now.Have you… Read More
My Life A Bit South … · 09:30 29 Jul 2017
Bunny did have one companion she could always count on - Bootsy her champagne colored tea cup poodle. The pup had been through all the ups and downs of Bunny's life. This afternoon she was w… Read More
Mi Boina · 05:00 29 Jul 2017
Aún te extraño te veo te intuyo te percibo con estos ojos que con amor un día te miraron y hoy cansados se han cerrado agobiados por no volver a verte * en el instant… Read More
This Full House · 04:08 29 Jul 2017
Our son signed up to become a Marine, at the beginning of his senior year of high school, through their early enlistment program, which means we've had almost a full year to prepare for Glen… Read More
Hola Florencio · 01:20 29 Jul 2017
Autor: Guillermo Niño de Guzmán ... Había vivido y trabajado solo con la Soledad, mi amiga, y en las tinieblas, en las noches y en el silencio durmiente de la tierra h… Read More
Ayak Fetişizmi
Makale Life · 00:31 29 Jul 2017
Ayak Fetişizmi Nedir? Ayak Fetişizmi Bir Sapıklıkmıdır? Ayak Fetişizmi Bir Sapkınlıkmıdır? Ayak Fetişi Bir Hastal&#… Read More
...and I Played Calm.
Syl's Bucketlist · 23:30 28 Jul 2017
People don't like to read blogs about depression, illness and pain, unless they suffer from the same.I know that, but I still write about my days, because I think it's important to give an i… Read More
Have Baby, Will Travel
Hello, I'm Amy · 22:51 28 Jul 2017
Anna is 21 weeks old (!!!!!) today! In her brief jaunt on planet earth Anna has travelled a lot. I mean really, really, a lot. All three of us are totally exhausted. We have been to:Belfast… Read More
Jaesunsaysthis | Thi… · 22:00 28 Jul 2017
Don’t underestimate regular tap water, it usually contain some amount of needed iron. Otherwhise I would drink one glass of orange juice (to enable a better iron intake). Of course, yo… Read More
The Breadbin · 21:13 28 Jul 2017
Okay, I'm not supposed to be blogging. So sue me, and we can settle out of court.And only a few of my erstwhile Breadbin readers care about matters political. Whatever. infuri… Read More
Behold, The Head Of A Lettuce!
S. Weasel · 21:03 28 Jul 2017
Now is the time of the year when the vegetables come in thick and fast. I make a mean pot of cucumber soup, because what am I supposed to do with eight large cucumbers? Also, tomatoes, chil… Read More
Cumming Of Age · 19:37 28 Jul 2017
I apologise for the delay between posts - haven't had much time to write recently. I've got a bit more free time for a little while now though so should be able to get back to the 4 days pos… Read More
Daily Horoscope · 19:33 28 Jul 2017
Daily Libra horoscope summary A day that can bring optimism for you, Saturday should be a pleasant day that marks changes for the better.The small pleasures in life will presumably be given… Read More
Gym Pass 24 Hour Fitness
Guillermo Casanova · 18:09 28 Jul 2017
Why 24 membership policies team members in club privacy policy website new terms of use site map investor login 2017 24 hour fitness not sure if you want to join a gym get this 3 day free… Read More
First Contact Revisited
The Barron Blog · 17:58 28 Jul 2017
My first attempt at a "First Contact Scenario" was the warm and fuzzy blog: "First Contact Day In The Near Future". Many of the initiatives in that blog still hold true. Any ET gro… Read More
What The Junk?! · 17:14 28 Jul 2017
I probably should post right now as I'm stressed out.  My friend is still not well and I dressed and drove to his house to carry him to the hospital and he wouldn't go.  I am tired… Read More
Hello Again
Daisydaisy · 16:57 28 Jul 2017
I can't believe it's been almost four years since I posted! To be honest I have no excuse, life just got in the way. After feeling very ashamed of myself I decided to talk a bit about what's… Read More
Moogly · 14:45 28 Jul 2017
The Cuddle Up Unicorn Blanket features the corner to corner stitch, super cozy styling – and a spiral horn ready for any little one’s fairy tale dreams! And it’s a free… Read More
The Paradox Of Minimalism
A Possible World · 14:44 28 Jul 2017
Minimalism is all the rage just now - but what is it and why does it matter? As a trend, it matters not in the slightest.  Trends never do.  But there's something about minim… Read More
The Curmudgeon · 11:26 28 Jul 2017
Genetic researchers have uncovered further evidence that the Canaanite genocide, as ordered by Jehovah and gleefully reported in the Old Testament, may be one of the purely moral, as opposed… Read More
Tenho Nojo De Gente Burra.
Hugo Com H · 10:00 28 Jul 2017
Humilhar os outros é coisa de gente burra.Tenho nojo de quem tenta humilhar e menosprezar os outros. Quem sente prazer em humilhar os outros só pode ter algum problema com rela… Read More
Wallflowerchild Proj… · 09:54 28 Jul 2017
Never too late for #plasticfreejuly And never too late for posting something again. I’m all about sustainability and minimalism and I’m sharing with you some of the plastic free… Read More
Maria Das Palavras · 09:08 28 Jul 2017
Fiquei chocada no dia em que percebi que a poesia não tinha de rimar. Era pequena e assumi que era coisa de gente sem talento. Eu a esforçar-me por encontrar palavras que acaba… Read More
Somehow Forward - My… · 02:29 28 Jul 2017
A SmileI've been almost avoiding this, but I think it is important to address, if for nothing but my own peace of mind. I would rank Linkin Park among my top 5 bands. Not number one, but as… Read More
I'm Glad I Won't Be
My Side Of Story Rev… · 02:00 28 Jul 2017
"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade win… Read More
Savitri : Part III
The Sarai · 20:57 27 Jul 2017
Savitri : The Mahabharata Story … Continued … The very next day, King Ashvapati of Madra declared before the full court his acceptance of Princess Savitri’s choice of you… Read More
I'll Be Seeing You...
Not Even A Tshirt · 19:50 27 Jul 2017
 It finally happened.  We've been dreading this day for years if we are honest.  My Grandma was ninety-five years old, so we've known it could happen at any moment for a long… Read More
Rashbre Central · 16:17 27 Jul 2017
The new Trump communications manager doesn't disappoint. Worth a modest $85 million, Scaramucci is an investment banker pulling $5 million in salary and another $4.9 million from his ownersh… Read More
Ohmybuhay · 15:00 27 Jul 2017
Thursday, July 27, 2017 Edmund and I were having late lunch around 3 pm when Antonia approached us saying goodbye. “Sir, Mam, aalis na ako dito. Baka mapasama lang ako sa mga kasamahan… Read More
Bigjohn · 14:33 27 Jul 2017
I see that my fellow atheist, Richard Dawkins, is in the news again after a radio station in Berkeley, California, cancelled a fundraiser and discussion with him, calling his comments&n… Read More