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Pak Tea House | Paki… · 17:56 25 Apr 2017
By Mahnoor Ishtiaq Liberal or conservative, opposite signs. Two blank opposite signs against blue sky background.We are all different from each other. Is that a good thing or bad? That is a… Read More
Inversely Proportional
Northern Reflections · 12:59 25 Apr 2017
Donald Trump has us in his sights. Yesterday, he slapped a 20% tariff on Canadian lumber. Next, he'll take aim at Canadian dairy farmers. Tom Walkom writes:What he was signalling in his off… Read More
Dirceu Pode Ser Solto Hoje
Bdb · 12:14 25 Apr 2017
- O judiciário pode explicar. Eu quero ver é, alguém entender por que uns são condenados em primeira instância e respondem em liberdade o julgamento na segu… Read More
Why Science Matters
Our Revolution Conti… · 10:00 25 Apr 2017
Why Science Matters words and photos by Cindy A. Matthews Picture this imaginary conversation everyone should be glad never took place in 1796: Edward Jenner: I don't know, Pete. I thought a… Read More
Bigrunner · 09:12 25 Apr 2017
Bill JohnsonDid you know each time you see a full moon you always see the same side.Did you know the longest possible eclipse of the sun is 7.31 minutes. Did you know Halley’s com… Read More
Helpforum - Helping … · 08:29 25 Apr 2017
Nai Udaan Scheme Nai Udaan Scheme is about providing free Coaching to Minority Students. The Ministry of Minority Affairs has implemented this scheme. Nai Udaan scheme for Minority Students… Read More
Signs Of The Times
Political Irony · 06:22 25 Apr 2017
Here are a few photos from the March for Science protests over the weekend. Good signs! Related posts:Funny Gay Protest Signs USA Today, New York Times, and CNN need to fire their copy… Read More · 17:25 24 Apr 2017
So Mr. Kalanick told his engineers to “geofence” Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, Calif., a way to digitally identify people reviewing Uber’s software in a specific… Read More
Triangulation Pillars
Changwat, Amphoe, Ta… · 11:02 24 Apr 2017
While the Thai news - at least in my filter bubble - is full of coverage and speculation of the disappearance of a brass plaque in Bangkok, I'd like to feature a kind of plaques which can be… Read More
[email protected] | Per… · 07:17 24 Apr 2017
il Caso Preli – Chiavari Ai seguenti collegamenti potete scaricare i documenti che riguardano il caso della nuova edificazione “ecomostro” di Preli, adiacente piazza Gagli… Read More
Hammer Of The Blogs · 03:29 24 Apr 2017
The point of waterboarding someone is to simulate the feeling of drowning, of going under, to induce a state of panic and surrender. The problem with using that as a method of eliciting usef… Read More
Cravo De Abril · 16:44 23 Apr 2017
Até onde chegará a nossa resistência? Até onde suportaremos nós, homens de carne e osso, a tortura inumana? Até onde, pacientes, metódicos, s… Read More
Get Rich With Albert… · 08:41 22 Apr 2017
For the movement for a cycling credible (MCC), created by the French teams, most Garmin-Cervelo and Skil-Shimano, the solution passes through the signing of an ethical contract preventing th… Read More
Swerve Left · 01:41 22 Apr 2017
We have First Class, Business Class, and No Class. Our prices can’t be beaten...but our passengers can. We put the hospital in hospitality. We beat our passengers, not the com… Read More
Five Film Favorites: Cartoons
Slantblog · 23:29 20 Apr 2017
This category is especially tricky. There's no way I can remember what my favorite cartoons were when I was 10 years old, back when cartoons mattered to me more than most things in real l… Read More
There's Something About Bill........
Blogger · 23:25 19 Apr 2017
Bill is in the news again, more allegations of sexual harassment-no not Cosby- O'Reilly.FOX has already spent $13,000,000 settling previous allegations against the "news" man but the latest… Read More
Versus. Ángeles Cont… · 22:04 19 Apr 2017
VLADIMIR MAIAKOVSKI frente al pelotón de SUICIDADOS150.000.000 es el nombre del artífice de este poema. Su ritmo: la bala.Su rima, el fuego saltando de un edificio al otro. 150… Read More