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Life Dragging You Down?
Windows To Russia · 01:55 20 Jul 2017
Time to sit down, cut the chains and sip a good cup of coffee and or tea… Then get up and get our act together, toss the scum out of our lives and get off our ass, pull up our boot s… Read More
Eric Schnurer Public… · 00:11 20 Jul 2017
As you know, for the past several years, I’ve been writing about the challenges of illiberal and antidemocratic forces, rising alienation of the failing middle class, and technological… Read More
Freedom Eden · 00:00 20 Jul 2017
I will be having lunch at the White House today with Republican Senators concerning healthcare. They MUST keep their promise to America!— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 19, 20… Read More
Six Of The Best 709
Liberal England · 20:38 19 Jul 2017
"The Chagos Islands, a beautiful archipelago of seven atolls in the Indian Ocean, comprise of more than 60 individual tropical islands of sun swept beaches and palm trees. Yet, for nearly 50… Read More
Get Rich With Albert… · 18:11 19 Jul 2017
As in the thirteen colonies of the North America (current United States), exactly independent, the inhabitant if said virginiano, and not United States. In Bolivia, he will be more easy to s… Read More
Five Fim Favorites: Scary Movies
Slantblog · 15:53 19 Jul 2017
Audrey Hepburn as Susy Hendrix in "Wait Until Dark." This episode of five film favorites is about scary movies. Films that made me jump out of my seat, or that thoroughly creeped me out. Mo… Read More
Brains And Eggs · 14:06 19 Jul 2017
I have my candidate.  How about you?Today I'm announcing I'm a candidate for Texas Governor. Our nation needs a Texas that is a renewal energy leader not a fossil fuel follower pic.twit… Read More
SDFLA Summer
Southern District Of… · 13:15 19 Jul 2017
1. The SDFLA is pretty quiet right now.  There's a 4-5 trial nearing its end in front of Judge Gayles for the interns who want to see some good lawyering.  2. Former SDFLA AUSA Mic… Read More
Suspension Of Disbelief
Political Irony · 10:00 19 Jul 2017
© Tom Tomorrow Why do Donald Trump supporters believe anything he says? How can they believe such a flimsy story about meeting with the Russians? Even Trump jokes about his constant ha… Read More
Bigrunner · 09:47 19 Jul 2017
Bill JohnsonCNN and it’s presenters have now achieved laughing stock status with it’s continuous and clearly prejudiced new’s broadcasts in reference to President Trump, th… Read More
Swerve Left · 07:41 19 Jul 2017
I recently watched Arrival. It gets off to a slow start but is entertaining as several plot twists appear. The view of language put forth in the film strikes me as very unrealistic. The diff… Read More
Hammer Of The Blogs · 07:40 19 Jul 2017
The endless discursions on Uday Clownstick's moronic need to publicly confess his malfeasance are a distraction. Per usual, Charles Pierce has the correct angle on this. It is about nothing… Read More · 14:19 18 Jul 2017
Putin seems to understand Trump’s dilemma, describing the United States as locked in “political schizophrenia” that prevents Trump from improving relations. Don’t ex… Read More
Rubber Hose · 13:05 18 Jul 2017
The whole "let Obamacare fail" strategy means using the Administration's powers of rulemaking and funding allocation to quietly undermine the ACA until the system falls apart. It already has… Read More
It Makes Them Worse
Northern Reflections · 11:54 18 Jul 2017
A recent study in Britain confirms that austerity has serious consequences. Owen Jones writes:Let us take a moment to reflect on what the Tories have done to this country. They made apocaly… Read More
The Uncooperative Ra… · 03:38 18 Jul 2017
Sunday show 7/16/17Schools Spice Up Student Lunches with Restaurant-Quality International Dishes Designed to Boost EnrollmentOn Wednesday, Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue attended the… Read More
Trump In Warsaw
Wind Rose Hotel · 23:50 17 Jul 2017
Warsaw, Krasiński Square, July 6, 2017“This is the speech Mr. Trump should have given to introduce himself to the world at his Inauguration.” That’s how the Wall Stre… Read More
Strong: Progressive · 22:34 16 Jul 2017
I'm catching up on a ton of new information about the Trump-Russia connection, in preparation for the next couple of posts, but this line stood out in all of my reading today, and I wanted t… Read More
Notes From A Grumpy … · 21:53 15 Jul 2017
I have been setting traps over the last couple of days, realizing that I have to eat some crow after the election of Donald Trump as our President-Elect... My main problem is this area is no… Read More
The Poll Bludger · 06:41 14 Jul 2017
The situation as I understand it. Scott Ludlam has vacated his Senate seat after it came to his attention that having lived here nearly all of his life and being naturalised as an Australian… Read More