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It's Unfolding
Northern Reflections · 13:22 26 May 2017
These days, Michael Harris is ticked off with both the Conservatives and the Liberals. His disdain for Justin Trudeau grows with each passing day: Whether it’s the corporate welfare bu… Read More
Ataque Aberto · 12:39 26 May 2017
LULA NÃO SERÁ PRESO: Brasil 26.05.17 08:09Lula não será preso.Gilmar Mendes mudou de ideia sobre a prisão dos condenados em segundo grau.Há… Read More
Bigrunner · 09:48 26 May 2017
Bill JohnsonThe General Election is already in the bag for the Conservatives so whatever Labour politician and Labour supporters say or whatever policies the Labour leadership put before the… Read More
This Is Not Watergate Redux
Freedom Writing · 02:30 26 May 2017
People who compare Donald Trump's firing of FBI Director James Comey to the Saturday Night Massacre show a stunning lack of knowledge of history. Recent history, at that. This isn't ancient… Read More
Change India For Ind… · 01:19 26 May 2017
January 17th, 2017.Allegedly… A cold blooded MurderFor the last three years, there seems to a deliberate attempt to plant false assumptions and theories to derail proper investigation… Read More
Liberal England · 19:52 25 May 2017
Sad news this evening. Paul Keetch, Liberal Democrat MP for Hereford from 1997 to 2010, has died.Liberal Democrat Voice points us to a report in the Ross Gazette: Paul was a liberal, a democ… Read More
A Day@a Publishing House
Chapter18 | A Blog W… · 17:29 25 May 2017
@8.15 AM: Sweta is fast hopping the office stairs to reach her desk on the second floor. “Morning, Sweta!” greeted Rajashree from the right corner workstation just has she was st… Read More
Democrats Come Creeping Back
Brains And Eggs · 13:59 25 May 2017
This will be a "kind to the Donkeys" post.  Seriously.-- Today is special election day in Montana, and things seem to be breaking nicely for Rob Quist, the folk singer and political nov… Read More
On Sucker's Deals
Accidental Deliberat… · 13:43 25 May 2017
While my Leader-Post column won't be running this week, I'll take the opportunity to offer some context and an update on Geoff Leo's must-read report on Brightenview's founders who have beco… Read More
Trump Emulates Nixon
Political Irony · 11:30 25 May 2017
© Tom Tomorrow We know that Donald Trump admires Richard Nixon. Trump even has a letter he received from Nixon, written back in 1987, hanging in the Oval Office. So, is he deliberately… Read More
Drugwonks | Welcome… · 10:20 25 May 2017
President Trump’s FY18 FDA budget request envisions cutting medical product safety funding by $17.8 million. The cuts would reduce the agency’s ability to ensure the safety of im… Read More
Hudson City Democrat… · 06:26 25 May 2017
Police Commissioner Martha Harvey and Mayor Tiffany Martin-Hamilton issued an order prioritizing public safety over immigration enforcement. The order is largely a reiteration of the Resolut… Read More
Hammer Of The Blogs · 05:13 23 May 2017
Every big game hunter taken down by his prey is a good start. Every one of them should be reincarnated as one of the animals they killed, not for sustenance, but just for the sheer joy of ki… Read More
@Amphoe Issue 2/2017
Changwat, Amphoe, Ta… · 11:00 22 May 2017
This years second edition of the @amphoe magazine has been made available as a PDF file (almost 50MB size), not sure whether it was this time uploaded before it gets available in the provinc… Read More
Westminster Wisdom · 22:26 21 May 2017
I have tried to write a review of Lady Macbeth three times so far and failed each time. It is easy to write a synopsis of this film but I don't want to do that. The film is about one of the… Read More
Wind Rose Hotel · 22:56 20 May 2017
I was chatting with a friend of mine the other day about the topicality of Dante’s Divine Comedy. What we both agreed upon was that the first of the three canticles of the poem, Infern… Read More