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Political Irony · 06:30 16 Jan 2017
Ever wonder why Trump waves his arms around so much? And you know what? Accordions are YUUUGE in Russia. Related posts:Pro-Life Obama v. Romney Life as a Monty Python Character Ah, Life?… Read More
Bdb · 00:07 16 Jan 2017
(...) Se não for eterno Não é amor! [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] Read More
Wise Conservatism | … · 15:33 15 Jan 2017
This upcoming Friday will see the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.  What is so unusual about this event is the response of the losing party and… Read More
The Poll Bludger · 13:34 15 Jan 2017
The Fairfax papers report that a ReachTEL poll commissioned by GetUp! has Labor leading 54-46 (I wouldn’t normally give a non-media poll its own post, but you take what you can get at… Read More
The Housemartins: Over There
Liberal England · 12:02 15 Jan 2017
Hull is the UK City of Culture for 2017, which gives me an excuse to choose another track by one of my favourite bands.Incidentally, Hull beat Leicester in the contest for this accolade. The… Read More
Dirkzijn · 09:55 15 Jan 2017
Als ik thuis kom van werk is het donker. Ondanks goede verlichting op de racefiets vind ik het niet prettig om in het donker te fietsen. Ook de kou maakt het minder aantrekkelijk om op de fi… Read More
Hammer Of The Blogs · 09:35 15 Jan 2017
The anthropological perambulations continue apace:If only the real Mount Airy, which has experienced decades of economic and social decline, were like the Mayberry facade, muses Mayor David… Read More
A View From The Righ… · 03:23 15 Jan 2017
“[A]fter many decades of trying to comprehend the gender confusion that persisted even after my sex transition, I came to understand that my grandmother’s cross-dressing of me wa… Read More
[email protected] · 08:05 14 Jan 2017
พระมหากษัตริย์กับการเมืองปร… Read More
Journal · 00:00 14 Jan 2017
Crimes of Passion by John Tisk photo taken by John Tisk In October of this year, a man residing in a nice neighborhood on Long Island, New York, had a verbal altercation with his wife. … Read More
Ianko Iankov · 17:46 13 Jan 2017
Address for letters: Янко Николов Янков – гражда… Read More
Robert Potter · 14:30 13 Jan 2017
Everything currently viewed as culture is only a product of the environment where certain clumps of humans reside. No matter where we live and no matter the daily influences in our live… Read More
Rubber Hose · 14:14 13 Jan 2017
It is interesting that Trump is so popular across various competing factions in Libya and that would present an opportunity for a new U.S.-brokered settlement to the Libyan civil war.But tha… Read More
Cory Booker, The Epitome
Brains And Eggs · 13:54 13 Jan 2017
... of the most recent display of the absolute worst of Democratic hypocrisy.  It's been an overwhelming week; maybe he thought nobody would notice.There is so much going on right now… Read More
Census 1970 Codebook
Changwat, Amphoe, Ta… · 12:00 13 Jan 2017
When I was first looking for the old census data, one of the online resource I found was the Open Data library of the Worldbank, which includes some documents from the 1970 census. Though no… Read More
Slantblog · 17:54 12 Jan 2017
What constitutes a “folk song” can be debated forever. So let's not. For this harmless exercise I'm working from a particular list of 100 songs, one according to Folk Alley's lis… Read More
1169 And Counting...… · 21:56 11 Jan 2017
.. TO STAND STILL.Too much of the former, not quite managing the latter!Hectic. We had an RSF Dublin Comhairle 650-ticket raffle in November last, on the same weekend as the (112th) RSF Ard… Read More
The Cornish Republic… · 10:01 11 Jan 2017
Bauman's legacy | openDemocracy: Zygmunt knew that we don’t die wishing we owned a bigger television, but longing for more time to be with the people we love, doing things we love doin… Read More
Dear David Bowie
Dick Mac (Alive!) · 14:34 10 Jan 2017
by Dick MacI still have the clock-radio I received for Christmas in 1980. One morning, in Roxbury, Massachusetts, it woke me with news radio station WEEI-AM announcing that my friends Kitty… Read More