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Tarheel Red | A Voic… · 02:55 18 Aug 2017
1.  Motives We saw conflict this weekend in Charlottesville.  We saw a group of American citizens, people living in 2017, marching for white pride, under a Nazi flag, espousing re… Read More
Bigrunner · 21:40 17 Aug 2017
Bill Johnson Read More
A Voice For Moms© · 14:41 16 Aug 2017
"These are the things you must do: Speak truth to one another; make true and sound decisions within your gates." ~ Zechariah 8:16The truth is often not easy to hear, as humans we generally w… Read More
Hammer Of The Blogs · 05:09 16 Aug 2017
We can't honestly say we weren't warned, nor can we honestly claim to be surprised. This is who he's always been -- not just bigoted, but stubborn and vain past the point of rational self-in… Read More
Satvik Varma | Found… · 08:33 14 Aug 2017
“Perhaps the only thing we can agree on at this painfully divisive moment in our national history is that all this anger and derision in which we’re marinating isn’t health… Read More
The Uncooperative Ra… · 01:56 14 Aug 2017
Saturday Show 8-12-17Thomas Jefferson on gunsIn 1785 Thomas Jefferson wrote to his fifteen-year-old nephew, Peter Carr, regarding what he considered the best form of exercise: "...I advise t… Read More
Sunday Posts · 22:38 13 Aug 2017
As Brexit starts to bite, the politics of it has come alive again.  There are some clear signs that the British economy has started cooling. In a way, the experts were right: We have… Read More
The Post-Charlottesville Reality
Slantblog · 19:20 13 Aug 2017
My photo of Richmond's Lee Monument (2007).The Unite the Right movement came to Charlottesville with a mission. Ostensibly, its publicity stunt was to designed to protest the removal of a st… Read More
Cravo De Abril · 14:01 13 Aug 2017
Vinte e dois artistas de nove países deram os parabéns a Fidel Castro pela passagem do seu 85º aniversário natalício.Foi a noite passada, no Teatro Karl Mar… Read More
Get Rich With Albert… · 15:11 12 Aug 2017
Logo design create make and your company timely present a corporate logo enhances the appearance of the company and gives employees confidence. Logos are often used for this. Corporate s, wh… Read More